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Dss client

dss client

Or you can install client on other PC to configure or operate. PC Configuration Requirements. Please refer to Table for PC config of client. It is CMS software developed and rendered by the Dahua Technology company to help the user client to connect and operate their CCTV. DSS clients are now able to report changes and upload supporting verifications/documents through their MyAccount (online client benefits account)! This is. CALVIN KLEIN ETERNITY EAU DE PARFUM I have used best with JavaScript. Franz allows you latest Insider stories known as specific. The host site, should allow this privacy policy I.

Date must be greater than or equal to Error 5: The session cannot be changed as it is outside of the data entry reporting period. Meaning: This error is due to attempting to update a session that is outside of the reporting period. Resolution: If the record must be updated, an extension for DSS is required. If not, mark the record as Not for Submission. Then, subsequent sessions were added with that same outlet on the Service File.

Next, update the DSS Session information so that it gets resubmitted. The subsequent DSS Sessions in that service file for the same outlet will try to submit through on that same case which may not exist in DEX. Then update the DSS Session info so that it gets resubmitted. Resolution : Reach out to the DEX helpdesk to ensure your account is not locked and your credentials are up to date.

All Collections. How to Configure Penelope. This notably allows aborting this future. DSSNotebook or list of dict. A dataikuapi. DSSProjectFolder to interact with this project folder. DSSProject to interact with this project. Get a handle to the current default project, if available i. Must be globally unique. The exact possible settings are not documented. DSSProject project handle to interact with this project.

DSSApp to interact with this project. A DSSFuture representing the install process. Internally, the query is run by DSS. The database to run the query on is specified either by passing a connection name, or by passing a database name, or by passing a dataset full name whose connection is then used to retrieve the database. DSSUser user handle.

DSSGroup group handle. DSSConnection connection handle. DSSCodeEnv code env handle. DSSCluster cluster handle. DSSMeaning meaning handle. Defaults to False. It is not possible to update a single variable, you must set all of them at once. DSSGeneralSettings handle. Create a project from a bundle archive. Warning: this method can only be used on an automation node.

DSSProjectFolder — the project folder in which the project will be created or None for root project folder. Create a project from a bundle archive as a file object Warning: this method can only be used on an automation node. You need to close the stream after download.

Failure to do so will result in the DSSClient becoming unusable. Returns various information about the user currently authenticated using this instance of the API client. Creates a personal API key corresponding to the user doing the request. The following settings are available:.

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dss client


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DSS PRO V8.0.4: DSS client Installation

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