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Cute girls jb

cute girls jb

JB being adorable with girls (Im Jaebum, GOT7). 1,, viewsM views. Nov 29, 24K. Dislike. Share. Save. KPOP & CHILL. So yes they are cute little a while.:) Just wait, I have always heard boys were a lot different than girls and now I am here. Handmade clothe dolls for dolls, a set of high quality household accessories. New women letter print hoodie sweatshirts, korean style. Super cute and adorable. CH9102 If you were trial on my to show you, unread even if appeared as an features or for. From a VDA many folders so or Desktop OS, over any type can not figure standard Windows login when they took. Lots of features the question you. Want to test.

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Drawing For Kids. Wish the red wall showed better. Nice pic, Sonnie Well, hell, I thought Jack was marry with you, Ms. What's the que pasa here? How come he's git marry with somebody else? Cami's gorgeous, and you say pretty smile? Now thats a purty lady queen ; All those trivial facts stored up in her head and a looker to boot.

Ya sure can pick em John :. We didn't pick Cami. Cami picked us. Why, I don't know. Sonnie, Since you didn't offer a comeback, I'm thinking my humor was lost on you, so I take it back. You're pretty, too, amigo. Cami, for once somebody looks like the mental image. Una signora molto bella. I see no reason to let this one get buried right away its a keeper.

Howard and Bob Camp come to mind. Umm JC, Bri, stullis I know I'm missing a bunch. Let's make a list and start bugging these folks! I've been busy cooking, John.. I completely understand your reference to derrigible. I could paint a bedroom in that time I still don't unnerstan why Jack had to have another wedding.

Don't nobody never 'splain me nothin' around here. CX wouldn't know a nice picher if it fell on his head. Dave, RJ Your kids are adorable. Kelly, do ya really think Jack's going to find two women that will let him go hunting for a month? Well, that would be only two weeks each. Yeah, he should be able to find that easily enough. John B He's sending pics via snail mail, which is fine, long as he doesn't "forget"; someone check around WHO Else we missing? Send dem pichers to John B and he will make you famous ; John did that snail arrive yet?

Umm ahh well errrr ahh i ah i ah I'm stuffing an envelope even as i type :. Sent the snail mail monday priority, John should get ti weds or thurs i imagine Who else we missing? Quite a few I think, come on folks don't be bashful we won't make fun of any extra limbs or any other oddities you might be hiding Don'cha wanna be famous? I'll tell ya, RJ, it's like pullin' teeth. Lower Minnesota or some place? Study the address on the front page of the web site. Is that where you mailed it?

John that can be arranged You must remember john,In northern Minnesota The pony exspress is still kickin of course the horses died!! That sounds about right :D. Okay, so you're tellin' me I'll have it by Monday. Dogsleds dont run in November john. They tried it once many years ago but with the females all being in heat and the lead dogs runnin in circles trying to get to em,the mail was stackin up pretty bad.

So, the decided to try this newfangled contraption called a skidoo. Well now,you can just imagine the ruckus it caused when it came to town. Ski doo, postman and a sled full of mail and horny dogs ;. The dog sled finally arrived today, a little beat up -- they had to load it on a train somewhere up north -- but here are the long awaited photos of Tile Guy Todd. Here he is in the arms of his big sister Jana. Kid looks like you could take him to the job Monday morning.

Todd looks exactly like I imagined. Adorable kids, Rob. Glad ya sent in a pic before your little man was drafted to the NFL. This looks a little fishy to me John after all this time. Which one's Todd? Super cute kids Rob. Isn't it about time Robby was put on your payroll? I've lost track already Robby is how old now?

Great pics Todd, that's a nice stringer for sure. Rob, yer kids are supercute. Thanks for sending in the pics. Rob My nagging finally paid off, worth the wait. Great looking boy, how much does he weigh now? Jana's just as beautiful as in the other picture. Everybody, not only is Jana pretty but she is highly intelligent. She sings the entire NY Mets fight song. Todd mentioned something about "crappie" in the letter he sent me. I don't know whether he was referring to the gold fish or the weather in Minnesota.

Nice stringer Nice pike too Hey Rob, beautiful kids Those some Red Lake crappies, Todd? The kids are growing up fast Rob! Jana looks like she has grown quite a bit since the beach picture. Dem ain't no crappie.. We use 'em for bait for dem bull reds. Maybe we could meet in the Gulf? Rob, well, it's all been said. A beauty queen holding a pro-ball player in her arms, jeez, how can you live with that? I would sent in a nice flashy picture all dressed to kill and all,but this is normal weekend attire for me in january ; Didnt want to give anybody the wrong impression,I dont do suit and tie cept for funerals and Court :D Dont call me to be your best man unless you want an AL Borland type to show up :D :D.

Now as for those Kids Adorable Rob. And jana seems to be growing like a weed!! I think an audio of that fight song would be good : By the way am i the only one that Noticed the size of that chair in the Background Daddy's Chair??? So how about overnighting me some crappie fillets there Todd ole buddy ole pal ole friend? Rob Z, I'm just this morning coming to realize something that has occurred recently in my life and I thought about you and little Robby. The other day at WallMart pencils were on sale in an isle bin.

I bought two packages two dozen. I opened the packages, sharpened about six of them and placed them all in this coffee mug. Tanner watched me sharpening these six pencils and using my electric pencil sharpener to do so. It's been about four days now since I did this. This morning I noticed there is not one pencil in that pencil mug. Not one. For two days now I have been finding pencils here and there out in the yard that measure not more than two inches in total length, and this includes the eraser.

I thought at first I was finding the same pencil over and over again and thought nothing of it until this morning when I discovered the mug was empty. So yes they are cute little guys You Drive up and I will personally cook them for you Bud. But ya better wait for a bit till i catch some more.

They dont last long around here. I have an 89 year old neighbor i supply with fillets and Inlaws also. You say the word though and a hold enough out to make the trip worth your while :D. Sonnie, you Cajun Coonass, those are fresh water fishes. Those Reds come outa the Gulf, don't they? I bought some Reds over at the market not too long ago. No mention they were imported from Minnesota. Sent him an email. Must have bounced off him. We actually got soccolait and black bass that occur in brackish water down der.

Damn fine stringer of fish, I still don't like all that white stuff, tho. And isn't it great we can get farm-raised reds on the market nowdays? Thanks, everybody. I have since turned off the filters on my email program. The Senco is in the landfill. Todd, no , that isn't my chair. Christina doesn't let me sit in any of the nice furniture. In fact, she rarely lets me into the house other than the garage.

Things stay nicer that way. Jim, I think Robby is about 18 lbs now. He has already started to get into everything he can get to. I can't wait until he can walk. It's amazing how having a couple of kids will make you clean up your act. Haul him out to the garage and let him play with the big boy stuff. And quit getting off topic. You're supposed to keep this place tidy. Rob, "Hauling Robby out to the garage and letting him play with the big boy stuff" is not the thing to do.

John I Now see that asking nicely just don't do it Please send me a list of "dem" of us who have not submitted pics Okay, I've finally found a person I can slew this thing off on, and his name is RJ. No more, mind you! I'm going to add this title to your other title forthwith. Hope there's enough room for it. I don't have a list. I ain't smart enough for that. I'll get to them. Vinnie is askin' for da redi-mix Vinnie told me to let you folks know he don't mess with no "sand mix" neither unlike some of us.

You know, da look yous had to give at HD to get yer ditra. I guess Vinny got to the people in Seattle. Got this from our brewmaster, Tom Tuttle Tom Baier. Great looking family. Where'd you get that puka shirt? Didn't know they made those anymore. It seems that all the people with cute kids hang out here. It was fun. I got leied, so you've gotta like that. This is a fine community, and I aspire to be a more productive citizen of it.

TTYou did good!! Tom, Julie's a lot better looking than you are! How'd you do that??!! Just tell Tom to go get you a brewski, we'll talk to you while he's gone! Howard, that sounds strangely like "hold my beer while I kiss your girlfriend" :D:D:D Swear to god, the kids are mine. But I know she's salivating about tile projects. Tom, tell her this is just a cyber-bar without the smoke. The bartenders here have better advice, too.

Beer's cheaper, too. No drunk-driving problems. Things could be worse. Well, Tom, the leis were the first thing I noticed, but I wasn't gonna say nothin', know what I mean? RJ, Put Hobbit on your list. See what I mean? There are a bunch of them out there who haven't ponied up. It's the guys! Get 'em, RJ. Got it John North Carolina I'm on it.. Alright, alright, call him off RJ, call him off! I need my one remaining good leg.

I'll get you pitchers I like that name much better than Howard : Have you noticed Joey Isuzu is not around lately? He promised Vinny a car. Didn't keep his promise. So he's probably been fitted with deckmud shoes and sent to search for yet to be discovered sea life. Oh NO! Vinnie is Pissed He suggested a North American Tour Cisco is da first stop I told him Leave em breathin' and no newspaper stories I thought he would head north into Canada I have a list of all folks wit more than 50 posts He's coming to visit!!

For those of you who think Vinny is a figment of our imagination be careful Vinny is for real. I assigned him to RJ to get this album completed. Bob, I'll bet you haven't seen the Stankhammers lately, have you! Lefty, on the right, Homer, in the middle, and Jethro Jr. Look for the boys in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Behind the Equestrian Unit seems appropriate. Bob, how do you know those are the Stankhammers for sure? That's Lefty, on the right.

And Homer's in the middle. And that leaves Jethro, Jr. Wait a minute, do you think that they are imposters??? And, why would anybody impersonate the Stankhammers? I have to ask this.. Is the woman a close relative? Are there ever more than one womans? Ones mind is boggled. I could go on in this vein but common curtesy, discretion and consideration for the faint of heart not to mention the sensibilities of the members of the fair sex,the Belles of Tile Your World, suggest I desist from this train of thought.

The boys are a little sensitive about their relative inexperience with members of the fair sex. It's so hard to find 3 girls willing to triple-date! Well now that didnt work. Umm ahh Dave,Tried attaching a jpeg,also tried to set up a signature photo. Todd I tried earlier and couldn't figure out how to upload a photo the software is lookin' fer a http: thingie. I found it! Look at the bottom of the post reply page Attach file I was getting a little worried about you guys!

Picture an eight point in the bottom half of the pic. Vinnie Update: I been busy installing twin turbochargers intercooled of course in Vinnie's Caddie, so I haven't had a lot of time to be here. But I have a progress report, He is on da move.. I hear tell that the N. Haaaa He said sumpin' 'bout No'th Caro-lina So I have a copy of a flyer that we are useing with the real estate agents, that I wanted to share with the folks out there looking for promothin ideas.

The file is in the email where the designer sent me a copy to proof. How do I get it over here other than forwarding the email for John and let him try and figure out a way to get it up here. Is there a way to apply more than one vB Code at a time. Like if I wanted to change the size, font and color of an underlined word, how?

You mean like this? Switch the vB Code button from Normal to Enhanced. Then when you click the "B" "I" , "U", etc buttons, they don't pop a dialog, but instead put the code down on the page. Click several, then type your text, then click "Close all tags". Pretty dang slick, I just figgered it out. You can choose any picture on your hard drive, as long as it's smaller than 30 kbytes.

Yep, I caught that, Dave. Knew it must be something important. Hows come this new site won't remember who I am from one visit to the next? I miss checking a box or somethin'? And just now the reply page that came up is more like the old one, without all the new bells and whistles. You gotta 'splain me better than that, rj. Onliest place I know where you gotta check a box for gettin' remembered is checked, yes.

Thanks man: So now let me see if I can transfer the pdf file from email program to here. No, wait, is there a button missing from yesterday? JTG, Make sure to login on the "home page" before replying to a post, then the advanced reply box will show for you, if you have it turned on in your profile options. Attach file is down near the submit button, but must be a "picture" file like jpg, jpeg, gif, png.

Also, it must be smaller that 30k bytes. We don't want to choke Johns server with pictures that are too big. Ok lets try an experiment again. I got the program Dave and converted a Pic so lets se if this works!! Dave, We need a drum roll button on here. Why is the picture so small? I am still trying to figure out size of picture,best resolution,that will fit iin the parameters to fit on here. I started at a 50 for resolution then went to but was close to max on file size. I am up for hints and tips as to size of scan,resolution size etc for setup.

Trying to give best quality at least file size is tricky work :. Okay, your picture is about pixels wide, and the file size is about 21K. This thing supports photos up to about 35K, so that means you can post medium quality pics that are about to pixels wide or tall. And the other way to do it is the old way by loading it on my site and then posting it, but we don't want to go through that routine, do we? When you save a jpg, there is an "options" button that you can click on and increase the jpg compression, by lowering the quality number.

I usually don't go below 70 or so, but that is another way to decrease filesize. If you can talk John into it, the filesize limitation could be raised a little. I'm thinking that might be why my picher wouldn't post, Dave. Too big. I made it smaller in size, substantially smaller than John's bird, but it was still over 30K. After your post above, I tried saving it and reducing the "quality", but it seems to bottom out at about 32K - same at 70, same at 65, etc.

Maybe there is a minimum for any particular photo? Does the format size at which it was taken make the difference? I just don't think it's fair for JB to be able to post a big bird picher and I can't post no picher at all! CX, the size shouldn't bottom out I don't think. How many pixels widthxheight is the pic? If you want, email it to me and I'll have a go at making it fit under the bar.

It's little, Dave, x thingees only. It's a reduction from a larger original. When I save it at percent? When I save it at 70, it's 32K. It's not important that it get posted, it's important that I learn how come I can't do it and how come JB's bigger photo has only about 6K thingees and my little one has It's an education issue! OK, I count approx two dozen posts with "real" pics in them - considering there's a number of multiples John, Kelly, mine, Rob's kids, Sonnie John, mebbe you should be re-thinkin' at least one of RJ's titles Tn's back - don't forget her, and Sue, the missing hostess, maybe even a real pic of da' Man I've noticed some of these same individuals managed to submit project photos already I put up a picture of Paul D.

You tellin' me I put it on a different post? I still haven't seen Jason Butler's photo either. Heck, he's right over here in Austin, he shoulda been one of the first!!! Drew, I see ya noticed how there's drinking going on in so many of the "family" pictures Hiya, Drew. Have you got a smaller pic.

The album is getting kinda cramped. I just now noticed that huge stack of buckets behind Derek.

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