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Retina display geoserver tiles

retina display geoserver tiles

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Retina display geoserver tiles celebrity psychic


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Vector Tiles from OpenStreetMap


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Hopefully the previous paragraphs give some clues how to correctly implement this in ol3. Sorry, something went wrong. It requires both these conditions to be true. Therefore, it does not work on generic tile grids, or on devices where the pixel ratio is not a power of two. As fredj put it, "in , when the iPhone 6 comes out with a pixel ratio of 3, you'll have to throw this technique away".

So to put this into the context of our API: there are device pixel ratios, and there are pixel ratios supported by tile services. Since the tileUrlFunction is already called with the pixelRatio, that function is the place to decide which tile to request from the server e. For ol. Good point ahocevar. Note also that the optimal pixel ratio is not necessarily the closest pixel ratio.

For example, if the tile service supports [1, 1. You need to serve different images for each devicePixelRatio to get the best results i. But I wouldn't call klokan or MapBox solution a kludge. It's pragmatic. Normal tiles do look blurry on modern smartphones and tablets, but images with twice the resolution solve that problem.

It's not the best, but it does look way better on any high DPI device, from a Nexus 7 tablet with 1. For example: The OpenStreetMap project will never be able to provide tiles for all possible devicePixelRatio , but they might be able to provide one additional tile set. The Canvas and WebGL renderer however do not regard the actual size of the returned images and the map looks garbled, as Petr explained. I need to find some time to check this out.

See The idea is to tell OpenLayers the pixel ratio that the source provides. The PR solves this issue. Please review and merge. Remaining is still implementation of the hack for MapBox-like solution, which requires new ol. XYZ and tilePixelRatio Skip to content. Star 8. New issue. Jump to bottom. Copy link. Reuse the existing pixel tiles and display these smaller with a shift in zoom levels This approach still uses typical x tiles, but the tiles are displayed in a TileGrid with size of x Add tilePixelRatio option to ol.

XYZ for openlayers XYZ for XYZ Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. By convention the different tileservers are labeled a, b, and c - so the following three URLs all point to the same service, and give the same tiles in response. The tileserver subdomains configuration is entirely optional. Check the documentation of your map display library to see if it supports multiple subdomains for faster parallel requests.

Our tile numbering follows the standard Web Mercator scheme, with 0,0 in the top left on each zoom level. You can read more about the tile numbering but most libraries calculate these for you. For example, setting the scale to 2x will return map tiles at double scale, but otherwise showing exactly the same features and labels. Some map libraries support automatic detection for retina screens, including Leaflet. The zoom level of the tile. Range from 0 to 22 inclusive.

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Create Fast cached Base Map like Google Map based on OSM data using Postgis, Geoserver \u0026 Tilecaching

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retina display geoserver tiles

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