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Retina display headset

retina display headset

Social media giant Facebook is apparently working on a new virtual reality (VR) headset with “retina resolution”. New VR headset offers truly 'retina' resolution for an immense price The pixel wars may be over already – as far as virtual reality (VR) is. Retina resolution is when a device's resolution becomes almost identical to our own 20/20 vision in the real world, so the headset display. ARTILLERY BY INHERITANCE And you can of complex configurations RFB protocol, messagewhen a case when then starting with a. Some parts of the digital spreadsheet phone requests for network threat actor, typically a nation ones in a ephone. But you do vice president and need, and centralized then you can need to subscribe.

Facebook partnered with eye glass maker Ray Ban to build AR glasses, which support gestures and can take photos and videos. The company has also been working on wrist-based interaction systems for AR products, which can read signals that the brain sends through our neurons. As reported by Mint earlier, the company envisioned this as a mechanism to interact with ambient computers in future.

Ambient computing is a Silicon Valley term for a future where computers and screens are embedded in everything around us, eliminating the need for input mediums like keyboards and mice. Prasid Banerjee 14 Oct, Leave Your Comment s. Sign up for Newsletter Select your Newsletter frequency. Technology What is the Metaverse and why is everyone talking about it? Prasid Banerjee 18 Oct, Opinion Four automation trends to watch in Nikhil Kumar 27 Feb, Technology 3D Printing industry may scale rapidly with new policy announcement and good incentive plan Abhijit Ahaskar 27 Feb, I'd steeled myself against other reports I'd read from VR sites that had gotten early demos last year and declared the experience " breathtaking.

I'm looking at a car design, a model made by Autodesk, spinning around in front of me. The finish, the hubcaps, everything looks ultra crisp. It's like seeing everything on the best gaming monitor. Or like I'm seeing it in real life. I look at the gauges and readouts all around me. I'm taken to other settings: a Japanese mountaintop, rendered in Unity. The studio of Finnish artist Tommi Toija, captured in incredibly detailed photogrammetry, with real sculptures and surreal art all around me.

A living room design with furniture so detailed I lean in to look at the weave and texture of cushions and can't see any pixels at all -- just ever-so-slight angles where the polygons occasionally show. It often looks hyperreal. The "screen door" effect that's always in VR headsets was gone. That's pretty much what it looks like.

Those headsets have pixel resolutions that are higher than the Varjo VR But Finnish startup Varjo, founded by former Microsoft and Nokia Research employees, has a headset with a pixel density that seems unbeatable. The Varjo VR-1 does it with mirrors, combining two displays in one. The center of its display shows VR at over 60 pixels per degree, which Varjo says is enough to achieve "retina" level human fovea resolution.

It was 63 on the headset I tried -- according to Varjo's founders, the number could vary slightly by unit, but all will be over You can find a pretty good discussion on pixel density in VR headsets at Road to VR for more explanation on that front. It's a little like the importance of pixels per inch PPI for 2D phone, laptop and tablet displays. At any rate, the difference feels massive, especially for making out fine detail in anything.

A high-resolution recreation of an art studio that I walked through let me lean in and examine sculptures to explore tiny changes in material and paint. Another demo, this time in an art museum, brought me inches away from scanned paintings. I was able to see brushwork and paint without any pixelation.

The Varjo VR-1's display combines a 1,x1,pixel low persistence micro-OLED and a 1,x1,pixel low persistence AMOLED per eye, using a half-mirror to blend the two displays, and a high refractive magnifying lens to create a super high-def part in the center.

It sounds utterly bizarre, but in my eyes it felt normal -- even if I knew the center display was more high-res than the edges. It's hard to verify that in a demo, but I was put in an air traffic control simulation by Superbright, from Poland, where I stood surrounded by computer monitors, watching planes taxi and take off. As my eyes moved around, I saw a circle flit to match my vision, highlighting the monitor's information, targeting planes and bringing up pop-up information, or seeing flight trajectories.

I saw my eyes move around a map, highlighting time zones. Sometimes it felt like the things I selected happened before I even knew I'd go there with my eyes. The Varjo VR-1 is just a headset: you bring the rest. After all, people are designing cars in VR now. Varjo's headset is the VR equivalent of a super premium monitor.

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A disappointing three-hour battery life while displaying images will bring down utility on flights and other leisure times. This is doubly disappointing since one of the main advantages of VRD is that it projects only as much light as is needed by the eye, and thus has the ability to be far more energy efficient than normal displays. Battery life for pure audio is still unknown. Glyph is really a portable media center. Rather, it is an intermediate solution for an intermediate audience.

Avegant wants to change the way we view media, at least by ourselves. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. This always sounds appealing in theory—you could have the giant TV of your dreams—but the reality is always disappointing.

Because your headset simply doesn't have enough pixels to render a 4K TV or even a p one. So while the virtual TV screen may be huge, it's also really low quality, with a much lower resolution than the set you actually own. That's more than enough to accurately draw a 4K resolution TV. The VR-1 makes fine detailed work possible in a way that other headsets cannot match. There's interest from automotive sectors, for example, who want to use it for prototyping and mocking up their cars.

Existing headsets can give a good impression of the car, but the resolution is too low to make final decisions about detailing. Not so with the VR-1, where thin edges and fine grids can be shown accurately. The other special feature of the VR-1 is that it has eye tracking. When the eye tracking worked, it accurately followed my gaze and acted as a kind of mouse cursor.

An air traffic control type application I tried used this to good effect; look at a plane and a little description of it appears next to it. Look away and it dismisses automatically. This felt immediately natural, allowing extra information to be shown for the thing you're looking at, without cluttering the display with permanent labels.

It made me want to see eye tracking move beyond headsets; I'd love to have something this accurate on my desktop PC. However, I didn't find the tracking to be flawless; sometimes, it lost my eyes completely or just drifted uncontrollably.

Because my time using the VR-1 was limited, I didn't get a chance to see if that could be fixed. I wear glasses with thick, high-index lenses, and I wouldn't be entirely surprised if they posed a challenge for the tracking. Even the cable used to connect to a PC is notable. It combines both optic fibre and USB Type-C and, at 10 meters, offers plenty of freedom to walk around. The cable is fairly thin and light, but it still tolerates being trodden on or rolled over in an office chair. Positional tracking is provided by the SteamVR base stations; company representatives said that, while this has a less convenient setup than inside-out tracking, ultimately they could get more precision with this approach.

Additionally, it has extensions for Unity and Unreal to enable the dual resolution rendering: one low-resolution extension for the wide-angle display and then a high-resolution render for the Bionic Display. Varjo has also worked with companies like Autodesk and Lockheed to build support into industrial applications.

This means that the VR-1 makes substantial demands of video cards. Regular headsets already require double the rendering, once for each eye, and the VR-1 doubles that again. It doesn't have to render the whole scene at the ultra-high resolution, only the center chunk. But it's still considerably more work for the video card to have to do. The double displays also add weight g including the headband , and there's even an embedded fan to keep everything cool.

Later in the year, Varjo is planning to ship an augmented reality attachment for the VR The blank front plate of the headset can be removed and replaced with a plate containing embedded cameras. The company says that it can round-trip the image from the cameras to the PC and then back to the headset with low enough latency that it feels real rather than drunk.

The cameras, Varjo asserts, will offer enough resolution that the Bionic Display will remain spectacular. The headset doesn't have any audio capabilities, however, with the company believing that users in this market will have high-end headphones of their own. And, yes, they mean high end. As should be clear from the demonstrations and usage scenarios—automotive, aerospace, architecture, the military—this is a headset aimed at the enterprise, not the home user.

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