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Lenovo thinkpad t450 fingerprint

lenovo thinkpad t450 fingerprint

Using The Fingerprint Reader - Lenovo ThinkPad Ts User Manual · 1. Restart the computer. · 2. Select Security ➙ Security Chip by using the directional keys. Buy Yz_tooNEW for ThinkPad TP TS T TS X X Fingerprint Reader for Lenovo ThinkPad L L L P50S T Ts T Ts T TP. DON'T order the parts based only on Laptop model No. Part Number Dispute & Claim. 6380 DATASHEET This is required to show up to do as same distigu- ished installed on your. You can record newsletter Join our should play within will be allowed. Luna Display seamlessly fast without recursively desktop to your server, the login.

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Lenovo thinkpad t450 fingerprint my name is earl


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On-screen notification On-screen notification helps hearing-impaired people be aware of the status of their computer. Page 74 Using only your voice, you can start programs, open menus, click buttons and other objects on the screen, dictate text into documents, and write and send e-mails. Everything you do with the keyboard and mouse can be done with only your voice. Page 75 — Zoom out: Move two fingers closer together on the touch screen to reduce the size of text, pictures, maps, or other objects.

Screen resolution You can make your documents easier to read by adjusting the screen resolution of your computer. To adjust the screen resolution, right click anywhere on the desktop, click Screen resolution, and then adjust the settings as you prefer. Page 76 Documentation in accessible formats Lenovo provides electronic documentation in accessible formats. Lenovo electronic documentation, such as properly tagged PDF files or HyperText Markup Language HTML files, is developed to ensure that visually impaired users can read the documentation through a screen reader.

Each image in the documentation also includes adequate alternative text to explain the image so that visually impaired users can understand the image when they use a screen reader. Chapter 4 You and your computer Page 78 User Guide Page Chapter 5. Security To set, change, or remove a power-on password, do the following: 1. Restart the computer.

When the logo screen is displayed, press F1 to start the ThinkPad Setup program. Page Supervisor Password Note: You might want to record your password and store it in a safe place. Otherwise, if you forget the password, you have to take your computer to a Lenovo reseller or a marketing representative to have the password canceled.

Page Hard Disk Passwords ThinkPad Setup program, you will be prompted to type your supervisor password to proceed. If you forget your supervisor password, Lenovo cannot reset your password. You must take your computer to a Lenovo reseller or a Lenovo marketing representative to have the system board replaced. Proof of purchase is required, and a fee will be charged for parts and service. Page 82 If a user hard disk password has been set, but no master hard disk password has been, the user must enter the user hard disk password to access files and applications on the hard disk drive.

Page Hard Disk Security Lenovo cannot reset your passwords or recover data from the hard disk drive. You must take your computer to a Lenovo reseller or a marketing representative to have the drive replaced. Then follow the instructions on the screen.

Page 86 3. Click the icon for the finger that you want to enroll, and constantly swipe your corresponding finger across the fingerprint reader until the enrollment completes. Page 87 If you forget your hard disk password, Lenovo cannot reset your password or recover data from the hard disk drive. You must take your computer to a Lenovo authorized servicer or a marketing representative to have the hard disk drive replaced.

Note: This item is displayed only if High security mode is enabled. These operations, however, only change the file location of the data; they do not delete the data itself. In other words, the data retrieval processing is disabled under an operating system such as Windows.

Page 90 User Guide Page Chapter 6. Page Installing The Windows 8. To download the latest device drivers, do the following: 1. Select your product name to view all the device drivers for your computer. Select the device drivers you that you need, and follow the instructions on the screen. Page Main Menu Note: Default values are in boldface. To change other configurations, press the Esc key to exit the submenu and return to the parent menu.

When you complete the configuration, press F A Setup Confirmation window is displayed. Click Yes to save the configuration and exit the ThinkPad Setup program. Page 95 Table 3. Config menu items continued Menu item Submenu item Value Comments only when the ac power adapter is attached. Page 96 Table 3. If you select Auto, it enables you to connect and route appropriate USB 3.

Page 97 Table 3. Page 98 Table 3. Note: Each scheme affects fan sound, temperature, and performance. Page 99 Table 3. Config menu items continued Menu item Submenu item Value Comments is reconnected to the computer. Then do the following: 1. Page Table 4. Page Startup Menu Table 4. Page To change the startup sequence temporarily so that the computer starts from a desired drive, do the following: 1.

Turn off the computer. Turn on the computer. When the ThinkPad logo is displayed, press F Select the device that you want the computer to start from. Note: The Boot menu will be displayed if the computer cannot start from any devices, or the operating system cannot be found.

Page Restart Menu Windows environment. Page Defining a Network Boot sequence When the computer wakes on LAN, the computer boots from the device as specified on the Network Boot menu, and then follow the boot order list on the Boot menu. To define a Network Boot sequence, do the following: 1. Page Chapter 7. You might want to read the device driver information release notes prior to updating for compatibility or known issues.

Getting the latest drivers from the Web site You can download and install updated device drivers from the Lenovo Web site by doing the following: 1. Page Taking Care Of Your Computer For more information about how to use the System Update program, refer to the help information system of the program.

Taking care of your computer Although your computer is designed to function reliably in normal work environments, you need to use common sense in handling it. If you forget a supervisor or hard disk password, Lenovo will not reset it, and you might have to replace your system board, or hard disk drive or solid-state drive. Page Cleaning your computer keyboard To clean the computer keyboard, do the following: 1.

Apply some isopropyl rubbing alcohol to a soft, dust-free cloth. Note: Avoid spraying cleaner directly onto the keyboard. Wipe each keytop surface with the cloth. Wipe the keys one by one; if you wipe several keys at a time, the cloth might hook onto an adjacent key and possibly damage it. Page User Guide Page Chapter 8. Type recovery in the Search field and click the Search button. Then click Create a recovery drive. Ensure that you select the Copy the recovery partition from the PC to the recovery drive.

Then click Next. The Rescue and Recovery program opens. Turn off your computer. Repeatedly press and release the F12 key when turning on the computer. When the Boot Menu window is displayed, release the F12 key. In the Boot Menu window, select the desired optical drive as the first boot device.

Then, insert the rescue disc into the optical drive and press Enter. Page Solving Recovery Problems Attention: If you need updated device drivers for your computer, do not download them from the Windows Update Web site. Obtain them from Lenovo. Follow the instructions on the screen to refresh your computer. Resetting your computer to the factory default settings If you want to recycle your computer or just start over, you can reset your computer to the factory default settings.

Resetting the computer will reinstall the operating system, reinstall all the programs that came with your computer, and reset all the settings to the factory default settings. Page It is recommended that you create recovery media as early as possible. Once you create recovery media, keep them in a safe place and do not use them to store other data. The required USB capacity depends on the size of the recovery image. Page For more information about the recovery solutions provided by the Windows 8.

Page Chapter 9. Replacing Devices 2. Press Enter. This system supports only batteries specially designed for this specific system and manufactured by Lenovo or an authorized builder. The system does not support unauthorized batteries or batteries designed for other systems. Slide the latches to the unlocked position and hold them there, and then remove the battery pack 4. Insert a new battery until it clicks into place. Ensure that the latches are in the locked positions. Turn the computer cover again.

Connect the ac power adapter and all cables to the computer. Installing or replacing the micro SIM card Before you start, print these instructions. Page 2. Remove the removable battery. Locate the micro-SIM-card tray at the right side of the computer. Insert a straightened paper clip into the hole in the micro-SIM-card tray.

The micro-SIM-card tray ejects. Insert the tray back into the computer. Reinstall the removable battery. Replacing the base cover assembly Before you start, print these instructions. Page 5. Pry up the latches in ascending alphabetical order a to h as illustrated, and then remove the base cover assembly 6. Reinstall the new base cover assembly and tighten the screws in ascending alphabetical order a to h as illustrated.

Attention: The internal storage drive, such as hard disk drive, solid-state drive, or hybrid drive, is very sensitive. Page 7. Detach the bracket from the internal storage drive. Then attach the bracket to the new internal storage drive. Insert the new storage drive and then pivot it downward.

Ensure that the new storage drive is seated in place. Page Replacing A Memory Module Reinstall the base cover assembly. Turn the computer over again. Connect the ac power adapter and all cables. Replacing a memory module Before you start, print these instructions. Page Replacing An M. Open the latches on both sides of the memory slot at the same time , and then remove the memory module 6.

Place the notched end of the new memory module toward the contact edge side of the memory slot. Then insert the memory module into the slot at an angle of about 20 degrees. To avoid shock hazard, disconnect the cables before opening the cover of this slot. Attention: Before you start installing an M. Page 6. Remove the screw. The card is released from the secured position and pivots upward. Carefully remove the wireless WAN card out of the slot. Align the notched edge of the new wireless WAN card with the key in the slot.

Then carefully insert the card into the slot. Page Replacing The Keyboard 9. Pivot the new wireless WAN card downward and then install the screw to secure the card in place Connect the antenna cables to the new wireless WAN card. Ensure that you connect the orange cable to the main connector on the card, and the blue cable to the auxiliary connector on the card.

To remove the keyboard, do the following: 1. Disable the built-in battery. To reveal the screw heads beneath the keyboard frame, use the flat end of the multi-tool in the shipping package of the new keyboard to slide the keyboard forward by 2. Note: Do not press and hold the keys while sliding the keyboard frame, otherwise the keyboard frame cannot be moved.

Page 8. Put the keyboard on the palm rest and detach the connectors. Then remove the keyboard. To install the new keyboard, do the following: User Guide Page 1. Attach the connectors, and then turn over the keyboard. Insert the keyboard into the keyboard bezel as shown. Ensure that the rear edge of the keyboard the edge that is close to the computer display is under the frame of the keyboard bezel. Chapter 9 Replacing devices Page 3. Ensure that the screw heads are exposed completely. Otherwise, reveal the screw heads by sliding the keyboard frame forward with the flat end of the keyboard multi-tool.

Tighten the screws with the cross end of the keyboard multi-tool to secure the keyboard in place. Slide the keyboard frame backward by 2. Page Replacing The Coin-Cell Battery If the coin-cell battery is incorrectly replaced, there is danger of an explosion. The coin-cell battery contains a small amount of harmful substances. Install the new coin-cell battery and attach the connector 7. Page Chapter Troubleshooting Computer Problems If your computer is installed with the Windows 7 operating system, when you are setting up your computer, the Lenovo Solution Center program prompts you to create recovery media, which you can use to restore the hard disk drive to the factory default state.

After the computer is off, restart the computer by pressing the power button. The system board should be replaced, and the box serial number needs to be reinstalled. Have the computer serviced. The system board should be replace, and the UUID needs to be reinstalled. Continue with the boot process and call the Lenovo service center for technical support. Memory module problems Print these instructions now and keep the instructions with your computer for reference later. The network cable must be securely connected both to the Ethernet connector of your computer and to the RJ45 connector of the hub.

The maximum allowable distance from the computer to hub is meters. If the cable is connected and the distance is within acceptable limits but the problem persists, try a different cable. The Access Connections icon is displayed. For more information about the icon, refer to the Access Connections help information system. Use the Access Connections program to verify this case-sensitive information.

Solution: If an external numeric keypad is connected: 1. Remove the external numeric keypad. Turn on the computer and try using the keyboard again. If the keyboard problem is resolved, carefully reconnect the external numeric keypad and the external keyboard. Click the Monitor tab. Check the monitor information to make sure that the monitor type is correct.

However, calibration can significantly reduce the high DeltaE shift in the colors and grayscale levels. Nevertheless, the ThinkPad T will remain unsuitable for professional graphic designers and photographers at least without an external monitor because the important color spaces like Adobe and RGB are inadequately covered. Despite the screen's anti-reflective surface, we cannot recommend the T for outdoor use.

The far too low maximum brightness makes legibility difficult in the shade; the content is only vaguely recognizable in direct sunlight. Therefore, our review sample takes the last place in our comparison round - an extremely embarrassing presentation considering the four-figure purchase price.

The user will only find a true reproduction when looking straight at the screen. This often results in an extremely annoying restriction, which again reinforces our call for a viewing angle stable, bright and high-contrast IPS screen. As well as marginally higher clock rates ranging from 2. Despite the new 14 nanometer manufacturing process, the nominal TDP of 15 watts remains unchanged.

More information and benchmarks can be found in our CPU database. Lenovo does not provide dedicated graphic solutions for the ThinkPad T Thus, the integrated HD Graphics has to take care of video output. There are undoubtedly better alternatives for up-to-date 3D games.

The manufacturer only fills one of the two DIMM slots, which facilitates upgrade intentions, but also forces the memory controller in the slower single-channel mode. As with other Broadwell laptops, the T also works seamlessly with unfortunately still very pricey 16 GB modules. Architecture Broadwell Haswell Haswell. Lithography 14 nm 22 nm 22 nm. Regardless of whether AC or battery mode - the Turbo of the Core iU was always ideally utilized.

This means that the maximum clock rates of 2. Alternatively, the T can be configured with faster Broadwell processors such as the iU or iU. Subjectively, the differences do not range within a noticeable magnitude.

Unlike the basic configuration of the T that has to be satisfied with a low-cost, GB hard drive, our review sample is equipped with a fast SSD in a 2. The M. Except for the mediocre sequential write performance, the data rates that we ascertained were consistently impressive.

However, that is not all: SSDs from Samsung belong to the most reliable models on the market, which will probably be of more importance to the customers than the last ounce of performance. Overall, the combination of a fast-reacting SSD and fast processor ensure an extremely responsive system that easily copes with common office applications.

However, the two cores in the Core iU will find their limits sooner or later. At least the CPU with a TDP of only 15 watts achieves roughly the same performance as a watt Core iM from - the T series has not become much faster in the past three years, but it is now more energy efficient and mobile. It is in the eye of the beholder whether this development is positive or negative.

Fortunately, Lenovo has a suitable alternative for performance junkies in its portfolio with the ThinkPad Tp. The AsusPro BULA surprises with the best PCMark 7 score, but lags far behind in the newer PCMark 8 - a behavior that we do not really understand, but which might be due to a different weighting of single performance factors. This corresponds roughly to the performance difference between the HD Graphics and HD Graphics - or in other words: An HD with a single-channel interface cannot outrun the HD with a dual-channel memory.

However, the ThinkPad can be entrusted with multimedia tasks and simple 3D applications without any hesitation, and even smaller CAD projects are possible with some concessions. Since we have already tested the HD Graphics many times, we will briefly examine the gaming performance here, and refer to the multitude of benchmark results in our database.

Modern ULV processors with such a low consumption level in idle and partial load have made an active cooling superfluous. This is also true for our ThinkPad. The fan is almost never enabled in everyday use and the system is completely silent.

However, this is only the case when a configuration without mechanical storage devices is selected. During the full load, the cooling starts up after a while, and reaches a maximum of 35 dB A. Although the T is slightly louder than the T max. Despite the sporadically running fan, the user does not have to worry about critical temperatures. Otherwise, the entire device barely got lukewarm and thus can be used on the lap without hesitation.

However, like in all other rivals it throttled slightly CPU: 1. Here, the low TDP is the limiting factor despite its nanometer production. This behavior was not observed outside synthetic load tools. Lenovo seems to have largely adopted the integrated stereo speakers from the precursor. The very loud and clear sounding speakers are sufficient for simple purposes like Skype. However unfortunately, the playback lacks the desired emphasis in the bass range.

Compared with other office laptops, the ThinkPad only does an average job, and the user should consider connecting an external sound system via the jack when required. The audio signal can also be rendered digitally via the mini-DisplayPort. Where the T still had a minimum idle requirement of 4. However, it would be wrong to ascribe the entire saving to the new Broadwell platform - the brighter screen and the conventional hard drive in the T are probably responsible for most of this difference.

The consumption skyrocketed to just over 40 watts for about 30 seconds only to drop just below 30 watts again during load. This decrease is due to the onset of the TDP limitation: The Core i5 can temporarily take in considerably more than the specified 15 watts, provided that certain parameters are fulfilled temperature, time limit.

The included power supply with a maximum output of 45 watts seems sufficiently sized. The T uses the same battery system as its Ts sister model. Rather than installing one large battery, Lenovo opts for two smaller units, one of which is screwed inside the casing 24 Wh and the other inserted in the laptop's rear 24 Wh; 48 or 72 Wh optionally available. The advantage of this solution: Hot-swapping the external battery is possible, i.

The low power consumption actually gives hope for long battery runtimes, which is only the case in the idle mode energy saving mode, minimum brightness, Wi-Fi off. In our Wi-Fi and H. It took 3 hours for the completely depleted batteries to be fully recharged. You get what you pay for - admittedly, the saying is a bit hackneyed and the ThinkPad T is definitely not a product that earns the label "cheap".

The extremely disappointing TN screen is even more aggravating because the T barely gives reason for complaint. Its casing, connectivity and input devices hardly differ if at all, from its more expensive sister model. In addition, the noise and temperature development range on a comparably low level. Beyond that, our review sample shines with a very balanced configuration comprised of a Core i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM and SSD that represent a healthy compromise of performance and costs.

The battery life could be slightly better, but this drawback can easily be solved at relatively low expense with a larger battery. In a nutshell, the ThinkPad T might be interesting for those buyers who work at home and have an external monitor at hand. We would warmly recommend everyone else to accept the surcharge for the Ts or to look at the competition from HP or Dell.

Both competitors are at least optionally available with bright, high-resolution and viewing angle-stable IPS screens, and can compete with the quality of the ThinkPad lineup. Compromises in the casing, screen and configuration make the ThinkPad T a comparatively affordable alternative to the high-end Ts model. However, the buyer should carefully consider whether the money saved really makes up for the drawbacks.

Intel Core iU 2 x 2. Lenovo homepage Lenovo notebook section. Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications. Opened underside. Left: Power socket, USB 3. AdobeRGB coverage ColorChecker pre-calibration. Saturation Sweeps pre-calibration. Grayscale pre-calibration.

ColorChecker post-calibration. Saturation Sweeps post-calibration.

Lenovo thinkpad t450 fingerprint like moths to flames

Setting Up Fingerprint Reader On Your Lenovo PC

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