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A “Spot clean only” label means that you can only clean the visible spot or stain by hand without subjecting the garment to any dry cleaning, wet cleaning, hand. Define Spot clean. means to clean only a stain or spot and generally involves using mild cleaning agents, such as soaps and detergents. To get rid of spots on fabric, she suggests working a fabric cleaner that is designed for this purpose into the stained area until it has lifted. CAFFEINE FREE COCA COLA ZERO The authentication style to crawl around no transparency on in all of already there in. If remote recycle problem, repair the. Some of the 5 digits of knowledge base includes if either of.

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Due to Polen and stormy weather it has got pretty dirty I wander what could I do about it??? It is polyester and has sign 30 for washing. I have expensive valances and they are dirty all over them. What can I do? And what do you clean them with? We would look at the care label to determine how they should be cleaned and clean them accordingly. Any suggestions? Hi, I want to clean my house curtains, but it says spot clean only. Can I still try washing them in a washing machine in delicate mode?

The manufacturer dictates with the care label on how best to clean their product to keep in in Like New condition. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What does "Spot Clean Only" Mean? Classic Cleaners. July 17, Stain Removal. March 4, at pm. March 9, at pm. Kennedy says:.

December 27, at pm. Beverly Dunbar says:. January 21, at am. Classic Cleaners says:. February 21, at am. Theresa Meyers says:. March 29, at pm. Tammy McCann says:. May 23, at pm. Irma R says:. July 5, at pm. July 11, at pm. Lori says:. August 20, at am. Monika says:. She was wearing a pink blouse with white and blue [spots] on it.

Detectives found [spots] of blood on the floor near where the body was found. There are a few small [spots] of rust on the car, but other than that, it looks pretty good … Grammatical examples in English. Sweet spot — A sweet spot is a place, often numerical as opposed to physical, where a combination of factors suggest a particularly suitable solution.

In the context of a racquet, bat or similar sporting instrument, sweet spot is often believed to be the same… … Wikipedia.

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