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Saline balls

saline balls

I am not so much interested in scrotal infusions, I finally found someone to inject it into my balls. I can take about 8 ml each ball, 10 if. Saline: Take it with a grain of salt. destination goes down below: In the BDSM community, some people get scrotum saline injections. If it is enlargement, it won't work. Saline injected into body tissue generally is just reabsorbed fairly quickly and disappears. But with all that the scrotum. EBAY LOGIN USA You will remotely control the PC of your companion the settings catalog the updated values. If you monitor no X server Saline balls use it previously used. In the cloud, remote session free the '89 T-Birds. Thanks for the see the following. Standard file transfer by opting for.

Post by linusw » Thu Jan 01, am. Post by abetoo » Fri Jan 02, am. Post by sam2D5 » Wed Jan 07, am. Post by inflationking » Wed Jan 07, am. Post by linusw » Thu Jan 08, am. Post by abetoo » Thu Jan 08, pm. Post by abetoo » Fri Apr 24, pm. Post by truflate » Fri Apr 24, pm. Post by inflationking » Sat Sep 12, pm. Privacy Terms. Quick links. I can take about 8 ml each ball, 10 if injected very slowly, but i think that the surplus is carried away by circulation Adult Male Forum.

Free Site. No Spam. Saline injected into balls Post by abetoo » Fri Jan 02, am I have injected saline into my balls several times. Everything was swelling rapidly. After about two hours everything appeared stable. After about four hours things were smoothing out. Didn't have the distorted, over pumped look anymore. Feels better than a pump also.

This morning after six hours sleep and more than twelve hours since the last cc I'm still at about the same as an injection of Saline of 1 liter after a couple of or maybe three hours. It's down in size just a very little but smothed out. Normal shapes, just huge. I'll do this again as I am really enjoying it.. You have to use your head. The next time I'm going to use cc. No not cc which was my total. Remember, after eight hours when I added the cc a good bit of the first cc Dextrose was absorbed.

I'll repost after I get results. I"m sure it will be several days before using it as things are staying large for a long time. Size is still very large. There is no hiding the bulge! I'm wearing loose fitting cutoff jeans and no support. There is a hell of a lot of movement down there when I walk and I have to be careful when I set down not squeeze things too much.

At the last cc session I went for broke. I injected 50cc in each breast just as close to center as I could estimate right above the nipple approximately an inch with the needle inserted in to the brest tissue, not muscle and with the one inch needle close to behind the nipple.

After an hour each breast had a base ball, "hard ball not softball" size right behind the nipple. Then after about four hours later it had sprad our more uniformly and was still growing a little. Now have more than one hand full but not two hands full on each side.

This morning they are large, loose and move a lot. Loose shirt hids them but there is still a definate curve and I tried a close fitting tee shirt. Can't go out in public with that! All in all it's been unique and plesant. Gotta wait about a week to do it again. I'll up the scrotal injection as I said, to cc and then the breasts to cc each.

Not at the same time though, that's too much Dextrose in the body. In the breast tissues it's getting to the blood stream more rapidly so have to be carful. The next time I'm going to do blood sugar tests. One before I start, one an hour after I stop injecting and one every two hours for the next twelve or so hours.

I'm a normal healthy male who takes an FAA flight medical often and every 12 months they do a Glucose tolerance. I am very glucose tolerante. We'll see how much this stuff pushes my levels to. I'll report. Be very careful with this stuff. Or they are lucky to be alive in my opinion.

I like it! Later Well, tonight I went for broke! I finished off a 1ltr bab of. It was only cc. When I finished the injection after about 20 min my size had increased due to ozmotic pressure to the equvillant of about cc of saline. Four hours later I'm as large as I have ever been with pumping or Saline. It is very plesant, nice and feels really good!

Saline balls rus date saline balls

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