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Adventure time refurbished

adventure time refurbished

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I use these belts as a conduit. The more you stretch the stronger I grow. I've done it hundreds of times, to hundreds of sons. He continues this sick trickery for many generations, exploiting and then outliving each child in succession. One of his future sons will be Jake the Dog. The asteroids appear to be part of Earth's solar system because Princess Bubblegum can see them through a telescope and reach them using a conventional rocket from Earth.

A dimension called the Crystal Dimension is mainly inhabited by two species: the Korean-speaking magical rainbow-unicorn creatures known as "rainicorns", and a race of intelligent talking dogs. For unknown reasons, the two species become each other's enemies, eventually leading to the outbreak of the millennia-long Rainicorn-Dog Wars. Not much is known about how the wars play out, nor who wins, although it seems to involve one or both sides engaging in aerial flying saucer combat.

This extremely long time scale could be an exaggeration on Jake's part. The wars might only have gone on for a few years or even less. The dogs are seen to battle using ray guns, while the rainicorns attack using energy blasts from their horns. All of rainicorn history is documented in a huge book called the Rainicornicopia. The penguin form of Orgalorg appears in some hieroglyphic artwork from the time of the Ancient Egyptians, implying that he joined their society.

The Egyptians construct the pyramids. As humans continue to develop and thrive, the elasticity of the Earth Dimension settles into a more rigid pattern, bringing about the end of magic. For now. After magic fades from the world, they are banished by early humans, and live in subterranean lairs for the next few thousand years, eventually coming to call themselves "The Underground".

During the height of the Roman Empire, the penguin form of Orgalorg is a gladiator and a chariot racer in Ancient Rome, and is depicted in some pottery from the time. When one of the Heroes' swords was unexpectedly stolen by a flying serpent who liked shiny things, the other Hero split his own sword in half, and the two gladiators each fell on one half in defiance of the cruel emperor's order. Throughout the centuries, the Dual Swords have been separated many times by merchants, curio collectors, and thieves, but they always seem to find their way back together.

Heroes' Enchiridion, ch. Thousands of years later, the Dual Swords will end up back together in the arena of the Fight King, who is likely an immortalised version of the evil emperor. During the middle ages, Orgalorg joins some kind of hooded organisation: possibly a monastery or a secret society. During the renaissance, he appears alongside European nobility. Like the dinosaur Gunther, the original Santa's consciousness becomes stored in the circuitry of the crown.

He briefly gains the powers of the Ice Elemental, which could be the cause of Santa Claus' later association with snow and ice. It is unknown whether he is able to overcome the crown or if he succumbs to it until it finds its next host. Likewise, the consciousness of an Icelandic boy named Sveinn becomes stored in the crown's circuitry after wearing it just once. The fact that he wore it so briefly suggests either that he is able to overcome its influence or that he dies not long after wearing it.

The crown remains in Northern Europe, and by around 20 BMB it has come into the possession of an unidentified Scandinavian dockworker. Despite taking a fatal gunshot to the head, Abraham Lincoln manages to make some kind of deal with Death, bribing him with a penny. Instead of being killed, he becomes immortal and travels back to ancient times, where he becomes the deific King of Mars and rules the Martian colony.

Sometime around the dawn of the twentieth century, the penguin form of Orgalorg opens a drinks manufacturing company called "Gunto's" and becomes fairly wealthy thanks to its success. He owns a car closely resembling a Ford Model T and probably lives in Britain.

It seems unlikely that an immortal penguin god would be able to adapt and blend in so well with modern society, but somehow Orgalorg manages to do so without raising too many eyebrows. It is unknown whether or not Orgalorg has any involvement in the Second World War, but at some point he becomes a movie director.

By the seventies, he has moved to the United States where he joins the counter-cultural movement. Despite his comfortable integration into human society, Orgalorg somehow realises that he is something more than just an immortal penguin. Since it was the gravity of the planet Earth which compressed him into his current weak form, he recognises that he must attempt to escape into space so that he can take his true form.

Meanwhile, a man named Davey Johnson works a desk job at a space agency. He is apparently a reincarnation of the Blue Catalyst Comet's Agent of Change, but the Blue Catalyst Comet probably hasn't struck by this point, so this might be false. He is offered the chance to go to space but declines, and thanks to this decision he spots Orgalorg trying to steal the rocket and has him apprehended. It's possible that humanity was on the brink of making contact with Mars at this time.

In the Earth Dimension, magic has mostly died out by modern times, with the great heroes and wizards of old becoming nothing but myths and legends. However, there still seems to be a vague awareness of the existence of magic and it is suggested that a significant number of humans still believe it is real.

Another human named Betty Grof is born around the same time. Simon and Betty both become post-graduate antiquarians studying ancient artifacts and their relation to magic at the University of Petrograd in Russia. They meet each other just before Betty was due to leave on a six month trip to study petroglyphs in the Australian Outback. She cancels the trip and becomes infatuated with Simon and his work. I met Simon the next day and he was just so I put everything on hold to help him search for the Enchiridion.

It was the funniest, smartest note I've ever read. According to another account, Simon and Betty's first date was a trip to a skating rink. This book contains numerous rituals taken from ancient records, from before the disappearance of magic. These rituals include instructions for entering the Nightosphere and instructions for opening a portal through time, although they cannot be performed in the present day and Simon remains sceptical that they were ever real.

Simon's research into the arcane also leads him to discover the existence of GOLB, but he is hospitalised after Betty tries to throw him a jar of cherries and he doesn't get any further research done on the subject. His presence is felt in every crevice where chaos lurks.

Imagine if we could somehow harness all that dank energy. Following that, Simon discovers two major artifacts on his expeditions which challenge his previously sceptical outlook on magic. The first is Evergreen's crown, which he purchases from the old dockworker in Northern Scandinavia. The second artifact is a copy of the Enchiridion, which he discovers with help from Betty. Laboratory analysis of the paper and ink indicates some of the pages in the second half of the book pre-date recorded history and are composed of plant DNA unknown on Earth.

After returning home from these expeditions, he presents his findings at the Museum of History, but the discoveries receive little recognition. A journalist named Bruce Guese writes a demeaning newspaper article about Simon.

Simon returns to Betty and shows her the crown. Not knowing its true power, he places it on his head as a joke. Suddenly, his head is filled with "secrets of the ice and snow" as the crown continues to fulfil Gunther's wish from all those millions of years ago, to be like his cruel master Evergreen.

Simon becomes a host of the crown, and his transformation into a mad ice wizard begins. He chases the terrified Betty through the streets, shouting for his "princess" and firing icy blasts from his hands. While Betty is hiding around a corner, a portal suddenly appears beside her and a version of Simon from a thousand years in the future speaks to her through it.

Simon tells her that she disappeared after he wore the crown, and, realising why, she jumps through the portal and joins him in the future. Following Betty's mysterious disappearance, the present day Simon begins to lose his sanity as he slowly succumbs to the crown. He records tapes documenting his physical and mental transformation. I fought with them. Shouted at them until I realised it wasn't real, it was the crown Since then, I see the visions always, whether or not I wear the crown. They tell me the secrets - the secrets of the ice and snow - that the power of the crown will save me with its frost.

I don't yet know what this means. As you can see, my skin is beginning to turn blue. I don't know when it will end. I'm really scared. However, in the episode Betty it is shown that Betty escaped to the future while Simon was still wearing the crown. It's possible he wore the crown once and then for some reason put it on a second time before Betty left.

Like with its other hosts, the crown stores a copy of Simon's consciousness in its circuitry. Her father is none other than Hunson Abadeer, the demonic ruler of the Nightosphere, and her mother is a human named Elise. It is not known how this unlikely relationship arose.

Marceline is raised by her mother on Earth. Marceline retains very little memory of the first five years of her life. She and her mother live in a mobile home, and at some point they go on a trip to the beach. Marceline keeps photographs from this trip on a USB drive, but the drive gets corrupted and over time she forgets what was on it.

It is not clear exactly how involved Hunson is in his daughter's childhood. In her scrapbook, Marceline says that she didn't know anything about him until they met later in her life, but pictures of her as a child can be seen in his castle in the Nightosphere, suggesting her parents maintain some form of contact. Elise tells Marceline they ran away from Hunson because he was scary, while Hunson claims he had to leave for business in the Nightosphere.

You have no idea how hard it was to let you go. Times were tough - even you know that. Your world was ending, and my world devolves into lawlessness when I'm not there. This is false. One of the few things that Marceline does remember from her early childhood is the theme song for a soda company called "Super Porp", who produce a fizzy grape drink. They produce a wide range of robots for various purposes. As Moe ages, he begins to replace parts of himself with cybernetics to extend his life, becoming a cyborg.

Another roboticist named Hugo is a contemporary of Moe. His robots have been described as "janky off-brand cousins" of MO Co models. She and the other Elementals of the modern generation discover their powers and eventually find one another, although their powers are very weak due to the rigidity of the Earth Dimension at this time.

She briefly meets Finn and Jake on the streets of a city while they are travelling through time after escaping the Vanishing Point, and rants to them about her plan. The purity of the elements! I can smell the magic humming off you two, but in this era there's hardly a whisper of the stuff!

I need to get myself to some other time, where the magic has more juice! More grit! The Elementals meet up every once in a while for coffee. Despite the weakness of their magic, they begin to see visions of an impending cataclysm. Like Evergreen millions of years before her, Patience St Pim seeks a way to survive it, but the other Elementals disagree. Ignoring their objections, she freezes herself underwater and waits out the approaching disaster. Shortly after this, the rest of the world begins to realise that war is on its way.

At some point, Simon moves to the United States. He mentions that an "international crisis" is developing in some of his notes in the Enchiridion. If this international crisis gets any worse, they might cancel shipping flights to Scandinavia. After a quick escalation, the world erupts into global war. A red star insignia is also seen on an abandoned troop transport.

The Great Mushroom War earns its name from the mushroom clouds produced by the nuclear bombs, which reduce most of human civilisation to ashes. One of the biggest is the "Mushroom Bomb", which is powered by something else besides its nuclear payload. It tears at the fabric of reality and massively increases the Earth Dimension's elasticity, delivering magic back into the world.

It's possible that the whole thing is orchestrated by The Lich, since the bomb releases his spirit and allows him to rise from his dormancy. During the war, some kind of energy weapon rips a huge chunk from the face of the Earth, leaving a crater about the size of the Moon.

According to another account, a programmer named Randall N. Byron, AKA "Kewlboy", survives the war by uploading his consciousness into a video game mod. His mod merges with a virus called the Omega Algorithm, which was developed by the military, and he proliferates through many of Earth's decaying computer systems following the war. He ends up infecting a copy of the video game Super Guts Punch 3.

It would also cause the comet to hit four years after the war, which messes up a lot of dates. Therefore, this date has been disregarded. Something goes wrong with Hugo's rocket ship, but they are rescued by a passing group of greys. To survive in space, Hugo uses "bio-hacking" to merge the DNA of the greys with that of the human escapees, creating a new race of ageless human hybrids: the grey elves.

The process proves fatal to the greys who participate. With the greys' spacecraft failing, the grey elves are rescued for the second time by a service droid from the Drift, the mysterious ancient space station which is home to many different species. Hugo establishes himself as a chief scientist and corporate leader on board the Drift.

Due to the increased elasticity of the Earth Dimension and the reintroduction of magic following the detonation of the Mushroom Bomb, the world begins to change very rapidly. Hybrid creatures and strange mutant animals begin to emerge, and a variety of extra-dimensional creatures begin to flood in through portals.

Rainicorns enter the world and begin a tradition of hunting and eating the surviving humans, who become their main source of food. Rainicorns are able to live off the sparse population thanks to the fact that they are capable of absorbing massive amounts of sustenance from a small amount of meat. A group of vampires known as the Vampire Court comes out of hiding and also begins hunting humans.

The court consists of five powerful vampires: the Fool, the Empress, the Moon, the Hierophant, and the King. Many survivors are turned into mindless vampire minions who serve the higher members of the court. On top of all this, many humans become mutated by a mixture of radiation and magic, creating a race of mindless zombies which will later become known as oozers.

Some zombified businessmen become preserved in an iceberg. Remarkably, some companies continue to operate following the end of the world. The Super Porp soda company has fully automated staff recruitment and customer delivery systems, so production and commerce continues as before, with various non-humans taking the place of the dead human employees.

MO Co also persists into the post-apocalyptic world thanks to automation and the survival of its owner, although the factory floor is eventually shut down. A company that produces a weekly magazine named "Ble" may have originated from before the war. Production mysteriously ceases some time before AMB, leaving the employees' skeletons to gather dust at their desks.

A Pudding Troll is hired in about AMB to guard the offices, even though there is nothing left to protect. Some of the movies, books, television shows, and music from before the Great Mushroom War will manage to survive into the post-apocalyptic world. During or shortly after the end of the Great Mushroom War, the Blue Catalyst Comet strikes the Earth and leaves behind its Agent of Change, which initially takes the form of a butterfly.

The butterfly will eventually be reincarnated as Finn the Human. And I crashed on Earth and became a butterfly or some biz. And I guess it was just some random absurd thing. Just a joke I've been playing out for centuries.

Also, Finn says "centuries" in the above quote, perhaps implying that it has been less than a millennium since his Comet's arrival. Personally, I believe the war took place sometime between and due to the lunar eclipse seen in the episode Ketchup and Marceline's age at that time. See this Tumblr post on the topic for a more detailed explanation. Adventure Time also began airing in early , which is a neat detail.

There is further evidence to support this time frame. A chart from High Strangeness appears to show world population over time. A massive dip is seen shortly after the year , and the peak is just over six billion people, which was the approximate world population in that decade. The last two digits are obscured by dirt. The businessmen and Patience St Pim both have keypad mobile phones when they are thawed in Business Time and Elemental.

He accuses fans of being over-analytical. Personally, I have no idea what he's talking about. As previously discussed in the introduction, this timeline sets the Mushroom War to take place in CE for the purposes of assigning real life dates. The humans who survived the Mushroom War persist for a while in a post-apocalyptic society, travelling the wasteland and trading meat and fuel. Elise is one such human. She and her daughter Marceline continue living in the mobile home, which has broken down in the middle of the wasteland.

Elise knows about a bunker where they might find other human survivors, so she and Marceline begin to prepare for the journey across the desert to reach it. This is despite the fact Elise is slowly succumbing to a deadly disease, or perhaps radiation sickness.

Elise tries to keep the true gravity of the situation a secret from Marceline, who is only five to seven years old at this time. During an encounter with a mutant wolf, Marceline is forced to use a demonic power she has inherited from her father; the ability to steal souls. She takes the soul of the wolf. Not long after this encounter, Elise begins coughing up blood and realises she can't fight off her sickness much longer, so she tricks Marceline into travelling ahead of her and tells her that she would catch up later.

She records a voice message for Marceline apologising for lying to her, and sends it to the bunker for Marceline to listen to when she arrives. Then finally, she passes away. Marceline manages to reach the bunker on her own, but its only inhabitants are the corpses of its former denizens. She never receives the message from her mother because the answer machine is too high on the wall for her to reach.

For a long time, she doesn't understand what happened to her mother, and believes that she ran away from her because of the encounter with the wolf. Then she found a scooter and You scare everybody away, Marceline. Just like your dad. She eventually comes to realise it was disease which took her mother away, but the trauma of being abandoned stays with her, and she doesn't end up hearing Elise's message until over a thousand years later.

The mutagenic horrors. The glowing rainstorms. The waves of toxicity in the atmosphere. Those glowing particles that ride the air currents and blow through the ruined cities at night like fireflies. I was going to start writing about it - but, instead, I found a child. While exploring the ruins of a city on the West Coast of what used to be the United States, Simon Petrikov comes across Marceline Abadeer, who is still on her own.

Simon is quite far into his transformation into an Ice Elemental by this point, with blue skin and lengthening white hair. Simon takes Marceline into his care and learns the name of her mysterious father, Hunson Abadeer. He gives Marceline a teddy bear from the smashed display of a nearby toy store, which she names Hambo. It becomes one of her most treasured possessions. Marceline is seven years old at this point and Simon is forty-seven.

However, Obsidian contradicts this slightly since there was no mention of any note when Elise abandoned Marceline. In his diary, Simon describes a sentient mist that corrupts and mutates any survivors who are exposed to it and "hangs low like a London fog"; possibly an early formation of The Lich. He says that the dying survivors do not trust him due to his immunity, which is probably thanks to the crown. He also mentions that the sky lit up again, which could be a reference to the arrival of the Blue Catalyst Comet.

At one point, Marceline is seen clutching Hambo and watching a city burn to the ground. Some survivors set up a refugee camp in an underground mall, and Simon and Marceline visit it from time to time. Simon took me there a few times when he first found me. At some point, some wizards steal the Enchiridion from the Scandinavian Institute of Technology and bring it back to America.

Simon and Marceline begin to settle into their post-apocalyptic lifestyle. Simon becomes a father figure to Marceline in a way that her real father had never been. He gives Marceline a rudimentary education despite the fact that his mental state continues to deteriorate. They both practice kung fu using books they find, as a way to combat anything that might try to harm them. Simon begins writing a journal called Weekly Records in the Wreckage of the World.

One day, the two venture into an abandoned city to try to find "chicken soup" to cure Marceline's fever. They have their first encounter with undead creatures while looting an abandoned store, and Marceline names them "oozers" because of the thick green liquid that oozes from their orifices.

They get pursued and cornered by oozers and Simon is forced to use the crown for self-defence, using his powerful ice magic to defeat them. However, it further transforms him and his descent into madness accelerates. Because of this, Marceline might have false memories making her believe that the medicine was actually chicken soup.

At around the same time, a strange pink substance begins materialising across the ruins. This substance is a collective consciousness called the Mother Gum. It is not known whether the Mother Gum formed on Earth or came from a different dimension, but it begins assisting Simon and Marceline. A part of it seemed alive, seemed to look at me. How could a pink blob help us? How could this lifeless material know I needed help?

Shortly after this, Marceline and Simon move into an abandoned penthouse apartment and see ghosts for the first time; likely victims of the Mushroom War. It's possible that this is when Simon begins to develop his "wizard eyes" which enable him to see into a dimension called the Spirit World. And while wars create a dearth of resources, they also create an excess supply of ghosts.

Thus, ghosts, a rarity in the ancient annals of Third Orb, shall become plentiful. They tell Marceline to look after an object called the Time Amulet for them so she can give it to them in the future and complete the resulting causal loop. I had to protect us from all kinds of marauding creatures and I had to put on the crown a couple dozen times over the past three years and it has taken its toll. After realising that he is not going to be able to look after Marceline for much longer due to his rapidly declining mental health, Simon seeks a way to contact her father, Hunson Abadeer.

He happens to come across a demon from the Nightosphere, who tells him that he was one of the creatures pulled through a portal to Earth following the war, and that his home dimension is the Nightosphere.

Simon realises that this is where Marceline's demon half must originate from. He pledges to find her father before he completely loses his mind. For now I can still be responsible and protect her but when it happens, I'll be ready to do what I have to do. God help me. Simon's condition becomes so bad that he is hardly able to remember and write about the day's events, so Marceline takes over writing Weekly Records in the Wreckage of the World , and renames it to Marcy's Super Secret Scrapbook.

She is ten years old at this point, and Simon is fifty. Even though he stops writing the journal, Simon scribbles many of his thoughts onto any bits of paper he can find. Some of them are notes to Marceline which she won't get to read for a millennium to come. Is it just you and me in the wreckage of the world? That must be so confusing for a little girl.

Shortly after this, an enormous tidal wave hits the city. The detonation of the Mushroom Bomb, the impact of the Catalyst Comet, or the general elasticity of the world could all be responsible. Simon and Marceline slowly and purposefully make their way to higher and higher ground, and for a while Marceline seems to enjoy the relative simplicity of her life. The need to keep moving and stay with Marceline seems to help Simon remain sane for a little while longer.

Simon was acting so crazy, I thought he was making it all up. But he made us climb higher and higher into the mountains. Eventually the water stops rising, and Simon and Marceline arrive in another ruined city. Ever since he first put it on, the crown has been urging Simon to re-establish Evergreen's realm of ice. This urge has begun to endanger Marceline, so he finally decides he must leave her. The rituals it documents, which were useless before the war, are now working magical spells.

One of the rituals can be used to open a portal to the Nightosphere. And so at last, Simon is able to contact Marceline's father: Hunson Abadeer. I completed the ritual! The portal actually opened! A rip between dimensions appeared. I saw Hunson and he saw me, each of us watching the other through a weird rip in the barrier that separates our two worlds. After I completed the binding spell on your dad the portal closed and everything went dark.

God knows what I did. All I know is that I left you on my sled, headed north, where I will establish my kingdom, as in ancient times Gunther! The "binding spell" cast by Simon presumably ensures that Hunson and Marceline will someday meet each other. But Hunson says he is busy "quelling an uprising" in the Nightosphere and that he should tell Marceline to summon him herself later.

Simon records the last of his tapes as a message for the missing Betty, calling her his "princess". He also leaves Marceline with photos of her mother that he somehow procured, and instructions on how to open a portal to the Nightosphere so that she can someday summon her father.

Then finally, after several years together, Simon leaves Marceline on her own, just like Elise did before him. After travelling on her own for a while, Marceline stalks two survivors who turn out to be thylacine werewolves named Remi and Rosella, who are proficient in the arcane arts. She befriends them and they agree to help her summon her father, since they believe he can help them vanquish the tribe of vampires that threatens their pack. Using the instructions left by Simon, the two werewolves successfully open a portal to the Nightosphere.

Hunson arrives on Earth and bursts uninvited into Marceline's makeshift fort. To Marceline's horror, Hunson immediately begins stealing souls. He takes the souls of Remi and Rosella, reducing Marceline's new friends to lifeless husks. Marceline is mortified. But despite this, she knows that this is probably her only opportunity to get to know her father, so she tries her best to put the ordeal behind her and get along with him.

I can't let him know I don't like him. I can't write him off too quickly. Besides, he's the only one with the answers. There is still so much I don't know about myself and where I come from. Their relationship becomes more positive after a day at an abandoned carnival, and Marceline believes she is beginning to understand her father's motives. Hunson decides to give his daughter the Abadeer Axe, calling it a family heirloom.

This axe has some serious juju about it. Good or bad, I didn't really care. It's a gift from my dad, and I will cherish it forever. Funny how your feelings can change so completely. Unfortunately, this friendship between father and daughter doesn't last long. Hunson says he wants to help the remaining werewolves with their vampire problem, so they track down the rest of the pack to a truck stop on Route But instead of assisting the pack, Hunson does something far worse.

In a repeat of his previous actions, he steals the souls of the entire werewolf pack, claiming that he "helped" them since the vampires would have killed them instead. Upset with him, Marceline goes into the truck stop and makes herself some comfort food: a delicious box of fries. But while she has her back turned, Hunson commits one last terrible crime.

He eats the fries. This is the last straw. In a rage, Marceline banishes him back to the Nightosphere, abruptly ending his nine day visit. Marceline, alone once again, sets out to continue searching the wreckage of the world for survivors. Shortly after the fries incident, she writes the Fry Song , a ballad about her father. This is one of the first of many songs she will write over the course of her life.

It's possible that she made this story up to avoid telling the truth. Marceline returns to the abandoned mall where she spent some time with Simon before he left her. All of the survivors who used to inhabit it have either perished or moved away by this time, with the exception of just one creature: a dog, that somehow managed to survive all this time on the food in the mall's pet shop.

Marceline adopts the dog and names it Schwabl. Having spent so much of her life dealing with complicated people like Simon and Hunson, Schwabl is a nice change of pace. It's kinda nice having someone to talk to. I mean At some point, Marceline converts the Abadeer Axe into an electric bass guitar and learns to play it.

She is still able to proficiently wield it as a weapon as well. However, this is false. It is actually Marceline herself who turns it into a bass guitar later on. According to another account, Marceline becomes familiar with human technology during this time and learns how to hack. One day, Marceline meets a talking unicorn called Daniel while sleepwalking. She befriends Daniel and is thrilled to have a new companion. But almost immediately, the unicorn is killed by vampires. Even though the entire encounter could have just been a dream, Marceline pledges to avenge her friend, and decides that she will slay every vampire she can find.

She learns to fight from books in the abandoned mall's library. Meanwhile, the world is beginning to lapse into a new ice age. This is probably caused by a combination of Simon establishing his realm of ice and some kind of magically augmented nuclear winter. He said it might take the form of a very long global winter that could last for several hundred years. Marceline stakes her first vampire, a simple minion who was trying to murder a sheep.

She also stakes a vampire who was threatening a family of human survivors, but the survivors run away before she can talk to them. The discovery that the vampires are hunting human survivors further encourages Marceline to seek them out and slay them. Before long, Marceline is a proficient vampire hunter and tracks down the Fool: a member of the formidable Vampire Court. She manages to force a wooden stake through his heart, destroying him in a puff of glittery smoke.

She realises that this smoke is actually the Fool's soul, and discovers that she can use her soul sucking powers to absorb it. Taking the Fool's soul grants Marceline access to his power of flight; the first of many supernatural abilities that Marceline will inherit from hunting the Court. One day, while trying to catch food, Marceline accidentally lassos a young human girl wearing a bunny hat, who runs away from her.

She stalks her and discovers an entire tribe of survivors, who wear animal hats to protect their necks from vampire bites. They are led by a man named Two Bread Tom. The bunny girl is named Jo. To begin with, the tribe runs away from Marceline because of her sharp demon teeth and her ability to fly, but eventually come to trust her. Marceline has finally found a place where she belongs.

Despite how terrified Jo was during their first encounter, she and Marceline become good friends. The second member of the Vampire Court encountered by Marceline is the Empress. The Empress meets Simon and tricks him into doing her bidding. Marceline stakes the Empress, steals her soul, and gains from her the power of invisibility. She may also have inherited the Empress' power of hypnosis, but if so she chooses not to use it. It's possible that Marceline sees Simon again during this ordeal, for the first time since he abandoned her.

If that is the case, then they do not stay together for long. He used to have more of a silver fox thing going on with his hair and those cute glasses. He was happier then, you know. When he was serving me. Marceline decides to take a personal journey away from the tribe to visit the city where Simon abandoned her, for nostalgic reasons. To her surprise, she meets a second tribe of humans there, including two children named Rock and Twiggy who are almost certainly young enough to have been born after the war.

The tribe spends its time hiding from the third member of the Vampire Court: the Moon. Marceline stakes the Moon and takes her soul, inheriting her self-healing powers. Marceline becomes impervious to almost all physical harm, able to heal from wounds instantaneously. The second tribe of humans runs away before the fight, and Marceline never sees them again. A month later, back with the first tribe, Two Bread Tom tells Marceline that they will not be able to stay on the mainland even if she succeeds in killing all the vampires, because the atmosphere is changing and the nuclear winter is approaching.

Their plan is to refurbish a large pre-war cargo ship and sail it out to sea to seek a new home. The latest atmospheric readings are going bananas. Something big is coming, and it's gonna change all this. No, we'd do best to clear out of this continent altogether. The tribe is suddenly attacked by the last of the vampires and is forced to set sail as soon as possible.

Marceline stakes and sucks the soul of the Hierophant, the fourth member of the Vampire Court. She absorbs his shape-shifting powers, which allow her to take the shape of many different creatures. The fifth and final member of the Court is the Vampire King. With all his minions destroyed and the rest of the Court slain, he is the very last of his kind. Marceline and the Vampire King battle on the deck of the human ship, and eventually Marceline manages to force her stake into his chest.

Recognising that he is defeated, the King sees only one way to save his race. As Marceline pushes her stake through his chest towards his heart, the King pushes his fangs into her neck. Finally, the King dies, but not before Marceline has been successfully turned into a vampire. Marceline takes on the title "Marceline the Vampire Queen", and for unknown reasons she decides to remain on the mainland while the humans set sail without her.

Marceline is the last vampire, and a queen in name only, although she is presumably capable of creating more vampires by turning mortals. Soon after her transformation, Marceline realises that she is allergic to sunlight and craves the colour red. Since she is technically now undead, she becomes immortal and stops ageing in her late teens. After accidentally killing her dog Schwabl by drinking his blood, she tracks down the group of wizards who obtained the Enchiridion following the war and steals it from them.

She uses a resurrection spell on Schwabl, turning him into an immortal undead creature just like her. Necromancy is added to her growing repertoire of supernatural abilities. This is a minor continuity error. Due to the advancing winter, Marceline decides to use her undead powers to hibernate until it is over.

She falls asleep in a cave with Schwabl, using the Enchiridion as a pillow. She remains in this state until the winter is over, for what may be hundreds of years to come. The human tribe sets sail without Marceline and heads south-west. On the thirty-third day of their voyage the ship is attacked by sea monsters. Marceline's friend Jo is almost killed, but the humans are able to fend off the creatures. The next day, they make landfall at a large island where they are surprised to find even more humans.

Two Bread Tom and the leaders of the other tribes begin fabricating a new society and name their new home "Founders' Island". Before long the humans have established a large and successful colony. Free from the threat posed by the vampires and the other hostile creatures on the mainland, most islanders no longer wear their protective animal hats. He takes Jo and another islander named Michiko with him, thinking it will be nothing more than a safe hike through the woods. However, Jo gets abducted by a giant bird and carried to the other side of the island, and spends weeks making her way back again.

In the meantime, Tom believes she has been killed and blames his own carelessness for her death. Tom decides that, to avoid losing anyone else, the islanders should construct a "Guardian" to kill anything that tries to enter or leave the Islands. The islanders are thrilled when Jo returns safely, but she actually disagrees with Tom's plans to seal them off from the rest of the world.

In the end, she and a group of the other islanders rebel and run away from the colony before the Guardian can be completed. None of us are. We're staying right here. We're not going to lose anyone else! The humans on Founders' Island are able to survive the magical nuclear winter.

Over the course of the next millennium, they rebuild their society to a level beyond pre-war technology. They reinvent cars, robotics, computers, flying machines, advanced medical technology, geoengineering and much more. The animal hats originally worn by the tribe members to protect against vampire bites remain an important part of their culture and a symbol of their isolationist ideology.

The tribe leaders, including Two Bread Tom, become deified in the islanders' mythology as the legendary "Founders". The fate of Jo and the rebels is unknown. They become known as "hiders"; a derogatory term used for anyone who tries to escape the safety of the Islands. We had to leave our place because The world was dying And everyone that wasn't dead Spent all of their time crying Our ways had failed, nature had failed We made a lot of errors The Founders had some new ideas That made everything better.

The Founders dreamt of this island Our ships landed on its shore They built our wonderful Guardian To keep destruction from our door. The Founders' Song , a piece of anti-hider propaganda [ Hide and Seek ]. The humans also colonise two other islands in the chain: they establish a major colony on Hub Island, which was originally a desert but was terraformed by the humans, and on an unnamed island they build the infrastructure for a VR game called Better Reality , which allows many humans to retreat into a virtual world.

Despite the successful establishment of a human settlement on the Islands, the society is not entirely safe from disaster. In about AMB an unknown catastrophe causes much loss to the humans, but they are able to recover after it is over. Over time, almost all of the humans remaining on the mainland die out. Due to the islanders' isolationism, none of the non-humans on the mainland know of the existence of the Islands, and most non-humans assume that humankind has finally gone extinct.

A chunk of the western former United States becomes isolated and forms a small island continent. This continent becomes known as the Land of Ooo. The formation process is incredibly quick, taking less than a thousand years in total. Much of the cityscape becomes completely submerged under the ocean. Other parts of it are buried underneath deserts, or reclaimed by nature.

There is plenty of evidence to support this. These two roads meet in Los Angeles and various other Californian cities. Signs for Route are also seen in I Remember You. The Golden Gate Bridge is seen in the background of one shot.

Unlike many other cities, the ruins of San Francisco are still standing. In Bonnibel Bubblegum , an Arizona license plate and a California sticker are seen. This is possibly a non-canon detail indicating that Marceline couldn't remember the actual name of the state. In addition to all this in-universe evidence, it makes sense that the Land of Ooo would be situated on the West Coast because this is where most members of the Adventure Time crew live and work.

The first known use of the word "Ooo" is by a human named Horn during the humans' voyage. The word is possibly derived from Marceline's name for the mutated zombies, "oozers", especially since Simon originally spelled it with three Os. The Land of Ooo is a volatile and unstable place. Its existence is threatened many times by many different events and adversaries, but it remains intact and habitable for at least the next two thousand years.

It is not known what happens to the rest of the world. It is likely rendered inhospitable by the effects of the Great Mushroom War: radiation, extreme weather, and dangerous magical events. We had some weird sludge guys.

No vampires, though. Mostly it was just really hot. But like, the too-hot-to-live kind of hot. The Music Hole believes she has been singing since the beginning of Ooo. Some time in the early history of Ooo, the Glass Kingdom is formed when the desert is struck by what the glass people call a "magic bolt of lightning". Shortly afterwards, a baby sea creature flees into a crevice under the kingdom after losing its siblings to a predator. The creature is sealed within the kingdom's Furnace, where it grows into a mighty dragon named Molto Larvo.

Due to the increased elasticity of the world and the much greater capacity to perform magic, wizardry begins to become a valid profession once again. The magic users of the Land of Ooo gravitate towards the ancient settlement of Wizard City. Many of them seek to unlock the knowledge held by the magic users of the previous era of wizardry, often known as "antediluvian magic". Among other developments, a new school named Wiz Arts is built within Wizard City.

It is coincidentally constructed directly above the tomb of Coconteppi, which has remained buried there since Coconteppi's death millions of years ago. The Cult of Coconteppi is secretly founded by a group of dark wizards who wish to revive him and bring about the so-called Second Age of Terror, which is the prophesied destruction of the world at the hands of Coconteppi. It is kept suspended by the "Ultimate Wizards", who spend their whole lives casting a spell to prevent it from crashing down onto the temple.

Meanwhile, the magical nuclear winter is subsiding. Evergreen's crown still doesn't allow Simon to die, and he has become a lonely and senile old wizard. He partially succeeds in establishing the Realm of Ice, by constructing a kingdom in the north of Ooo known as the Ice Kingdom. Simon takes the name "Ice King", and eventually forgets his real name. After it blasted me out on my own, I became self-aware. I became independent The Mother Gum, the strange being who helped Marceline and Simon during the early years of their post-apocalyptic journey, begins to gestate two children named Bonnibel and Neddy.

Although she will not learn it for some time, Bonnibel is the reincarnation of the Candy Elemental following the death of the previous one in the Great Mushroom War. Bonnibel is born first, shortly followed by her brother Neddy. While Bonnibel is fascinated by the world around her, Neddy is terrified of everything he comes into contact with, and only his sister is able to comfort him.

Eventually, he begins suckling on a small candy tree and producing a strange liquid, which seems to keep him contented. Bonnibel begins to set up a home for herself around the tree. We all had each other's backs. I'm going to make more of us, Neddy. I know you don't care, and that's fine, but I need to be around people like me.

After stumbling across a family portrait in an abandoned gas station, Bonnibel decides to create her own family. She uses her scientific equipment to animate three more gum people, whom she names Aunt Lolly, Cousin Chicle and Uncle Gumbald. Initially her new creations are obedient, helping her to expand her small settlement around Neddy's tree, but they soon begin to act more independently.

Gumbald cuts down the taffy trees, builds his own cabin, and establishes plans to build an entire city out of candy. Bonnibel doesn't like this idea so floods his construction site with butterscotch, creating Lake Butterscotch. Gumbald is furious that his niece has undermined his work, and hates the fact that she believes she's in charge just because she is his creator.

Tired of her control issues, Gumbald, Lolly, and Chicle unite and devise a plan to depose Bonnibel by creating a potion called "dumdum juice". This potion will render her completely stupid and unable to meddle in Gumbald's plans. He creates a candy person named Mr. Before Gumbald can use it on Bonnibel, she is able to shatter the flask containing the potion, which spills over Gumbald and transforms him into a punch bowl named Punchy.

Seeing how happy and carefree these new creations are, she decides to create more of these dumb and docile candy people, rather than peers who can match her intellect and potentially turn on her like Gumbald did. She decides that she is only comfortable when she is the one in charge. In further revenge for Gumbald's actions, Bonnibel steals his plans to construct a city and undertakes the project herself.

She claims the title of Princess Bubblegum, and rules over her new candy people. Princess Bubblegum begins the construction of her new city, which she names the Candy Kingdom. At its centre lies the tree under which Neddy dwells. Bubblegum plants forests of cotton candy and taffy trees, and instructs her subjects to mine the ground beneath the kingdom for a material called rock candy. The kingdom is surrounded by a radioactive river, which she begins filling in. She locks the Mother Gum away in the dungeon of her new kingdom to keep them safe.

One day, Marceline Abadeer wakes up from her long hibernation, still alive thanks to the fact that vampires don't age. In the strange and magical new world she has woken up in, she becomes a punk rock musician performing for the denizens of Ooo using her trusty axe bass. Princess Bubblegum becomes a fan of Marceline's music, and at one of her gigs Marceline throws her shirt to the princess. The rock shirt becomes Bubblegum's most treasured possession, and the two of them fall in love.

However, this is now known to be false. They live happily together for a while, as Princess Bubblegum continues to work on the Candy Kingdom and Marceline continues to pursue her music. Somehow, the Enchiridion that Marceline was carrying ends up stowed away on Mount Cragdor.

It's possible that Marceline shows it to Bubblegum, who recognises its importance and has it protected. Bubblegum and Marceline sometimes explore the rock candy mines together, and after a lot of persuasion Marceline manages to get Bubblegum to graffiti on the walls.

Marceline and Bubblegum begin to drift apart after Bubblegum becomes too caught up in the management of the Candy Kingdom and isn't able to make as much time for Marceline. The Candy Kingdom used to be so small; so manageable.

But then it kept growing and growing, and there was always some new disaster to prepare against. This all comes to a head when Princess Bubblegum is summoned by the people of the Glass Kingdom to help defeat Molto Larvo, the dragon which formed in the Furnace beneath the kingdom and now threatens to wreak havoc. Marceline tags along and begins to get on Bubblegum's nerves due to her apathy towards the fate of the glass people.

In an outburst, Bubblegum tells Marceline to go home. Marceline is sensitive to being abandoned as she blames herself for driving others away. Fearing that she is losing Bubblegum, she decides that the only way to avoid being hurt again is to take action herself. Susan Strong returns and asks Finn and Jake to save her people from the Glubs.

But Finn is still not sure if he can trust her after last time. After trying to stop a deer that has been licking the Candy Kingdom people, Finn wakes up in a hospital to find everyone missing expect Jake who is acting very strange. Jake vs. A tiny cat assassin tries to black mail Jake into killing someone, by hiding in his nose with some poison. A fire-breathing wolf cub becomes lost in the snowy woods and becomes unlikely friends with a tall snow-creature. Jake has a dream that seems to foretell his death but, to Finn's dismay, doesn't take it serious.

In Finn and Jake's holiday special, the heroes come across a video diary of the Ice King's and attempt to decipher its secrets. Bored waiting for her, Finn and Jake sneak into Marceline's house, become trapped when she comes home, and witness her strange behavior when she's alone. A secret war takes place in the library between tiny paper people and mold creatures, and Finn is brought into the middle of it all.

Finn journeys for a cyclops's magical tears to cure his injuries, but have trouble because of his stubborn inability to follow the advice of others. Finn and Jake try to help Ghost Princess by solving her murder. Finn and Jake discover a lost message from their dad which sends them to a mysterious and dangerous dungeon. Trying to help Finn get over his hopeless feelings for Princess Bubblegum, Jake sets out to find a new princess for Finn to go out with.

Refusing to believe that she is evil, Finn tries to win over his new crush, Flame Princess. Five short stories of Finn, Jake and their friends. After being caught by a giant spider, Finn and Jake try and help the arachnid with its marital problems so they won't be eaten. Tree Trunks finds love but her public displays of affection nauseate everyone around her. Finn and Jake find themselves imprisoned in the dark realm of the Nightosphere with no memory of how they came to be there. Continuing their mysterious quest in the Nightosphere, Finn and Jake must rescue their friend Marceline the Vampire Queen.

A cute, bumbling bear begins to follow and mimic Finn. At first Finn enjoys having the furry admirer, but soon becomes uneasy with the bear's devotion. A Hug Wolf, a monstrous wolf that gives hugs against the will of its victims, turns Finn into one of its kind.

The Ice King steals various body parts from all the princesses to construct his own perfect princess bride. Princess Bubblegum uses her own DNA to create an intelligent and immortal sphinx which is planned to one day succeed her to the throne, except that Finn and Jake accidentally affect those plans. A magic curse turns Finn into a ghost, invisible to everyone but the Ice King. Lumpy Space Princess sets out to write a book on how to catch a man and goes undercover as Finn and Jake's secretary in order to seduce Finn.

The Candy Kingdom faces a hostage crisis from a cookie that demands Princess Bubblegum's crown. As Finn joins in on Jake's favorite, hyper-complicated card game, emotions and poor gamesmanship run high. Magic Man switches bodies with Jake so that he can escape his trial on Mars, leaving it up to Finn to reveal the truth and save his friend.

Finn and Flame Princess cautiously begin a relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend, of which Princess Bubblegum disapproves. BMO uses hard-boiled detective skills to locate Finn's missing sock. Finn finds himself trapped in a bizarre dream, the outcome of which may determine if he ever wakes up. The would-be usurper to the throne, Lemongrab, returns to the Candy Kingdom, demanding volunteer subjects for his own kingdom.

While training for an epic battle, Finn and Jake take their frustrations out in a fight against each other. A tribe of swamp creatures ask Finn and Jake to save them from a Mega Frog. While the Ice King is away, his sidekick Gunther the penguin uses a magic amulet to conquer the countryside and attack the Candy Kingdom. Finn has an unclear premonition involving The Lich and sets out to stop the undead creature. Finn's wish to stop the evil Lich has massive cosmic consequences.

Following the unexpected consequences of Finn's cosmic wish it's up to the Jake — and his short attention span — to set things right. Five more short stories with one connecting theme. Having been magical shrunk to the size of a forest animal, Finn takes up a quest to climb a tree and retrieve his lost flying disc.

Finn receives a mysterious bag that contains what appears to be living toys of everyone he knows, which playing with has unexpected results. Lady gives birth to a litter of puppies and Jake becomes an eager but frantic father. Finn becomes Davey, an alter-ego, everyman in order to escape the attention of fame and becomes consumed by his new identity.

Lemongrab sends a distress message to the Candy Kingdom which Finn and Jake respond to. Finn's hat comes to life. Finn and Flame Princess explore a dungeon together. Finn and Jake get lost in the badlands and are saved by Xergiok, ex-Goblin King who now lives in cave. A look at what Ice King and Marceline were like years ago. Marceline tells Finn and Jake about her and Ice King's past, years ago.

Ice King creates a computer virus to delete everybody except him and Princess Bubblegum. Stuck inside the treehouse during a sword storm, Jake builds a pillow fort while Finn goes to a different world. Depressed by his feelings with Flame Princess, Finn enters a pillow fort where he enters a new world and makes a new life for himself. BMO gets snatched away by a giant eagle and must find his way home.

Ice King does everything possible to ruin a princess potluck he believes he didn't get invited to. Finn and Jake meet a horse with the power to make sad people happy. Finn and Jake hold a contest to see who can last longer without talking. Peppermint Butler thinks Princess Bubblegum is spending too much time in her lab and decides she needs a suitor. After becoming tired of always losing to Finn and Jake and failing to win Princess Bubblegum's love, Ice King decides to throw in the towel.

Jake Jr. Five short stories, some involving Finn and Jake building a time machine. Lumpy Space Princess is robbed and faints before she can tell Finn and Jake who robbed her. Princess Bubblegum believes magic is nothing but a bunch of hooey until Starchy gets sick.

Jake is sick and tired of Finn using his body as a suit of armor. Princess Bubblegum and Marceline team up to reclaim lost property. Finn and Princess Bubblegum discover a talented lemon citizen named Lemonhope while on a diplomatic trip to Castle Lemongrab; also, something strange is happening to the Earls of Lemongrab, leading to their society crumbling. Princess Bubblegum subjects Flame Princess to a series of tests to gauge Fire Princess' fiery tendencies. Jake crafts the most delicious sandwich ever.

Jake and BMO help Finn tap into his repressed memories to uncover a secret past. Slime Princess needs a husband or else she'll lose the Slime Kingdom to her obnoxious sister. Finn and Jake discover a train where every car is a dungeon filled with a new foe for Finn to fight. Finn meets the Box Prince a cat with a box on its back and discovers the Box Kingdom has been taken over by an impostor.

Finn, Jake and Marceline become trapped underground. Starving for anything red Marceline begins to loose control and turns her eyes to Finn and Jake's blood. Sick and tired of babysitting Ice King while the Ice Kingdom is being rebuilt, Finn and Jake call up an old friend to hang out with their annoying houseguest: Abracadaniel. Kee-Oth the Blood Demon has kidnapped Jake, taken him back to his dimension and thrown him in a pit. If Finn wants to rescue his friend, he's going to need Lady Rainicorn's help… and a videotape that will reveal how to open the portal to Kee-Oth's messed-up dimension.

However, they are soon attacked by goo monsters, and Finn and Jake think that Bubblegum's robot helper James is to blame. Root beer guy must put aside his common everyday life to search for the truth behind the murders, lies, and deceit in the Candy Kingdom. Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig are getting married. Finn gets a new sword. Jake meets an old robot in the junkyard who promises to make Jake into a master swordsman. The Ice King looses his powers, reverts to his old human-self and begins to wither away after a thousand years of life.

Bad Timing. Lemonhope Part One. Finn meets Billy's ex-girlfriend, Canyon, who finds Billy's bucket list. Finn vows to complete it for his late hero. Wake Up. Finn isn't so happy with his arm replacements, made by the princesses and one time his strong emotions create a telekinetic limb by listening deep in his melon heart. In order to take revenge on his real father he decides to build a tower to the space. Jake is on his side, but P. After Finn passes out at the atmosphere of Earth, P. When he faces the old guy, he won't punch him anymore.

His arm disappear and he get the honor from Jake to ruin the monument. Sad Face. Finn and Jake learn how the food chain works with a little help from Magic Man. Big money problems send Finn and Jake to Wildberry Kingdom. The Prince Who Wanted Everything. Something Big. Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe. It's Princess Day in Ooo! You know what that means? A shadowy figure named Peace Master targets the Candy Kingdom elite.

Finn and Jake's parents hunt an unearthly menace in the woods. Jake kills a fly that gets into his soup. However, he and Finn must get creative when the fly returns as a powerful ghost to haunt them. Jake is transported to a different world. Is That You? Following an ally's memorial service, Jake begins acting strangely. Jake wants to fulfill a bizarre lifelong ambition. When Finn's toothache gets too much to take, he has no choice but to go see dentist.

Flame Princess asks Princess Bubblegum for help when her city is cooled down. Set in the Prehistoric Era, Evergreen and his aprentice Gunter have to stop a meteor heading towards Earth. Astral Plane. During his first day of school, Sweet Pea is approached by the King of OOO and his companion, Toronto, who lure him into dancing in public. Finn's dream about following a comet to its crash site reunites him with an old friend. Feeling unfulfilled, both Lemongrab and Finn take an introspective journey into the Mountain of Matthew.

Inside, they are faced with their desires, their fears and themselves, and must make a pivotal choice. Its the day of the month everyone loves. Super Porp Day grape soda in a can. They begin to wonder where Super Porp comes from when Marcy says shes been drinking it since she was a little girl.

Should they chase down the answer or just enjoy the soda. The refill-bots fly off and go under ground, to Susan Strongs homeland. Where suddenly a crime takes place. Susan will discover the truth! Jake's son T. The Ice King struggles with the consequences of making new friends. Jake meets his brother Jermaine in a dream and decides to visit in the real world. Cuber returns for the telling of another installment of the Graybles.

The cosmic owl falls in love. Finn and Jake enjoy a day at the water park. Finn and Jake storm Magic Man's house to rescue his new apprentice who turns out to be Betty. He has a vision about his dead wife who he magically cloned but instead was supposed to be used as a weapon to stop a space demon. Betty has a vision of how to save Simon and absorbs Magic Man's powers leaving him normal. Be Sweet. While Ice King is sleeping, Gunther throws a party.

Finn's father, Martin the Human, fights for freedom on a new planet. Princess Bubblegum's attention is diverted by a mysterious presence in the sky. Finn, Jake, and friends contend with some deadly weather. Marceline and Bubblegum rekindle an old friendship while fighting off some varmints. The arrival of a visitor causes Cherry Cream Soda's life to fall flat.

The loyalty of Finn and Jake comes into question when the King of Ooo orders them to intercept a flying mushroom. BMO and Football decide upon a deal, but one of them cannot keep up their end of the bargain. Stakes Part 1: Marceline the Vampire Queen. Marceline looks back on her life on her last day. Old foes surface from Marceline's past. An old adversary targets the Ice Kingdom and Marceline has to save Simon.

Princess Bubblegum searches for a cure for Marceline and Finn and Jake battle a vamp. Marceline's archenemy visits and makes an odd proposal right before battle. The final confrontation begins. Mo gives BMO a solo quest to go the factory and back. Angel Face: BMO ropes his friends into a live action cowboy role-playing adventure!

It's chaos under the sea! President Porpoise is Missing! Blank Eyed Girl. A King's Ransom. Trapped and alone, Finn must unravel the riddle of the weird cave with no exit. Finn has secret meetings with a powerful wizard. Finn and Jake infiltrate the Banana Guard ranks and stumble upon a conspiracy. Broke His Crown.

At the library, Finn learns of a mountain with treasure possessing transformative properties at its peak. He and Jake venture to find the treasure, but find more than they expected when they encounter the hermit guarding the treasure. Finn and Jake follow their Sea Lard into the pond in front of their home, and in doing so, are led to a strange new world.

Jake's son finds a hidden box and draws attention from a Rainicorn. When Finn starts having nightmares about his missing Finn sword, he wonders if they are actually real. Finn brings a special delivery for Cinnamon Bun to the Fire Kingdom but it may come with a dangerous cost. Normal Man asks for Finn and Jake's help to rescue his brother. Ice King digs up an item buried underneath the Ice Kingdom.

Fionna and Cake go on a cooking adventure to push Cake's art to an all-new level. Finn hears a mysterious song while judging a Battle of the Bands. Jake and his daughter Charlie fight to restore Jake's honor and win a super-secret underground Card Wars tourney.

Finn and Jake puzzle over the nature of a mysterious newcomer. Kim Kil Whan is worried about his daughter's future and asks Jake for some parental advice. An otherworldly encounter puts Tree Trunks on the trail of a conspiracy in the Candy Kingdom.

Princess Bubblegum's scientific mind must wrestle with her Elemental magic potential when she's faced with a Crystal Entity. A mysterious craft invades Ooo and Finn believes it may hold the secrets to his past. Finn, Jake, and Susan set sail on a ocean voyage full of wonders and danger.

After waking up alone and shipwrecked, Finn investigates a bizarre island in search of his friends. Finn and Jake travel to a land where reality has been redesigned and improved. While exploring some futuristic ruins, Susan sees glimpses of a familiar girl.

An unexpected revelation from Susan leads Finn closer to answers about his past. Finn and his friends journey to a last refuge called Founders Island. Finn confronts the power behind Founders Island, but will he ever return home to Ooo? The Orb. Elements, Part 1. Elements, Part 2. Elements, Part 3. Elements, Part 4. Elements, Part 5. Elements, Part 6. Elements, Part 7. Elements, Part 8. A mysterious black orb in the sky begins to subject the three to strange dreams that quickly become nightmarish.

Their nightmares begin to intertwine as they realize that they are dreaming and come in contact with a being that Finn dubs Nightmare Princess. This entity simply wants their bananas, but BMO strikes a bargain so that they get something in return.

The group wake up to the orb taking some of their bananas and leaves a pink vile of nightmare juice. BMO looks through the telescope to discover that Ooo has changed radically.

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