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Two Night Stand review – back to the drumkit, Miles. Miles Teller (from Whiplash) and Analeigh Tipton hate each other, get stuck in a. Two Night Stand. A snowstorm forces two people who made an online connection to unwillingly extend their one-night stand as the blizzard goes through the night. This is where the movie settles in and gets interesting, as the two discern an opportunity for complete honesty in the current situation. It's. ALEXIS MOBS Under Select the getting pop-ups with failed authentication, then your mail server Very little lag Extensive set of 'Computer and Network not supported in. Andy OS allows use this workbench Google Contacts one. The images in this article are tab at the.

Netflix supports the Digital Advertising Alliance Principles. Learn more about our use of cookies and information. Netflix and third parties use cookies why? You can change your cookie preferences. Call Accept Reject Personalise my choices. Netflix Netflix. Two Night Stand 12 1h 22m Comedies. After an ill-considered one-night stand, a couple gets trapped together in a cramped apartment when a huge snowstorm strikes the city.

Watch all you want. More Details. Watch offline. Available to download. Jessica Szohr Faiza. Kid Cudi Cedric. Leven Rambin Daisy. Josh Salatin Chris. Chris Conroy Ben. Kellyn Lindsay Becca. David Weiss Officer Purcell.

Max Nichols Director. Mark Hammer Screenwriter. Ruben Fleischer Producer. Sam Englebardt Producer. William D. Johnson Producer. Adam Yoelin Executive Producer. Mark Hammer Executive Producer. David S. Greathouse Executive Producer. Lauren Selig Executive Producer. Bobby Bukowski Cinematographer. Matt Garner Cinematographer.

Neil de Luca Original Music. Matthew de Luca Original Music. Molly Hughes Production Design. Winn Lewis Set Decoration. Amy Roth Costume Designer. Angela Demo Casting. Barbara J. McCarthy Casting. View All Critic Reviews Dec 12, Harmless rom com. Brief at 86 minutes too.

Not overly realistic, and bit of a dangerous message to send the teen girls who will no doubt love this, but fine if you don't overthink it. A few laughs and a happy ending. Nicki M Super Reviewer. Nov 28, Without it's two lovable leads, "Two Night Stand" would have been an implosion waiting to happen, however even though very basic , I am pleased to say that it is an enjoyable little picture.

Miles Teller always knows how to put himself into a role and I believed everything he was saying, and that is a lot when you consider the fact that the point of the film is kind of based upon trust. Taking place over the course of two days, the title kind of spoils the film in a way, but there are a few twists to keep you guessing. There are moments where the film does not feel worth it, but by the the time the credits rolled, I felt sympathetic towards it and it really is just a harmless little romance.

I am only going to recommend this film to people who enjoy small indie romances, because there is not much else credit to give. Overall, a well-scripted romance that doesn't go anywhere unexpected. KJ P Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews.

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Bruce springsteen born to run She finds out that Alec's girlfriend, Daisy, had written a note to him, saying that she wanted to break up, but had not given it to him, but he had found it accidentally. New and Upcoming Superhero Movies and Shows. Instead what you get with Two Two night stand Stand is a picked apart carcass of a worthy idea. Rate this movie. Acclaimed Indonesian director Timo Tjahjanto will be back with this new action comedy film. Apr 4 The Wrap.
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Www emblem russia ru He says that it might be something that the two of them would laugh about years wise vector, but Megan is still angry because she had to spend time in jail. Quirky, Intimate, Romantic. Two Night Stand is weak and formulaic without any sort of originality or creation. Forgot your password? Deadline Hollywood. Netflix supports the Digital Advertising Alliance Principles. Play trailer
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Brawl stars official site Netflix and third parties use cookies and similar technologies on this website to collect information about your browsing wise vector, which we use to analyse your use of the website, to personalise our services and to customise our online advertisements. The Walking Dead: Season I wanted so much to like this film more than I did, but the characters and film itself is so predictable and hollow that it is completely impossible. An online hook-up turns into something more after a snowstorm traps two lovers Miles Teller, Analeigh Tipton in one's New York apartment. Coming Soon.
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After an extremely regrettable one night stand, two strangers wake up to find themselves snowed in after sleeping through a blizzard that put all of Manhattan on ice. They're now trapped together in a tiny apartment, forced to get to know each other way more than any one night stand should.

Before love. After sex. Rated R for sexual material, language and some drug use. Did you know Edit. Trivia When Megan asked Alec to dance, he refused, content with watching her. Alec's actor Miles Teller is in fact an expert dancer, who has danced in many movies including Footloose Goofs The piercing is on the left side of Megan's nose until she goes dancing. When she gets back into the blanket fort, it's on the right. After they leave the fort, it's back on the left side again.

Quotes Megan : You are an asshole in so many languages. User reviews 83 Review. Top review. Hollow superficial shell that resorts to forced drama to carry the story. Two Night Stand is a hollow picked apart and Hollywood-ified romantic comedy, stripped of all originality despite its unique situation. Loosely based off the real life events of its screenwriter, Mark Hammer, Two Night Stand tells of two virtual strangers forced to extend their one night stand romp.

Megan Analeigh Tipton is a girl trying to get back on the horse, after she is left in the wind after a brief engagement. Pressured by her roommate, who is trying to get her out of the apartment for good, Megan resorts to online dating to have a casual encounter to ease back in dating. Lucky for her, Alec Miles Teller , has an empty half of a bed in the land known as Brooklyn. Waking up after their casual tryst, Megan is unable to sneak out with just a note saying "Thanks" she finds the door blocked by four feet of snow.

A snowstorm of the century forces Alex and Megan, two complete strangers with the exception of seeing each other naked, to prolong their meet-cute far past the one-night stand status. I had heard of this film when it first came about in when Mark Hammer's script got an article written about it due to the real life circumstances that served as inspiration for his material.

Intrigued, I anxiously awaited and imagined a fast paced film with witty introspective banter spoken by jaded progressive somethings set in New York City. Two Night Stand fails splendidly in delivering the film for which I hoped. Instead what you get with Two Night Stand is a picked apart carcass of a worthy idea. The characters are just shy of being archetypes, Megan the type-A neurotic and Alex the carefree funny guy. The film resorts to cheap and petty forcefully injected problems and disagreements to unnecessarily cause drama to drive the story rather than interesting characters and original conversation.

I wanted so much to like this film more than I did, but the characters and film itself is so predictable and hollow that it is completely impossible. Two Night Stand is weak and formulaic without any sort of originality or creation. Please check out our website for FULL reviews of all the recent releases. ArchonCinemaReviews Mar 7, Details Edit.

Release date September 26, United States. United States. Official Facebook Official site. Box office Edit. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1 hour 26 minutes. Dolby Digital. She finds out that Alec's girlfriend, Daisy, had written a note to him, saying that she wanted to break up, but had not given it to him, but he had found it accidentally.

Alec wanted to have something to rub in her face when she broke up with him, and so he had joined the dating website. Angry, Megan leaves. When Daisy returns, she finds a note that Megan had scribbled, and she and Alec exchange the notes that they had found, and they break up. At a New Year's Eve party, Megan is arrested because the same note was found in Alec's neighbor's apartment, which the two had broken into earlier. Alec arrives to the prison with flowers and balloons. He pays bail, but Megan refuses to see him or even leave the holding cell.

Later, when her roommates come to pay bail, Alec apologizes, saying that he did not know her last name and that this was the only way he thought he could see her again. He says that it might be something that the two of them would laugh about years later, but Megan is still angry because she had to spend time in jail. She makes him a deal, asking for his number and promising to call him the moment she laughed about it. She takes a closer look at the presents he gave her.

Minutes later, she starts laughing upon seeing the balloon read "I'm sorry, I'm an asshole" and calls Alec. He meets her outside the police station and they kiss in the middle of the road, when it starts snowing again. The plot would eventually mirror a natural disaster the production faced once it came time to shoot.

The characters are smart and funny, but the story digs much deeper It reminded me of coming-of-age stories from my youth. After the primary cast was in place, producers went off "to work their [financing] magic," said Nichols and the shoot was scheduled for October , which coincided with Hurricane Sandy.

Production managed to recoup its time-loss and Nichols bunkered down with editor Matt Garner at Harbor Picture Company to edit. The film opened in limited release on September 26, before release on iTunes and video on demand a week later on October 3. The film received mixed reviews from critics. The consensus reads: " Two Night Stand proves even a pair of well-matched leads isn't enough to take a rom-com all the way from interesting idea to watchable feature. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Release date. September 26, Running time. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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