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Gustin jeans

gustin jeans

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This unique denim comes from one of the most highly regarded mills in Japan and is no longer being run in production. Natural indigo plant dye is rarely used today and is quite pricey. The shade of this fabric is a lighter blue. Sanforized Japanese selvage denim, Black warp and white weft creates a grey finish. Limited run from a top Japanese mill.

Any two sizes. One for you, and one for a friend. And by that we mean two for you. Two great heavyweights from two denim loving nations. The first two Old Fashioneds are on us. Any four sizes. Why do you want four pair of jeans - actually we don't need to know.

Jan 7, - Feb 9, 32 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. Premium menswear made in America, crowdsourced and delivered to you at wholesale. Shop now. Last updated October 22, Share this project. You'll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content.

Support Select this reward. Estimated delivery Mar Ships to Anywhere in the world. Shipping destination. Kickstarter is not a store. It's a way to bring creative projects to life. Learn more about accountability. Select this reward. Description in Kickstarter Less.

Estimated delivery May Chain stitched hem. Nice red chain stitched hem. A more solid turn-up than the usual one. It is slightly raised whereas a normal hem is really flat. On jeans you can find chain stitches and simple stitches pretty much anywhere. The simple stitch can always be found on the rounded hem that goes across the top of the front pockets. Selvedge fly.

A nice detail because it assures a really neat look for the fly. The difference between this and a usual fly is very clear to see. Ticket pocket chain stitch. I find it hard to imagine that the thread will break due to intense usage of this area. Once again this is a sign of the attention paid to the fabrication. Selvedge side beltloop. The most common is the red one. The leather patch. The patch is very fine and the leather shows really uneven creases.

The fabric. The jeans that I tested were a really standard model, that is, in the most basic of the materials offered by Gustin. The weave is in a nice indigo blue classic! Logically, this will be seen when the jeans fade. This is a key bonus for the brand. I really appreciate that Gustin have original materials at this price level but the real innovations, really unique materials that have never been seen can be found at Naked And Famous. So Gustin offers nice materials that have stories to tell.

The rainbow nep has the unique characteristic that the weft is very subtly mixed with a colored thread. The result is almost invisible on the material but the jeans are really unique for a low price…. I think this example is fairly revealing of the way in which a fabric can move away from the ordinary. An indigo weave paired up with an original weft.

The same thing here, this time with a white weft made from silk rather than cotton. So the jeans are lighter for summer but remain robust and at the same time have a silky touch logically! Other than the strong differences in style, you also have the choice between several classic fabrics that can easily be distinguished from each other when you put them side by side. Some fabrics look very smooth, whereas some show little white spots with no visible patterns.

Of course, it is the weft that is showing through. Each to his own. For example, compare this fabric that allows nothing to show through and this one where the weft is more visible. Fabrics that are 13 or Where do these fabrics come from?

The fabrics come from all around the world but where are the jeans made? For this info, look at the product label of each pair of jeans. If the slim cut is too tight which I find hard to imagine then the straight cut will be perfect.

In concrete terms, fabrics for jeans are regularly proposed. If enough clients buy a pair of the jeans, they back the operation so a production of the jeans is launched. You have to trust the size guide on the site.

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Why Gustin Is A Disappointment (and how they can change)

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gustin jeans


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From the different samples I tried, the slim cut has a roomier top block than most other slim cut jeans and tapers a fair amount from the knee. One important thing to note, especially for those who have had previous pairs of GUSTIN jeans, is that while the pattern for this model is the same for their other jeans, the jean has a different fit after the initial soak due to the shrinking.

When I compare this jean to one of their sanforized alternatives, I found that the Loomstate jean fits a bit slimmer overall than their regular slims jeans in the same size. However after a week of wear, the waist, thighs and especially knees stretched a fair amount — 0.

The Loomstate is a great example of their work. The belt loops are tucked into the waistband, the stitching is clean and line up well, and the felled seam on the inseam gives the entire jean a streamlined look. Throughout the jean, there are small details like selvedge ID lines showing on the inside fly, red chain stitching, and lined back pockets.

The construction and details are well done and should please those who buy their jeans. They smartly fill a niche in the denim market that gives the customer the option of buying the same fit of jeans in a pretty wide variety of fabrics. However, offering this large number of options at this lower price has its disadvantages. The result of this can be jeans that fit differently due to the varying characteristics of each fabric and because of the crowdsourcing model, there is little to no inventory to allow for exchanges for some jeans if you need a different size or cut.

Lady White Co. Athletic Sock Review. Once it is funded they close the run and proceed with production. Jeans take from 1 to 15 days to fund, depending on fabric and then another month or so to proceed through production. From start to finish on the pair I ordered took around 2. They use only premium materials and heavy duty proprietary hardware and all is manufactured here in the USA.

Some of the denim is Japanese but mainly it is American selvedged denim, much coming from the Cone Mills. For my first pair I was intrigued by a super heavy 16 oz denim from Cone Mills. I waited for a run to be introduced for funding and jumped on it quickly, as the previous introduction of the same fabric sold out in 2 days. The style was called the American Sixteener. My true waist is between a 34 and a 35, depending on the Scotch consumption. This should set the stage for fitting.

I ordered a 34 waist in the Slim cut for the American Sixteener. After it funded and went to production my OCD kicked in and I started to worry that I should have ordered the standard cut, as with Baldwin Denim I cannot wear their slim cut Henleys without feeling like I am trying too hard to be 20 years younger than I am. So, I waited with shallow breath for them to arrive and confirm my worst OCD fears.

When the mail arrived and I slipped the jeans from their Priority Mail pouch I was immediately impressed by the hand of the jeans. They were indeed heavy, and they felt very quality. Upon examination I was also impressed at the details.

They have a nice red stitching on the hem, which is a nice contrast when cuffed. The leather patch is thick. The proprietary hardware is heavy duty and quality. There is a nice blue stitch across the back pocket, setting these apart from other generic looking premium denim brands. All said, I was excited to try them on.

Waist: They run small! It might be because the 16 oz denim is completely unforgiving, but I really had to squirm around to get into the 34 inch waist. I sucked in the gut and forced them closed, half expecting to main button to fly off and kill the cat. Once closed I felt like a sausage and my ass became twice as non-existent as it already is. I started to wonder if I was going to get a wallet in the back pocket.

Length: The length was great. I chose to do a single fold cuff, leaving me a nice 4 inch exposure of nice selvedged goodness. Cut: The Slim cut turned out to be perfect! Not too thin! I will stick with Slim cut moving forward. After getting over my anxiety of the tightness I squatted a few times and walked around a bit with my wallet stuffed in my back pocket and am encouraged that I can breathe. I was trying to think back on my initial purchase of my Baldwins with a 34 inch waist to remember if they gave me the same feeling, but I have to remember that I was 5 lbs lighter and the weight of these Sixteeners changes that comparison.

The only other side note I have is that because of the weight of the fabric one of the pocket rivets did not set correctly and popped off when I was squeezing in to the jeans for the first time. Disappointing, but not devastating, even with my OCD. I am wearing them today and will report back as to how soon they start to feel like my own jeans.

I will wait to see if I need to step up to a 35 waist, or if instead I need to lay off the Scotch and grub…. I am now awaiting a rivet replacement in the post and will replace the rivet with a fresh one when they arrive. Another big plus on my opinion of Gustin. Cheers to Gustin! Also, after wearing the American Sixteens for a couple of days now I am starting to feel them give a bit and begin to take on my form.

I am loving the thickness of the 16oz denim. I measured my favorite pair of jeans, and although they were tagged a 33, they measured out at I would definitely recommend the 35 waist.

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Gustin Selvedge Denim Review

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