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Redwood National and State Parks, United States · Amazon Rainforest, South America · Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica · Hallerbos Forest. Excluding the Pine forest (Cool-temperate forest) 11 + Mediterranean Scandinavia Coniferous forest (Cool-temperate, boreal forest) 2 + Summary: Cool Temperate Forest & Woodland includes temperate deciduous forest and woodland, temperate needle-leaved forest and woodland, and. AC CLEAN SAVER SERUM Superior Security Thanks definition; there can configurations directory using a negotiation process. Electric Height Adjustable is collected from to resolve for to compromise from. Combined with the technology insights to.

No, it's not a forest of clouds. Monteverde Cloud Forest got its name from the low-hanging fog that rests amongst the upper canopy of the forest. This fog offers some much-needed condensation to give the many plants a drink every day. This forest is particularly well-known for its excellent biodiversity, with 3, species of plants and over different mammal species, types of birds, and thousands of insect species.

Sometimes, you don't just visit the forest for the trees. The Hallerbos Forest is particularly known for its thick blanket of bluebell flowers that bloom in the spring, making this forest completely enchanting —— almost like a fairy tale. Honestly, it's not hard to imagine Sleeping Beauty communing and singing with her animal friends in this place.

If you visit Brussels in the spring, it's quite easy to visit the forest, but it's also a very popular tourist attraction, so you're likely to run into crowds. No, Black Forest cake is not named after this beautiful forest. In fact, it's not even entirely black; it's actually quite green with its thousands of pine trees. Although the trees themselves aren't black, the forest gets its name because the evergreens are so thickly dispersed that the canopy blocks out a lot of daylight.

So, even if it's a sunny day, you'll practically always be in the shade when you're there. The forest also has a number of quaint villages and natural thermal springs throughout. If you've ever dreamed of living in the Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones universes, this forest comes awfully close. This forest, located in Dartmoor National Park, is home to plenty of tangled, moss-covered trees that look like they belong in a fantasy book. And the trees themselves are rooted in history, with some of the forest dating back to 7, B.

The Dancing Forest, located in Kaliningrad, Russia, is also known as the Drunken Forest because what better time is there to dance, even if you're a tree? The reason why people gave it this name is because of the twisting, curving tree trunks that look like they got a little tipsy, so to speak much like the Crooked Forest in Poland.

The twists and rings of the trees are said to bring good luck, and climbing one can give you an extra year of life or a special wish, according to local lore. This forest is so gorgeous, it's actually one of the inspirations for a Hollywood movie. Although some other forests around the world also served as inspiration including Daintree Forest in Australia , Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is widely accepted as the inspiration for Pandora in the movie, "Avatar," particularly the fictional floating "Hallelujah Mountains.

Just outside Kyoto, this bamboo grove is a particularly wondrous place to stroll and reflect after a visit to the many temples, gardens, and imperial palaces that this city is famous for. Although it's a fairly popular tourist destination, many people go there to enjoy some peace and quiet, since the government of Japan encourages visitors to keep noise to a minimum so as not to distract others from listening to nature in its purest form.

This unique forest is located over miles off the coast of mainland Yemen, and it's particularly famous for its ancient, strange-looking trees. These Socotra trees are also known as dragon's blood trees, named for the viscous, red, blood-like sap that they produce. The sap also is rumored to have healing properties like healing wounds, lowering fevers, and treating dysentery.

These trees, which have such dense leaves and branches that they look like umbrellas, can live up to years and grow between 30 and 40 feet high. Bwindi Park covers 32, hectares over 79, acres of land and is home to more than species of trees and over species of ferns. Thousands of species of birds and insects especially butterflies are found in the forest, but it's most known for being home to the endangered mountain gorilla. In this forest, you'll find a beautiful tree that has reduced some visitors to tears, according to The Guardian.

From California's redwoods to Japan's bamboo groves, here are 12 of the most beautiful forests in the world. But stop for a moment and listen to the wind rustling through the creaking bamboo. That sound has been declared one of the " Soundscapes of Japan" by the Japanese government, a selection of everyday noises intended to encourage locals to stop and enjoy nature's music. It is undeniably beautiful, boasting clear lakes, snow-capped peaks and primeval forests.

It is the last preserve of a number of endangered plant and animal species, including the giant panda, Sichuan golden monkey, Sichuan takin and numerous orchids and rhododendrons. Roughly the size of Ireland, the forest is also home to coastal grey wolves, grizzly bears, Sitka deer, cougars, mountain goats, orca, salmon, sea lions, sea otters and humpback whales. It is ethereal and magical and teeming with wildlife.

Peter Moore 21 March 7 amazing forests around the world Whether we 'forest-bathe', walk or cycle through them, or sit back and watch nature, there is something powerful about forests. Daintree Forest, Queensland, Australia. Cape Tribulation beach Shutterstock. Crooked Forest, Poland Shutterstock. Walkway through the Monteverde cloud forest Shutterstock. Sagano Bamboo Forest, Japan.

Sagano bamboo forest Shutterstock. Jiuzhaigou Valley, Sichuan, China. Lake in Jiuzhaigou Valley Shutterstock. A stream in the Great Bear Rainforest Dreamstime. Related Articles. Looking for inspiration. Join our Newsletter Love travel quizzes, events and competitions?

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