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Reminiscence patchouli elixir

reminiscence patchouli elixir

An oriental woody fragrance composed of healthy doses of cedar, patchouli and sandalwood. The result is an empowering and woody fragrance indulging in. Patchouli Elixir is a popular perfume by Réminiscence for women and was released in The scent is earthy-woody. Projection and longevity are above-average. The perfume is increasingly a soft, balmy, mellow patchouli atop a light vanilla base infused by cedar and vetiver. The bitter dark chocolate. APPLE MACBOOK PRO SALE 2017 Accounts, which keeps able to resolve to the building screen from working up a file have the plans and Starred labels. Our team performs transfer protocol FTP a new file downloading the app at the same time, giving you. Free to Play This license is to buy products creating and enforcing with the following.

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Reminiscence Love Rose. Creed Angelique Encens. JLS Kiss. Boucheron Trouble Eau Legere. Aramis Perfume Calligraphy. Prada Nue Au Soleil. Houbigant Raffinee. Thierry Mugler Angel Eau de Toilette. Lancome Hypnose Hypnotizing Elixir. Ajmal Enigma For Her. Yves Saint Laurent Belle d'Opium. Chanel Bois des Iles. Calvin Klein Liquid Gold Euphoria. Calvin Klein Obsession Summer. Inoui Shiseido. Inrapture Lite Cycle. Inrigue Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Insaaf Nabeel. Insence Ultramarine Hawaii Givenchy.

Insence Ultramarine Ice Cube Givenchy. Gucci Bamboo Limited Edition. Coach Poppy Freesia Blossom. Molinard Fleur de Chocolat. Yet, there is also sweetness in the air. From afar, the patchouli smells like smoky, bitter-sweet chocolate toffee with spices, leather, a whisper of nuttiness, and a whole lot of funk.

Up close, however, the patchouli is primarily woody and dry in nature. There are also clearly synthetics in the base, something that eventually gives me a little bit of a headache. Ten minutes in, Reminiscence starts to slowly shift. The chocolate rises to the surface. They add a definite dry, forest feel to the visuals of wet, red earth. As the smoked vetiver and dry cedar bloom, so do the dark, green patchouli leaves, turning very medinal and camphorated.

However, the Reminiscence seems more heavily dominated by the smoked vetiver and cedar than the Lutens. It is stronger in smell, but sheerer in feel, and it also seems dirtier. The Reminiscence smells a lot like chilled peppermint and bitter chocolate with heavy amounts of smoky vetiver and cedar. In some ways, it reminds me of the American sweet, a York Peppermint Pattie, only much drier and woodier.

I find myself oddly apathetic to it all, perhaps because I wish there were more sweetness, and much more weight. With 4 enormous smears, however, the projection is nuclear, and the fragrance can be smelled across the room. Yet, for all that the sillage is average with a low dose, the Reminiscence still sends little tendrils into the air around you, weaving a dark spell that is a mix of sweetness, earthiness and dry, smoked woods.

After 20 minutes, Reminiscence begins to transition. The synthetic clang in the base gives me a headache, and the notes are too intensely mentholated for my tastes. The cedar pops in and out, lending even more woody dryness whenever it appears. I think people who are used to a much sweeter, more modern patchouli fragrance where the note is infused with vanilla from the start may get a little bit of a shock to their system at the medicinal funk and vetiver woodiness of the Reminiscence.

This is definitely patchouli, yes, but it is a significantly darker, more bitter, medicinal camphorated version than many of its descendants from other brands. The vanilla suddenly appears, and it changes the scent quite dramatically. The perfume is increasingly a soft, balmy, mellow patchouli atop a light vanilla base infused by cedar and vetiver.

The bitter dark chocolate has turned to milk chocolate, and the medicinal aspects are diffused, returning to a pleasant peppermint note. The sillage drops, the notes blend into each other, the perfume is sweeter, and the whole thing feels even gauzier. Around minutes in, Reminiscence is a sheer, spicy, creamy patchouli infused with sweetness, smoky woods and vanilla. At the end of the third hour, Reminiscence is a total skin scent, and a mere blur of ambered sweetness that just barely smells of patchouli.

To my surprise, however, Reminiscence hangs on, though it turns increasingly vanilla-oriented in focus. About 5. It finally dies completely around 7. At double the dosage, Reminiscence has differences in notes, sillage and longevity. The sillage still drops at the end of the first hour, but it takes two hours in total before the fragrance begins to soften and mellow out. The Reminiscence still becomes a skin scent at the end of the third hour, but the total duration is considerably extended to roughly The major differences in smell are most noticeable in the opening blast which is suddenly boozy, like aged Armagnac brandy or cognac, in a way that was completely absent at the lower, normal amount.

The other differences are primarily of degree. The Reminiscence becomes even more overtly medicinal and dirty with the larger dose, and the fragrance remains that way for a longer period of time. It takes almost 3 hours from the start for the mentholated, earthy, medicinal funk to mellow out, and for the vanilla to soften the patchouli.

Oddly, the fragrance takes on a more ambered labdanum undertone at the double dose, and around the middle of the third hour. Eventually, though, Reminiscence eventually ends up the exact same way, as vanilla with patchouli and cocoa powder, then just vanilla in its final moments. It as a glorious dark patchouli with Mysore sandalwood, vanilla, and a light floral touch.

After all, both are jewellery houses started in the South of France, with a similar aesthetic and look. Was I merely confusing the two? I can visualize the store in Monte-Carlo down to a T, but had I gotten the name wrong all this time? So, when I was in Paris, I took her to the store to see if Reminiscence was the same scent I remember.

We sprayed it on our wrists, and I was sniffing mine when she started to shake her head. Sorry, I know I sound like the biggest snob alive when it comes to this issue, but the two things truly are not alike! On Surrender to Chance , someone wrote the following comment:.

I wore this yummy fragrance over 20 years ago and am assuming they changed the formula…. Reminiscence Patchouli is perfectly fine, but I found myself strangely apathetic about it. I think the perfume is simply too mentholated at one stage for my personal tastes, too bitter, and with too much smoky vetiver. I need a counterbalance to all that dry woodiness, and much more sweetness to dilute the medicinal tone. Later, when the sweetness does arrive, and the camphor retreats, the fragrance is simply too wispy in feel.

Sometimes, the original benchmark classic cannot be improved upon, as vintage Opium demonstrates full well. Occasionally, however, modern successors take the blueprint set by the pioneers, and make it much better. Take the issue of longevity and sillage. I seem to be in the minority, as you can see, especially with regard to the issue of density and longevity. I do think that, if you want a perfectly serviceable, hardcore, dark and dirty patchouli fragrance, Reminiscence probably cannot be beaten for the price.

In , Reminiscence came out with an eau de parfum of its trademark scent which it calls, alternatively, Elixir Patchouli , Elixir de Patchouli , or Inoubliable Elixir Patchouli. With an average dose 2 small sprays , the Elixir opens on my skin with patchouli that is sweeter, warmer and much less bitter.

There is noticeable vanilla up top, as well as labdanum amber. The fragrance has much more of a caramel smell at first, than dark chocolate, though that arrives later. As a whole, the Elixir feels richer, smoother, less dry, less sharp, and less woody. Cypress swamp. Photo: Don Mace Agency.

Source: conservationfund. Ten minutes in, the Elixir changes. First, there is a subtle undertone of wet tobacco, the sort of tobacco that some Americans chew. Then, the fragrance takes on a strange tinge that I can only describe as marshy — like murky, slightly fetid pond water.

It reminds me a bit of the stagnant green water left in a vase of flowers after a week. Thankfully, the accord lurks under the top layer, lasts only about 40 minutes, and is not a dominant aspect of the Elixir with a small amount. Thirty minutes in, the Elixir is a wet, musky, earthy patchouli scent with sweetness, chewed tobacco, smoky vetiver, dry cedar, and hints of caramel labdanum. The medicinal, mentholated note rises to the surface, as does the bitter chocolate.

The fragrance follows much of the same olfactory path as the Patchouli eau de toilette, right down to the drop in sillage at the start of the second hour and a lack of opaqueness. The two fragrances only diverge in path at the start of the fifth hour when the fragrance turns into a labdanum amber front and center, with vanilla and patchouli-milk chocolate tonalities lurking down below. In its final moments, the Elixir is merely a blur of amber with patchouli and a hint of dry woodiness, fading away around the middle of the 8th hour.

With the same quantity, the Eau de Toilette version had ended an hour soon, around the 7. With a much bigger quantity 4 big sprays , the Elixir opens as a lovely boozy cognac. The amber note is particularly nice as it feels like ambergris with its musky, wet richness.

Then, the marshy undertone returns, along with that weird funk to the vetiver. The wet pond was back, but it was initially fleeting amidst all the cognac booziness. The stale, chewed tobacco undertone is back as well. The two notes are infused with peppermint chocolate, and the whole combination feels like a very difficult, very wet take on patchouli. Yet, for all that strange tinge in the base, the Elixir is also a sweet, spicy, slightly smoky scent full of real patchouli richness.

The mint notes are milder, the subsequent mentholated tonality is tamer and much less camphorous, and the whole thing is much smoother. Ninety minutes in, the fetid vetiver pond fades away, and Elixir is a creamy chocolate-peppermint patchouli with vanilla. Slowly, the labdanum amber starts to take over.

By the middle of the third hour, the Elixir is labdanum, patchouli, and vanilla, with soft flickers of cedar. Once in a blue moon, that oddly rancid, woody element pops back up, along with a touch of sour muskiness, the old marshiness, and a hint of something medicinal. Generally, however, the Elixir is an amber-patchouli scent with dry woody elements and vanillic sweetness.

The fragrance turns softer, milder, and much sheerer as time goes by. At the end of the 6th hour, it becomes a wispy blur of labdanum amber with patchouli, followed by small traces of an indistinct woody dryness and just a whisper of vanilla. The Elixir remains that way until the very end, I liked the amber and cognac parts of the Elixir quite a bit, but there were elements that were off-putting for very different reasons than the original Reminiscence Patchouli.

Both the strength and duration of the note varied, depending on the quantity applied, but it was always there to some degree or another. That said, the Elixir has much better sillage than the regular Reminiscence patchouli which was pretty abysmal on my skin after the first hour unless a huge amount was used. With regard to longevity, the regular Reminiscence Patchouli may actually beat out the Elixir if a significant quantity is used. There were two instances where the regular Patchouli was still noticeable in parts after the 11th hour with 4 doses, while the Elixir seemed to have faded away almost entirely after the 9th hour, except for one small spot on my skin.

It might simply be a misperception due to the soft sillage. I clearly have very odd skin. On Fragrantica , people love the Elixir, just as they did its predecessor. The comments are almost all raves, with one poster providing her thoughts on how it compares to the eau de toilette version:.

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