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Emma woods identity v

emma woods identity v

Game Identity V Emma Woods Cosplay Pillow Plush Doll Plushie Toy Change suit Dress Up Clothing Cute Anime Christmas Gifts. US $ This is a bust-up, fan-art of Emma Woods, also known as Lisa Beck, a playable survivor-character from a Google-apps game, Identity V. Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs tagged as #Identity v Emma Woods with no restrictions, modern design and the best experience | Tumgir. DELFIE Additional options may an email notification and remote drives and its connection 'account gmail. The period option missing in Availability Reports after upgrading. To switch, you on the boards of business, trade. Allowed by both the World.

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Last 90 days. Last 30 days. Last days. Last 1 year. Last 2 years New. Current Price Price Up Can it be fluff too? Thank you and have a nice day!! It was a painting of you! I'm so sorry if you don't like one of these , you can try thinking of your own style! You're one of the bestes friends I've ever had! Thank you so much being with me in this horrible manor , but I wanna tell you something , I have a massive crush on you! It's okay of you don't accept my feelings, we can stay best friends if you want!

Emma Anon! How's my favorite rescuer doing? I have some pink roses for you Andrew! Fun fact, did you know pink roses usually mean appreciation and gratitude? Its flower language sounds lovely…. He covers his mouth with his hand, startling to cackle evilly. Joseph continues to cackle, while still pointing his sword at Emily. Limping to the pallet near Emma, Joseph raises his sword and swings at Emily.

His blade cuts into the pallet and bounces back. Emma watched, enraged the Joseph would try to hurt Emily. She angrily stomped in his direction, calling and chasing after him as he continued to hunt for Emily. Emma pushed him to get his attention, scolding him and insulting him.

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This makes attempting to hide or such difficult. Note that the activation of the shield can be canceled by using a emote. A broken rocket chair can be fixed very quickly. Breaking a rocket chair will alert the hunter to the location of the broken rocket chair. Note that you can also intentionally use this to draw the hunter towards your location, but you should only do this if you are confident in your ability to kite.

Game play Tips Firstly, do not give priority to breaking rocket chairs. It has drawbacks such as alerting the hunter to your location, but most of all takes away time that is better spent decoding. If you do want to go about breaking a rocket chair, memorize the spawn positions of the rocket chairs, figure out the location of the basement and break the nearest rocket chair that will be advantageous.

Fixing a broken rocket chair takes only a few seconds, so going about breaking rocket chairs that already have chairs nearby them is pointless. Chase At the start, thanks to the effects of the shield lasting 50 seconds and blocking a single hit of damage, even if you spawn into a bad position, taking the first chase wont be too bad, and you can reposition to a stronger kiting area potentially without taking any damage.

Since the initially kite will inherently be not so bad, instead of focusing on transition to a safe kiting area, instead try to focus on decoding a cipher machine. If you have the persona Knee Jerk Reflex at least 2 points can be allotted to this persona even with a rescue build and find yourself at a weak cipher machine, preemptively throw down a pallet, and if the hunter comes near, use the speed boost to transition to a safer area. Some specific examples are: The cipher machine on Arms Factory located in the center of the map with few obstacles in the woods.

Throw down the single pallet nearby. The cipher machine on Red Church located in the center of the church. Throw down the pallet that leads to the shack. Another one is the cipher machine at the red carpet wedding venue, throw down any pallet found nearby the machine.

The cipher machine on Sacred Heart Hospital located nearby the front gate. Remember that the above advice can also be applied while playing other survivors. Rescue While the suggested build for Gardener is the kiting based 39 persona build, the combination of both the shield as well as the veterans bonus means that reaching the rocket chair unscathed when the hunter can attack at a range or is roaming while camping. Along with this the veterans bonus means that avoid a double down after rescuing is viable as distance between the Gardener, hunter and rescued survivor is easy to make.

No Mercenary or other rescuer is present on the team or has already rescued and used up Tide Turner. Make sure to use the ping system to let your teammates know your going rescue. You should start moving away from the cipher machine when someone is down a little early. The shaking of the cipher can be used to locate where survivors are, as well as whether or not someone is coming to rescue or where the rescuer is coming from.

The other scenario is that the hunter will not hit and it will instead turn into a waiting game. Make sure to rescue before the survivors icon reaches the middle bar or the gauge reaches the top of the icon. Be careful about using the shield at the last moment during rescues. This is in the context of the early game, or the first kite. An advanced technique is to break a rocket chair before a teammate is about to be chaired and the final cipher is ready to be popped.

If you break the chair before the survivor enters the balloon state, the hunter may not attempt to chair at the cipher machine at all, and while the hunter will receive a notification for the broken chairs, if the hunter is not familiar with this strategy they may just assume that the notification was making a mistake while decoding. On the other hand, if the hunter is overly greedy and attempts to harass at the cipher machine using the ballooned survivor, you should attempt to make time to see if you can get a balloon rescue.

The hunter will have to drop the ballooned survivor in order to fix the rocket chair, and when this is done the struggle progress will start up from where it left off. Unfortunately, this is fairly difficult to pull off, especially when attempting to coordinate with random teammates.

Without proper execution of this strategy, the risk for taking damage is high, and this will worsen the situation. It should be attempted when you both have knowledge of the situation, and feel that it would be low risk to harass. Generally, if the harassment is successful you can hope for about 4 cipher machines being finished in the time bought, but failure can result in the game being much more difficult to win. Hunters can take Giant Claw to counter Gardener, so be careful.

Back off when the hunter is repairing the chair and watch what they do next, when they go to balloon the downed survivor and chair them, break the chair again. Note that this is the one inside the building, not the one outside nearby the stairs. Once the chair is destroyed, depended on where the survivor was downed they should be able to struggle free even without Will to Survive , but also note that the first floor of the factory only has a single pallet, and the chair itself is not in a position where you can have an easy time harassing.

On Moonlit River Park , either of the rocket chairs found at the two story building, the one outside or the one inside. Pick one or the other. Usually need will to survive to properly struggle free. Other harassers such as Wildling , Prospector or Forward should try to focus on increasing struggle progress instead of going for a full stun. Remember that one person being downed and one person harassing means that only 2 people will be decoding.

If you can afford it, the persona Will to Survive can be taken. If Gardener is eliminated, the toolkit will be left at the sight of the blast off. It can be used to avoid crows. Other Notes You can replace the toolkit by looking through chests or picking up items left by eliminated survivors. After this anything else will function as usual. The time it takes for a hunter to fix a chair, balloon a survivor and then chair them is about the 10 seconds. If the hunter Photographer takes a picture while a rocket chair is broken, the photo world version of that chair will also be broken and the Photographer will not able to repair it.

The activation of the shield can be canceled by emoting. Suggested Persona Build Borrowed time, exit path, distress, cold and 3 points in snooze. A good performance chase based build. Snooze is used to extend the time of the rocket chair. Overall easy to use. Rescue build that utilizes knee jerk reflex. If you have a Seer on the team, going 36 as Gardener is fine.

Build that aims for balloon rescues by breaking rocket chairs. Veterans bonus will increase speed when hit for 2 seconds. Shield that lasts for 50 seconds at the start of the game. Absorbs a hit of damage. This shield will last for 5 seconds. Every time the shield is reactivated 10 seconds will be added to cool down of the shield. Chase can be pretty strong.

The shield will absorb even terror shocks. If you bring the persona Quenching Effect , the shield will disappear at the same time quenching effect will activate. Pay attention to where the Gardener is going while waiting for the shield is still active. Did you know? Gardener used to have a very small buff that increased the room for error for calibrations when decoding. This was removed when her shield was added. The Gardener can apply a shield for rescuing. Hunters that have abilities that can remove the shield without attack recovery animation of course have an easier time.

Gardener can block damage dealt to her afterimage by activating her shield while on the other side of the portal. Remember that how long she lasts on the chair will be slightly longer then other survivors. Other Notes Gardener can avoid crows gathering overhead by touching rocket chairs not fully breaking them, just touching them.

Fixing the broken chair will only buy a small amount of time, or sometimes the broken chair will be nearby a perfectly usable chair nearby. Remember that the shield only lasts 5 seconds. Sometimes you can get an easy hit on a Gardener if she applies her shield too soon. Also note that not all chairs are in locations where the Gardener can easily get to a safe position if the hunter decides to commit to getting a hit on her. They have certain locations where rocket chairs can be very spaced out.

Pay attention to the notification sounds. Movements Running Speed: 3. Universal Conquest Wiki. Lucky Guy - Lucky. Doctor - Emily Dyer. Lawyer - Freddy Riley. Thief - Kreacher Pierson. Gardener - Emma Woods. Magician - Servais Le Roy. Explorer - Kur Frank. Animals And Pets. Girl With Brown Hair. You Draw. Dark Anime. Down Hairstyles. Twitter Sign Up. Me Anime. Manga Anime Girl. Cute Characters. Anime Characters. Game Character. Chesire Cat. Ram And Rem. Gif Pictures. In A Heartbeat. Character Design Girl.

Anime Art Girl. Blonde Hair Girl. V Cute. Goth Art. Emma iDentity v. Like Mike. Dark Side. Anime Scenery Wallpaper. Special Characters. Pose Reference. Art Drawings. Otaku Anime. Beautiful Anime Girl. Anime Style. Hina Neru. V Words. V Chibi. Human Drawing.

Anime Expressions. How To Take Photos. Cute Couples. Personal Identity. Visual Identity. Business Card Design. Creative Business. Business Cards. Animal Tattoos. Graphic Design Posters.

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Identity V - Emma Woods as Emma! - Gardener Gameplay - The Promised Neverland Crossover

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