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The original "Jurassic Park" was a revelation in , popularizing a sub-genre known as the "techno-thriller. But, of course, that's all a lot of fun to watch, especially when the technology is dinosaurs brought back to life via cloning. And now, said dinos are trying to kill people in a rainstorm, spitting venom in a bad guy's face, chasing kids, and ripping other dinosaurs to ribbons. Add in a majestic, unforgettable score by John Williams and enthusiastic direction by Steven Spielberg, and you've got a modern masterpiece of popcorn cinema.

Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill" is a two-part epic tale of revenge, centered on a hero of near-superhuman abilities and unrelenting focus but with enough vulnerabilities and human motivation to make audiences root for her. The Bride goes on a quest to locate and murder every member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad that left her for dead and in a coma years earlier.

The trail ultimately leads to the gang's leader, her ex-lover Bill, but along the way, the Bride must subdue each of her enemies in wildly choreographed fight sequences, any number of which would be the centerpiece of a semi-decent action movie.

Action movie genius John Woo and star Chow Yun-Fat grabbed everyone's attention when they teamed up for the enchanting and rough crime epic "The Killer. He actually loves what he does, filling his chosen targets with lead for large sums of money, but he rejects his profession after an innocent nightclub singer becomes collateral damage in one of his hits.

He decides to take just one more job to pay for restorative eye surgery for the blinded singer, but then he's double-crossed and has to team up with a dirty cop to even the score — which means a lot of gun battles shot like they were scenes in a beautiful art film. The medium of film was still in its infancy when "King Kong" hit theaters in , one of the first-ever action films and also one of the first "big" movies, influential on the many spectacular blockbusters that would follow over the decades.

The rudimentary special effects are still impressive in this ambitious first telling of a gigantic ape taken from his island home to be exploited as a curiosity. Then Kong gets angry, escapes, and climbs the Empire State Building, memorably swatting away at the tiny airplanes trying to dislodge him.

Never has a fable about man's desire but inability to conquer nature been such a sensory overload. Like "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," "Kingsman: The Secret Service" is part of a small film genre we'll call "introduction to a heretofore unknown world" movies. A young English tough named Eggsy gets arrested and after calling an emergency number given to him years earlier, he meets the dapper and in-charge Harry Hart. He brings Eggsy into the underground world of the Kingsman, an underground spy, surveillance, and defense group that really keeps the U.

Eggsy somehow makes it through the organization's difficult and punishing training program and just in time too — the Kingsman must stop V, a tech billionaire and supervillain who plans to eliminate global warming What if they made a movie that played like a hilarious, live-action cartoon, but also, there was just nonstop kicking, punching, and intricately choreographed fight scenes you can't even figure out how they were filmed?

Well, then that would be an irresistible movie called "Kung Fu Hustle. Chinese superstar Stephen Chow directs, co-writes, and stars in this dazzling and dizzying action epic set in China in the s. Chow plays a guy named Sing, who's desperate to join the scary, cool Axe Gang, and willing to do criminal stuff like fight and kill.

Things get interesting when he attempts a heist of an apartment complex where a remarkable number of the residents are quite adept in aerial kung fu. Fortunately, for the audience at least, Sing's group is equally skilled at axe-based fighting and other martial arts, leading to some spectacular showdowns. It was also clearly an inspiration for Quentin Tarantino's two-part assassin revenge saga "Kill Bill.

Set in the late 19th century, "Lady Snowblood" concerns Yuki, born in a women's prison during a snowstorm to a dying mother who was jailed for killing one of the men who assaulted her and murdered her husband and son. Yuki is taught from early childhood to be a deadly killer trained in many disciplines — skills she'll use to avenge the atrocities committed against her family.

When she turns 20, she goes about her plan, carefully and deliberately hunting down and eliminating her targets, one by one. That, and the plot — largely couched in dark comedy — never goes where the audience thinks it will. Riggs just doesn't care that he's going to get caught in the crossfire when he orders cops to unload on a drug bust he's in the middle of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine was always the best part about every X-Men movie, and while he's had his own standalone films featuring everyone's favorite clawed Canadian, "Logan" shreds them all.

It completely reinvented what a superhero movie can be, as Jackman applied his dramatic chops to create a nuanced characterization of a hero nearing the end of his life and his mission. As for the plot, Logan and Professor Xavier evade the bad guys and shuttle Laura to safety in a road movie that's fast-paced, unpredictable, and casually violent. In other words, this is no "Smokey and the Bandit. An organized crime syndicate has devised a way to use time travel to literally get away with murder: They send the victim a few decades into the past where a contract killer known as a looper executes the hit.

Joe is a morally ambiguous tough guy who works as a looper, but his world is turned upside down when future Joe is sent to him to be gunned down. If there's one classic movie about a time-hopping guy trying to kill himself but not get himself killed by himself in the process, it's the frenetic, chaotic "Looper. Reboots generally don't work — and even if they do, they're still doomed to pale in comparison to the original thing.

It helps that master actors Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron are along for the ride, to say nothing of "Doof Warrior," a guy who stands on a moving vehicle and plays a fire-spewing electric guitar and who just might be dystopian cinema's most memorable character. A college-level philosophy class was never so eye-popping.

Neo gets to decide if he's cool with that or if he wants to try to exist on a higher plane via his own free will. Pretty heady stuff for the multiplex, but fortunately, "The Matrix" features a lot of bells and whistles, such as the subway kung fu battle between Neo and the villainous Agent Smith, as well as that innovative "bullet time" sequence, which seemed to bend the very nature of time itself.

Not only did it look incredibly cool to watch somebody contort their body around bullets or even stop them, but it complemented the movie's heady themes. Gina Rodriguez starred in a movie called "Miss Bala," which is a decent action movie, but it's a remake that doesn't hold up against its Spanish-language, Mexico-produced predecessor. The first "Miss Bala" is a tale of one woman's accidental and unfortunate descent into the criminal underworld.

Laura enters the Miss Baja pageant, and while celebrating at a nightclub, she witnesses drug cartel operatives murder law enforcement officials. As a result, Laura — the would-be and possibly future pageant queen — runs afoul of the cartel, who brutally conscript her into their service, using her as a pawn in various illegal escapades, including rooting out enemies and smuggling money across the U.

Smith" is probably best remembered as the film where Brad Pitt met Angelina Jolie The couple's chemistry is undeniable as they play married assassins in a high-wire act of a twisty, lightly comic, shoot-'em-up action movie. In the film, the curiously, generically named John and Jane work okay but not soul-fulfilling jobs and live a bland, comfortable existence, all of which is a cover for the fact that both, separately, have a secret lives as highly paid, highly trained international assassins.

Their mutual covers are blown and their marriage will either be saved or end spectacularly when they're both hired to kill the same bad guy — and then wind up having to kill each other. The "Mission: Impossible" series has come a long way. The first entry hit theaters in , a combination vehicle for action A-lister Tom Cruise and a remake of the fondly remembered Cold War-oriented espionage TV series from the '60s and '70s.

By entry No. This time out, death-averse, danger-attracting super agent Ethan Hunt Cruise teams up with a CIA assassin to stop a group of terrorists from using stolen nuclear weapons to orchestrate simultaneous attacks on Mecca, Jerusalem, and the Vatican — important, if not holy, sites in three major religions.

Reflecting the high stakes, "Fallout" almost never lets up on the gas and features multiple death-defying stunts and one truly insane fistfight. After an adult film actress named Misty Mountains dies in a grisly car accident in suburban Los Angeles, her aunt, claiming that her niece isn't really dead, hires low-rent, alcoholic private investigator Holland March to solve the case.

Then he becomes the story and the target when one of his leads hires reluctant enforcer Jackson Healy to drive Holland off the case. Through a series of strange, unlikely, and explosive events, the two ultimately team up to solve a completely different but still related case. There are no capes or bloodless violence against cartoonish villains here. Instead, Charlize Theron plays Andromache of Scythia, leader of a team of mercenary warriors who've been alive and fighting the grueling battles of whoever pays them enough for hundreds of years.

They can't be killed by traditional means, and they heal instantly on the battlefield, which is a gift that comes in handy when they find themselves trapped by a Big Pharma CEO who wants to torture them and use their DNA to make a mass-marketed immortality drug. This low-budget martial arts adventure from Thailand more than makes up for its simple plot and straightforward presentation with the sheer force of its unbelievable star, Tony Jaa. In rural Thailand, a village is distraught after thugs from Bangkok steal the head of the town's cherished Buddha statue.

Jaa plays Ting, the brave local who ventures into the city to retrieve the head, with only his Muay Thai fighting skills to protect himself. Fortunately, Jaa is one of the most agile and adept martial artists in the world, which he proves during some brutal underground fights.

Despite an endless parade of more experienced and ruthlessly violent thugs coming after him both in and out of the ring, Ting triumphs. If a viewer knew nothing about "Point Break" going into it, they might think it's a movie about bank robbers, what with the early scenes of "the Ex-Presidents," criminals who rob banks while wearing masks of the likes of Reagan, Nixon, and Carter. But then "Point Break" turns into an FBI movie after Keanu Reeves is introduced as the ridiculously named agent Johnny Utah, sent to infiltrate a gang of surfers believed to be harboring the Ex-Presidents.

Once more, "Point Break" shifts gears into a combination of thoughtful buddy movie and exquisitely shot surfing movie once Johnny Utah goes way too deep undercover and gets close with head surfer Bodhi, played by an especially charismatic Patrick Swayze. There are just a lot of smaller action movies going on inside the larger "Point Break.

Director John McTiernan mixed elements of war movies with horror and science fiction and wound up with one of the most rollicking, thrilling, and unpredictable action flicks ever made. An elite military squad, led by Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer, is supposed to track down a hostage kidnapped by rebels.

While avoiding attack by insurgents and the natural dangers of the jungle is enough to worry about, the team also has to deal with something even nastier — the gigantic and wily alien that's tracking them for sport. Natalie Portman would one day win an Academy Award, something likely destined to happen following her performance at age 13 in "The Professional," where she elevates what could otherwise have been an average and rote action film about hitmen and revenge.

Portman plays Mathilda, a child whose family is killed by a seedy DEA agent. Desperate, he takes refuge in an unlikely environment — the home of Leon, a taciturn professional killer who lives in her apartment building. Leon shelters Mathilda but also pulls her deeper into the world of crime and violence as she seeks his help in avenging the deaths of her family. In the near future, crime has been almost completely eliminated in the U.

The third film in the series, "The Purge: Election Year," imagines the political and electoral implications for a country that "purges. Of course, she has to survive even more thuggish behavior and coordinated attacks by her political opposition in her attempt to find safety, and then she has to win the election on top of that. Gareth Evans' "The Raid" is a claustrophobic police thriller that hits the ground running almost immediately. A young police officer named Rama heads off to work for the day — to join his armed-to-the-teeth S.

The goal? Eliminate a crime lord and his top associates who run the block, allowing criminals sanctuary. The movie plays out like a real-life video game, as the elite police squad clears the lower floors and handles various thugs, well on their way to the crime bosses The goal quickly changes for Rama and his squad: Get out with their lives. But the thing is, those often weren't very good movies — "Raiders" completely overshadows its source material, as it's pretty much a perfect film.

Every scene feels as if it was scientifically created to be crowd-pleasing, particularly the action sequences: the iconic boulder chase, the whip-vs. Plus, a guy's face melts off. With the same premise as Ernest Cline's thoughtful sci-fi novel but told in a completely different and much more cinematic way, "Ready Player One" is a film of collision — a collision of reality and virtual reality, of dozens of highly recognizable intellectual properties, and of cars, planes, spaceships, and all kinds of crazy stuff.

In the year , America is overcrowded and beset with economic depression and general malaise. Most people find escape in OASIS, an extremely realistic VR world where they can be or do anything they want, like live out old movies or drive cars from those films. When James Halliday — the enigmatic creator — dies, he bequeaths his riches to the first person to discover an Easter egg buried well and deep in the OASIS.

Oklahoma-based orphan Wade Watts and his warrior avatar is determined to find it, alongside the team of young rogues he befriends along the way. Is "RoboCop" a violent, action-packed, futuristic cop movie, or is "RoboCop" a violent, action-packed, futuristic cop movie that satirizes films from its era that are equally or more violent?

Like any good work of satire, it works on both levels. For example, it's about a cop who falls dead to some pretty intense violence It's bloody, it's gory, it's full of gunplay, but it's also got some sweet robot action. And isn't that what really matters? The punishing island prison of Alcatraz has long loomed large in the collective imagination, and action movie kingpin Michael Bay figured out a way to make the decommissioned fortress into the site of an anarchic, loud, and wonderfully preposterous film.

Mild-mannered weapons expert Stanley Goodspeed must team up with a former Alcatraz inmate, a British spy named John Patrick Mason who it's implied might actually be James Bond, and he's played by actor Sean Connery to personally disarm Hummel and his men It would be both sacrilegious and inaccurate to say that "Rogue One" is the best "Star Wars" movie.

It's not even part of the main storyline — it's a side story about a scrappy crew that comes together to take advantage of a fatal flaw in the Death Star by swiping the plans out of enemy hands. Therein lies the reason why "Rogue One" made this list — it's less a space opera or sci-fi movie like its "Star Wars" predecessors and more a heist movie that just happens to be set in the "Star Wars" sci-fi universe.

As the team comes together, plans the crime, and pulls it off although not without severe consequences , the action is as unrelenting as it is eye-popping. There aren't many romantic action movies — there just isn't a lot of room for falling in love when fists are flying and buildings are exploding.

But "Romancing the Stone" harkens back to old-fashioned adventure farces, like something that would've starred Katharine Hepburn or Humphrey Bogart, just updated for the '80s with action-heavy set pieces, big stunts, and screwball silliness. In an ironic touch, lonely romance novelist Joan Wilder heads to the jungle of deepest Colombia, seeking out a treasure map to hand over to the men who've kidnapped her sister.

She's assisted in her quest and the need to survive it by Jack Colton, a dashing and irascible mercenary who knows the jungle better than anybody. After a deluge of comedy-laced action films made him a massive international star, English-speaking audiences were finally and formally introduced to the singular cinema of Jackie Chan with "Rumble in the Bronx," and it was quite representative of Chan's talents. The plot is about good guys vs. Viewers probably know what they're getting in for when they turn on a movie called "Run Lola Run.

Lola's criminal boyfriend, Manni, messed up the delivery of , Deutschmarks, leaving it on the subway in a moment of panic. His boss will kill him if he doesn't replace the money in 20 minutes. And so, Lola is off and, well, running, trying every scheme she can think of to get the money to Manni. Some of those schemes don't work out, and Lola winds up dead By their very nature, video games can almost always beat action movies in terms of thrilling, explosive moments.

After all, they're interactive and goal-oriented, while watching a movie is a passive experience. However, Edgar Wright's adaptation of comic book "Scott Pilgrim vs. Michael Cera plays a mild-mannered guitarist in a garage band who, in order to win the heart of the captivating and mysterious Ramona Flowers, must defeat her "seven evil exes" in one-on-one battle. He does so in spectacular, game-form, delivering massively heavy and cartoonish blows to the point where his vanquished enemies leave coins in their wake.

Plus, the movie features an all-star cast, from hilarious comedians like Aubrey Plaza to Marvel stars like Brie Larson. In the midth century, when international cinema didn't get a lot of attention in the English-speaking world, Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa earned universal, well-deserved praise for his beautiful, haunting, lyrical, and tautly shot films. And among his best works is the adventure epic "Seven Samurai.

In a rural, rundown Japanese village in the year , the local farmers are threatened by vicious bandits, who plan to attack and steal the entire harvest. Their way of life, if not lives, are in jeopardy, prompting elder Gisaku to suggest hiring seven samurai for protection and defense.

As the village is too poor to pay the warriors in anything other than food, Gisaku suggests finding the hungriest samurai because they're the ones who will fight the hardest. And, as proven by Kurosawa's battle sequences, Gisaku is correct. It's almost a universal experience as a child to imagine what it would be like to be a superhero, and that's the premise of "Shazam!

Based on the old DC Comics property but injected with contemporary edginess and self-conscious humor, "Shazam! All he must do is say his new hero name, and he transforms into the adult superhero, portrayed by Zachary Levi with all the awe, wonder, and excitement of a child as he navigates poorly, at first and most of the time his extremely powerful and potentially destructive gifts.

Denis Villeneuve — who'd go on to artfully elevate science fiction with "Arrival," "Blade Runner ," and "Dune" — previously made one of the most beautiful and well-constructed police films in recent memory. Competitive and aggressive FBI agent Kate Macer is recruited for a task force to fight the endless war on drugs, where they whisk between the U.

This bleak, grimy, relentless film is, counterintuitively, beautifully shot and boasts a dread-inducing score. All of those factors pay off in the action scenes, particularly one memorable sequence set in underground border tunnels. By the mid-'90s, action movies were dying under their own weight — huge budgets meant lots of explosions but not a lot of depth or character. Then along came "Speed," Jan de Bont's fat-trimmed, all-killer-no-filler thrill ride couched in a simple premise.

If a Los Angeles city bus slows to under 50 mph, a bomb planted on board explodes. But there's also a lot of humanity in "Speed. Of course, there are also plenty of explosions, buses jumping over chasms, and death-defying leaps, along with Keanu Reeves as a newly minted action hero and a star-making performance by Sandra Bullock.

While Hollywood churned out multiple big-budget Batman and Superman movies, it took until for a legitimate film about the third member of the "most famous superhero club" to get made. Perhaps filmmaker Sam Raimi was just waiting for CGI technology to advance to the point where he could make a thrilling, delightful, and visceral "Spider-Man," one with sequences of Tobey Maguire as the friendly neighborhood web-slinger speedily soaring around New York City's skyscrapers in such realistic, POV fashion that the audience is dizzy, if not nauseated, afterwards.

What is slapstick comedy but a funny form of action? It involves pushing the human body to its absolute limits for the delight of the audience or to advance a plot quickly. Melissa McCarthy, an expert on pratfalls and physical humor, makes for a terrific focus of an action movie with the espionage caper "Spy. After her remote partner runs afoul of a vicious arms dealer, Susan has to go into the field herself, resulting in lots of unlikely heroics and a regular person using their wits to get out of dangerous and deadly situations.

Bursting with color and as proudly goofy as it is strong-fisted, "Superman" ushered in the age of the big-budget superhero movie, and to do so, that means that the film is pretty darn good. After all, filmmakers spared no expense and let their imaginations wander within the extremely familiar "Superman" mythos. Here, newcomer Christopher Reeve plays Superman as the gee-whiz Boy Scout that he is and Clark Kent as a naive doofus and he's incredibly believable in these completely different personas.

Meanwhile, the Man of Steel squares off against Lex Luthor, played by Oscar winner Gene Hackman with charm, depth, and disarming humor. And then there are the action sequences, not the least of which features Superman spinning the Earth backwards to reverse time. Up, up, and away. After spending decades showing the world he was a serious and nuanced dramatic actor, among the best of his generation, Liam Neeson surprised everyone by demonstrating his "particular set of skills" as an action hero.

In "Taken," the first of many "Neeson vs. Mills has four days to get to Paris before his daughter is sold off, and he uses every single deadly skill he ever learned to get his kid back and punish those who took her. In the '70s, even Matthau could fire a gun, beat up violent criminals, and walk away unscathed. In this prototypical and well-paced, extremely tense hostage thriller, Mr. Blue and his hoodlum underlings hijack a New York City subway car.

They want a million bucks in cash in one hour Matthau's overwhelmed and overworked transit cop, Lt. Garber, is tasked with getting the ransom to the gang as quickly as possible and with little help from his untrustworthy associates. In other words, it's the kind of movie that star Arnold Schwarzenegger would make many of in the years to come, but few can compare to this sci-fi actioner. For the first of several times, Schwarzenegger plays a cyborg pretending to be a human.

Here, he's sent from back to to kill Sarah Connor before her son, John — the future leader of the human resistance to an A. Sarah and her human protector, Kyle Reese, are thus on the run from a seemingly unkillable killing machine in the searingly fast-paced "Terminator. But the money is all up there on the screen, and that sheen suits the plot and feel of the story, with highly advanced robots traveling through time to alternately kill and rescue the future savior of the human race, John Connor.

Especially well executed is the motorcycle sequence, which involves a high-speed chase, a semi-truck, and shotguns. And every time a puddle of liquid metal reshapes itself into that evil Terminator? It's still cool and still impressive, even after 30 years. People that don't even like action movies can appreciate this one, thanks to the stellar pacing of director James Cameron — action, catch a breath, escalated action, a breath, climax.

That, combined with the high stakes of the plot that kid had to save humanity and the fact that by the end we're all somehow crying over the friendship between a boy and robot with sunglasses, makes for a blockbuster for the ages. Tom Cruise permanently put himself on the A-list as Maverick, a flight school attendee who thinks he's better than his superiors and classmates, all just as bold and brash as he is and with names like Ice, Goose, Merlin, and Viper. Maverick proves his mettle, however, when forced into an active and sensitive military skirmish, with some tricky flight work involved.

And that's why "Top Gun" is one of the best action movies ever made — the quick-cut, stunt plane footage makes for some of the most exciting, seemingly impossibly captured scenes ever put on film. In the s, people loved disaster movies — films where big ensemble casts made up of multiple generations of familiar actors endure an unspeakable tragedies before coming out the other side, bruised and battered but mostly alive.

And arguably the definitive disaster movie of the '70s is "The Towering Inferno," a claustrophobic, stressful in a good way , non-stop action flick about what it's like to be inside a massive big-city skyscraper as a fire tears through the building. The folks trapped inside the tower are important members of San Francisco society. And as the fire begins raging during the skyscraper's opening ceremony, it's up to a fire chief and the building's architect to rescue everyone inside and limit damage while also making sure the tower's crooked contractor gets what's coming to him.

And the massive cast boasts everyone from Fred Astaire to O. It's more of a chase movie, like so many great action movies of the past, except in this case the bad guys trying to defeat the good guys are flesh-hungry members of the undead. Oh, and there's little to no escape for Seok Woo Gong Yoo , his daughter, or the many other characters because "Train to Busan" is about the early stage of a zombie outbreak, and it takes place on a train.

That's a recipe for an intense, breathless action film. By , the '80s-style, bombastic action movie presided over by stone-faced bodybuilders was coming to an end. However, James Cameron teamed up with that genre's poster boy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, for one last audacious and over-the-top hurrah, turning out what was, at the time, the most expensive movie ever made.

It's also a loving send-up of crowd-pleasing blockbusters and a crowd-pleasing blockbuster itself. Schwarzenegger plays Harry Tasker, supposedly a bland and timid traveling salesman, except that he's actually a jet-set super spy. But he takes his eyes off the prize on his latest mission, thwarting a nuclear-armed terrorist, when he finds out his bored wife is considering an affair with another salesman who claims to be a spy but isn't.

Ultimately, Harry gets kidnapped, Helen has to help get him back, and there's a really cool scene where Schwarzenegger pilots a Harrier jet. Based on the classic and bleak graphic novel of the same name, with a script by the Wachowskis "The Matrix" , "V for Vendetta" offers a chilling vision of the near future. Set in in England under fascistic rule, a vigilante known only as V, who wears a cape and a creepy mask in the likeness of Guy Fawkes perpetuator of a royal assassination attempt in , fights back against the brutal police and police state, engaging in speedy hand-to-hand combat in the streets.

After he rescues a state-run TV employee from crooked, vicious cops, they team up to wage an all out revolution against tyranny. While it may look like standard action fare about stone-cold assassins and surprising secret identities, "Wanted" is a fun and giddy thriller with a wildly imaginative and ambitious plot involving many unlikely turns and even supernatural forces. Wesley is a weak-willed, going-nowhere office drone And now, his murderer is after Wesley.

Fox brings Wesley into the Fraternity, a secret league of highly skilled assassins who work for the concept of Fate. As a result, Wesley soon learns to tap into his extraordinary powers, like super-strength, being able to slow down his perception of time, and curving bullets after he shoots them, which all makes for some pretty crackling action sequences.

Not many action movies about a city-wide gang war evoke memories of Greek epics read in high school literature classes, but "The Warriors" confidently straddles the world of fight films and literary importance. Told over the course of one harrowing night, "The Warriors" is about the titular Coney Island gang who travel to a huge, middle-of-the-night criminal summit Mistakenly identified as the culprits, the Warriors have to find their way back home, negotiating enemy territory that's aggressively defended by New York's many other hoodlum collectives, many of them unique in appearance, such as the leather-clad Rogues, the purple-vest-and-fedora wearing Boppers, and the clown makeup- and pinstripe-sporting Baseball Furies.

Westerns used to be thought of as kid stuff. Back in the '30s and '40s, children loved Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, and other good guys in white hats singing along the trail as they foiled train bandits and horse thieves. The real Old West was nothing like that — it was probably more akin to the absolutely gonzo, lawless nightmare world of Sam Peckinpah's Texas-Mexico border-fight epic "The Wild Bunch.

A huge influence on latter-day filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino, "The Wild Bunch" embraced blood, violence, and moral ambiguity. In , movies by and large did not show blood — guys got shot and they fell down. One guy's got a machine gun that more properly belongs on a warship. But sometimes cowboys and gunslingers had to shoot each other, and that made the good guys a little bad, and the bad guys a little good.

Not only is it a great action movie, "Wonder Woman" just might be the perfect blockbuster. It's mind-blowing that this is director Patty Jenkins' first go at an action flick because she perfectly balances so many tough elements. This is to say nothing of Gal Gadot's revelatory performance as Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, who so thoroughly and powerfully embodies heroism that you don't know whether to cry, cheer, or exhale when it's all over.

In , Hollywood finally made an X-Men movie. Three years later, Hollywood made the first great X-Men movie. If the original X-Men comics from the s were an allegory for race relations — super-powered "mutants" were segregated and treated like second-class citizens — then "X2: X-Men United" tells a familiar tale of how powerful people can use politics, media, and speeches to manipulate others into their hateful and myopic point of view.

Shortly after Professor Xavier's "good" mutants have defeated "bad" mutant leader Magneto and imprisoned him in a non-metallic prison he probably can't escape, another mutant tries to assassinate the president of the United States, leading the government to come down hard on the entire mutant community.

The humans vs. The climactic showdown is also unlikely, pitting the anti-mutant brigade against formerly rival X-Men who have no choice but to fight Warner Bros. Aliens 20th Century Fox. Atomic Blonde Focus Features. The Avengers Disney.

Baby Driver Sony. Black Panther Disney. Blade New Line Cinema. The Bourne Identity Universal Pictures. Bullitt Warner Bros. Captain Marvel Disney. Casino Royale Sony. The Dark Knight Warner Bros. Deadpool Fox. Die Hard 20th Century Fox. Dredd Lionsgate. Duel Universal Pictures. Dunkirk Warner Bros. Edge of Tomorrow Warner Bros.

Enter the Dragon Warner Bros. The Equalizer Sony. First Blood Orion Pictures. The French Connection 20th Century Fox. He's an unnamed sailor adrift in his damaged boat, trying desperately to weather storms and keep himself alive while searching for a rescuer. He's a resourceful, diligent, completely capable man, exactly who you'd want in that situation — and slowly he realises he's powerless to help himself. It's Cast Away , rewritten by Samuel Beckett.

To stop some terrorists and avenge his son, John Travolta has to swap his face and voice with all-round bad dude Nicolas Cage. This simple and harmless bit of highly experimental surgery goes unexpectedly awry though, and Cage ends up with Travolta's face. On top of all that, Cage-as-Travolta has planted a bomb that will destroy Los Angeles, and he's not telling where it is.

John Woo's best Hollywood film is absolutely batshit, and that is its core strength. Somewhere in south London, a group of teenagers rob a nurse on her way home from a shift on Guy Fawkes Night. But this Guy Fawkes Night turns out to be full of more bangs and fizzes than most: it's the first night of an alien invasion, and the humans are going to have to work together to defend their tower block and survive. Joe Cornish's funny, inventive sci-fi introduced the world to a year-old John Boyega, who's magnetic as the gang's de facto leader Moses.

There's a sequel in the works too, and both Boyega and Cornish will return. At more than minutes long, Akiro Kurosawa's greatest masterpiece probably isn't an action film to chuck on of a Friday night after three beers and a Dinner Date. It is, however, a carefully paced meditation on desperation and violence, and a touchstone of the more thoughtful Westerns which followed it. In feudal Japan, a small village uses the last of its reserves of rice to pay seven masterless ronin to protect them from raiders and make sure they don't starve.

You've seen it referenced, lampooned, homaged and nodded to more times than you know, and the steady pace slowly ramps up to an absolutely gigantic barney. In this remake of the film, Shinzaemon Shimada leads the baker's dozen of pro sword wielders in an attempt to take down the callous Lord Naritsugu Matsudaira in s Japan. They don't expect to get out of it alive, but given what a rancid type Matsudaira is, they plunge in anyway.

Cue a lot of extremely good swordplay and a climactic battle which runs to 45 minutes long. Director Takashi Miike always manages to make room for genuinely affecting character beats amid the bloodshed though. Sergio Leone had sworn off making another Western after The Good, the Bad and the Ugly , but came around when he had the chance to cast Henry Fonda, long his favourite actor, as the cold, villainous hired gun Frank.

Charles Bronson is 'Harmonica', the man Frank is bearing down upon. There's a fight brewing over the one water supply in the desert town of Flagstone, and while the action unfolds at Leone's usual considered pace to one of Ennio Morricone's great scores, it's an action epic to lose yourself in.

The target: Stansfield. But he's not going down without a lot of gunplay and some of Oldman's most inspired shrieking histrionics. The film that killed off Pierce Brosnan's James Bond and reshaped every action film that followed it. Before Jason Bourne, action movies were mostly about impossibly large men doing implausibly athletic killings and then mangling cheesy one-liners.

Post-Bourne, everything got a bit gritty, a bit real, a bit hard to stomach. This was the kind of action movie in which offing bad guys looked more like a job than a laugh, and where you felt every punch and car crash viscerally. And the world would be a worse place. Casino Royale was Daniel Craig's first run-out as the new , and 14 years on it's still the high-watermark we're feeling very hopeful about No Time to Die , though.

The previous film in the franchise, Die Another Day , had featured an ice palace, an invisible car and that CGI surfing scene. Its successor opened with a parkour-style chase in which you could almost taste Bond's sweat, and closed with him being having his knackers battered in a seatless chair and watching the woman he loved drown in the Grand Canal. It was an action movie with consequences and it finally fleshed out a character who had sometimes seemed like little more than a philandering psychopath with a drinking problem.

Unknown to each other, four unfortunate misfits are stuck in the desert town of Las Piedras. The only way out is an aeroplane ticket, but none can afford it. Then a job comes up. It could be a way out, but it's only for the truly desperate.

A team is needed to drive jerry cans of the incredibly unstable explosive nitroglycerine, and any jolt could set it off during the mile trip across lumpy, bumpy desert roads. Rickety bridges, boulders, and — wouldn't you know it — unexpected roadworks make things even trickier.

It was later remade, brilliantly, as Sorcerer by William Friedkin. Friedkin reckons he didn't, but he definitely did. In midth century Japan, a roaming samurai arrives in a small town where local lords are scrambling to put themselves at the top of the food chain.

The freelance swordsman is recruited as a secret weapon by one faction, but it's soon clear that he's got much bigger ideas in mind, and intends to bring all the bloodshed to an end. Akiro Kurosawa's quite astonishingly violent film shocked audiences when first released, but its influence is enormous. The Westerns from Hollywood and Italy which followed Yojimbo pinched some it its moves, including its droll sense of humour, and a remake — Sergio Leone's magnificent A Fistful of Dollars — spread Kurosawa's influence even further.

Kurosawa was originally on board this particular ride too, his story elevating what could initially have been a fairly rote disaster-action flick into something more thoughtful. Violent bank robber Manny Jon Voight persuades the easily led Buck Eric Roberts to help him bust out of prison, and they manage to sneak on board a train. But suddenly it starts speeding up. Soon their flight for freedom turns into a battle for survival.

There's been a massive recession in near-future Japan, and the kids are bored and hopeless. Juvenile delinquency is getting to be such a problem that the only way to sort things out is to force the worst kids to fight to the death on a remote island. When class 3-B are launched into it, including conscientious student Noriko and mourning classmate Shuya, shifting loyalties, improvised bombs and splenetic violence ensue. The moral: don't trust anyone over Steven Spielberg's lean, taut, Hitchcockian feature debut pits put-upon everyman David Mann Dennis Weaver, on especially fraught, frothing form against a truck driver who suddenly cuts him up on an empty desert road.

Mann overtakes; the truck swings out in front of him again. Slowly it dawns on Mann: this truck driver isn't going to let him get out of this trip alive. Who's driving the truck? Why do they want Mann dead? And will Mann and his rapidly expiring car make it home? It's quite hard to comprehend now just how gigantic a phenomenon Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was when it came out. Even now everything about it just seems so big: big emotions; big, lush, sweeping vistas of 18th century China, during its last Imperial days; and, of course, gigantic, gymnastic sword fights.

The martial arts sequences are still operatically beautiful, and counterpoint with the primly buttoned down emotional lives of its characters, who tend to ache quietly for each other before busting out their swordsmanship and Wudang skills. Yes, it's a rom-com , but the defining image of silent cinema — Harold Lloyd hanging off the hand of a clock at the top of a building — is the most enduring of Lloyd's 'thrill sequences', as he called his action-packed sections of daring stunts.

There's a straight line between Lloyd, who lost a thumb and forefinger to a prop bomb which turned out not to be a prop but carried on doing his own stunts, and Tom Cruise's full-blooded commitment to smashing up his knees in the name of Mission: Impossible. Laurence Fishburne and Jeff Goldblum head up Bill Duke's noir-styled story of an undercover police officer who goes so extremely undercover that he ends up getting fitted up for dealing cocaine.

Fishburne's Russell Stevens is raw, playing every line as if his very nerves are exposed to the open air; Goldblum is his lugubrious attorney, David Jason. Not that David Jason. Getaway driver Baby drowns out his tinnitus with eclectic mixtapes while he's swinging cars around Atlanta for the malevolent Doc, and frankly if you put Blur's 'Intermission' and Queen's 'Brighton Rock' on your ultimate driving playlist you've only yourself to blame if you get into scrapes.

Edgar Wright's masterfully controlled, powerfully kinetic direction lets the music lead the many, many car chases as Baby goes in for one last job to free himself, escape his past, and bring down the nest of thieves he's trapped in. The quintessential Arnie film and, perhaps, the quintessential action flick.

It's a series of non sequiturs — Arnie and daughter feeding milk to a doe, Arnie disguising a corpse on a flight by giving it the full Weekend at Bernies , Arnie announcing: "I eat green berets for breakfast, and right now I'm very hungry" — conjoined by rocket launcher attacks.

Blissful stuff. Much stranger, darker and funnier than you remember it. Look at Murphy's death scene, in which he's shot into several hundred large chunks. See also: the bit where a man is literally melted by a vat of toxic waste. The difference between the campy Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome and its follow-up couldn't be more stark.

Muscular, bleak, lyrical, pounding and frenetic, Fury Road follows said very angry Max Tom Hardy as he helps the battle-hardened general Furiosa Charlize Theron to get five women away from the clutches of the water-hoarding warlord Immortan Joe. A high concept chase thriller that's so high concept you only need the one word of its title to know what it's all about. Dennis Hopper's put a bomb on a bus, Keanu Reeves isn't having that, Sandra Bullock's behind the wheel keeping the whole thing going above 50mph.

It's beautifully put together: just when you think it's out of gas, Speed floors it again. Writer, director and star Jackie Chan is an undercover cop trying to sort out a crime kingpin, and can only do so with the help of several extremely good stunt set pieces including an opening car chase and a finale in which gigantic panes of glass explode and crash all around.

Breathless stuff.

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