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Tom ford first time

tom ford first time

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Next are the original matte formula. I have 4 shades. And last one honourable mention, the Velvet Orchid Lip Color. This comes in a special luxe purple packaging, just like the perfume bottle. The shade itself it just beyond beautiful. The shimmers are very fine. Like seriously this is one of the most interesting shades Tom Ford has come out in a while now. And that, my friend, concludes the first session, the full sized lippies.

Next we will move on to Lip and Boys and Girls! After the huge success with his full sized versions, Tom Ford later decided to come out with mini versions in different finishes. First he launched the Lips and Boys, with all shade names inspired by men in his life. It was a great concept and was very popular when it launched.

The following year, he launched the lips and girls in Sheer and Ultra Rich formulas, another brilliant move in my opinion. Now his lipsticks have all kinds of textures and formulas. The Girls are all dressed in white packaging. And after that he continued to add shades to both Boys and Girls every year.

The Boys are all in black packaging, smaller than the full sized ones. They come in the original cream and matte formulas. Some shades are repeats of the full sized shades so you have to be careful when buying on, or you might end up buying different sizes of the same shade. OH Rover — cream They have now ran out of numbers to label to lipsticks so they are now using 2 alphabets in stead.

Now these some in different formulas than the Boys. They are new formulas: Ultra Rich and Sheer, and some sheer ones are metallics. I have also swatches all of the girls from the counter. You can check it out in the blogpost below. However, they were taken in artificial light. My swatches in this post is with natural light.

I totally forgot to swatch Anne, cause she was in my purse. So sorry about that. So that is it! My complete Tom Ford lipstick collection. If you wanna read more reviews of my Tom Ford items, you can check out the links below. Tom Ford Lipstick shade extensions for Tom Ford Patent Lip Polish shade extensions for Tomford Soleil review and swatches of all shades.

After this I will try to divide them into shade groups. I've been told that these won't be available here until next February, if you can believe it! I think the shade will really have to speak to me. I might not wear it all the time, but it has to be really special TF Diabolique is a good example of that for me to plop down almost 50 euros on it :.

Hi Sunny, February? It seems like long but actually that is just in a few months. Which shade are you eyeing most? I am especially loving Pussycat on you! Thank goodness it is permanent :. You are right, because if it wouldn't be, we had to buy a back-up :-O. I agree with Sunny! Both shades look stunning on you, Sara! Man, you can rock anything on your lips — nude or dark!!! Seeing First Time on you only makes me want it more!!! I know it's probably too pale for my complexion but still I want it.

The comparison picture is very helpful, too! Ugh, SO pretty If you call a few stores they may have it though. Usually it is easier to find in the stores although they are sold out online. Both colors look SO pretty on you!

Oh Sara and oh Tom what are you doing to me?! LOL, do you have the shades already in Switzerland? Which one is your favorite? The look amazing on you! First Time will so be mine soon! Already reserved one at my counter :. And I believe you will have a Plum Lush too right? Just guessing ;-. These are gorgeous! Love the look of Pussycat especially : -Jen www. I have ordered Pussycat and Plum Lush! Hi Stacey, I can't wait to see these on your lips!

Both shades are stunning. Diese Lippenstifte haben es mir angetan und seit ich sie das erste Mal entdeckt habe, wollen sie mir nicht mehr aus dem Kopf gehen!

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