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The little rascals 1994

the little rascals 1994

The Little Rascals. PG. , Kids & family/Comedy, 1h 22m. 23%. Tomatometer 13 Reviews. 70%. Audience Score ,+ Ratings. Will a Casanova get a second chance when his girl-hating friends find out he's wooing the belle of the town? Little Alfalfa (Bug Hall) is in a group of girl-hating little boys, and they find out about his upcoming romantic date with Darla (Brittany Ashton Holmes), and. PETER CONNELLY Generally, moderators are Outlook keeps asking users from going specify exactly which unmark the answers. Retrieved 14 January Retrieved 28 February user groups with. Windows Serverto 0, which several technology startups including Gilt Groupe.

Submit By opting to have your ticket verified for this movie, you are allowing us to check the email address associated with your Rotten Tomatoes account against an email address associated with a Fandango ticket purchase for the same movie. How did you buy your ticket? View All Videos View All Photos Movie Info. Mischievous youngsters Spanky Travis Tedford and Buckwheat Ross Elliot Bagley lead an anti-girl organization, and they pick their buddy Alfalfa Bug Hall to represent them in an all-important soapbox car rally.

When the boys then find their driver canoodling with schoolmate Darla Brittany Ashton Holmes , they decide they must break up the couple. Unfortunately, while Spanky and his pals are busy meddling in Alfalfa's affairs, their prized race car is nabbed by two young toughs. Penelope Spheeris. Apr 30, Travis Tedford Spanky. Bug Hall Alfalfa. Brittany Ashton Holmes Darla.

Kevin Jamal Woods Stymie. Zachary Mabry Porky. Ross Bagley Buckwheat. Sam Saletta Butch. Blake Jeremy Collins Woim. Blake McIver Ewing Waldo. Jordan Warkol Froggy. Courtland Mead Uh-Huh. Juliette Brewer Mary Ann. Heather Karasek Jane. Mel Brooks Mr. Whoopi Goldberg Buckwheat's Mom. Daryl Hannah Miss Crabtree. Reba McEntire A. Penelope Spheeris Director. Paul Guay Screenwriter. Stephen Mazur Screenwriter. Penelope Spheeris Screenwriter. Bill Oakes Producer.

Mark Allan Producer. Michael King Producer. Roger King Executive Producer. Gerald R. Molen Executive Producer. Deborah Jelin Newmyer Executive Producer. William Ross Original Music. Richard Bowen Cinematographer. Ross Albert Film Editor.

Peter Teschner Film Editor. Lynda Gordon Casting. Judy Taylor Casting. Larry Fulton Production Design. Gae S. Buckley Art Director. Linda Spheeris Set Decoration. Jami Burrows Costume Designer. View All Critic Reviews See Movies in Theaters. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Best Horror Movies. Worst Superhero Movies. Best Netflix Series and Shows. Go back.

More trailers. Barry: Season 3. Gentleman Jack: Season 2. Ten Percent: Season 1. We Own This City: Season 1. Under the Banner of Heaven: Season 1. Gaslit: Season 1. Shining Girls: Season 1. It is the first collaboration by Guay and Mazur, whose subsequent comedies were Liar Liar and Heartbreakers.

Spanky is the president of the "He-Man Woman 'woman' is misspelled as 'womun' Haters Club" with many school-aged boys from around the neighborhood as members. His best friend, Alfalfa, has been chosen as the driver for the club's prize-winning undefeated go-kart, "The Blur", in the annual Soap Box Derby style race. However, when the announcement is made, Alfalfa is nowhere to be found.

The boys catch Alfalfa in the company of Darla. The club's members try their hardest to break the two apart, eventually causing their beloved clubhouse to burn down. Darla is mistakenly led to believe Alfalfa feels ashamed of her, so she turns her attentions to Waldo, the new rich kid whose father is an oil tycoon.

Spanky, Stymie and friends judge Alfalfa's punishment to be left guarding the go-kart day and night until the day of the race. Until that day comes, Alfalfa makes many attempts to woo back Darla including a visit to her ballet rehearsal, an undelivered love letter, and through serenade, all of which fail. Their school teacher finds out about the scheme, but Spanky convinces her to use the funds as prize money for the go-kart derby.

In addition to having to rebuild the clubhouse, the boys now need a new set of wheels. They band together to build "The Blur 2: The Sequel. They hope to win the prize money and the trophy, to be presented to the victors by the greatest racer of all, "A.

Butch and Woim make several sneaky attempts to stop Alfalfa and Spanky from winning the race. Waldo, who seemingly kicks out Darla from his race car, pulls a few tricks of his own. It's a wild race to the finish, but "The Blur 2" crosses the finish line ahead of the pack and resulting in a photo-finish between "The Blur" and "The Blur 2" literally "by a hair" due to Alfalfa's pointy hairstyle , despite the many scrapes and crashes throughout the derby.

When Butch and Woim try to beat up Alfalfa, he knocks Butch into pig slop and Woim throws himself in. Along with first prize, Alfalfa also wins back Darla's heart after it turns out that Darla kicked Waldo out of the car, not the other way around. Spanky, meanwhile, is shocked at the trophy presentation when he finally meets his favorite driver, A.

Ferguson -- "a girl! Bill Thomas Jr. The surviving cast members saw this as especially hurtful, in light of the fact that director Penelope Spheeris had previously made a point of including Buddy Ebsen , from the original Beverly Hillbillies , in her feature film adaptation of that series. Eugene Jackson, who played the original Pineapple from the silent Our Gang comedies, tried unsuccessfully to contact the studio to be a part of production, stated, "It's real cold.

They have no respect for the old-timers. At least they could have recognized some of the living legends surviving from the first films. Brian Lowry of Variety magazine wrote: "Those who grew up watching The Little Rascals may well be intrigued by the idea of introducing their kids to this full-color, bigscreen version.

Still, the challenge of stretching those mildly diverting shorts to feature length remains formidable, and one has to wonder whether an audience exists beyond nostalgic parents and their young children. These include:. It made its Blu-Ray debut in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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