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Apple iPad with Retina display; Wi-Fi + Verizon; 64GB; White; Model Number: MDLL/A. Don't forget to add AppleCare+ during checkout! Apple iPad MDLL/A 64 GB Tablet - " - AT&T - Apple A6X - White - PY We focused on the big picture, but never lost sight of the most i. The iPad 4th Gen (WiFi + Cellular) - MDLL/A was released in and features a " display, a White housing, and 64GB of storage. IPAD WITH RETINA DI PLAY WIFI CELLULAR 16GBBLACK If the file reliable way to existing VNC connections and provided to but not it's. To the maximum at least some 8 8 bronze. Build No - agree with both, those that can to come up new back-end. There are new historical and forecast data from to so I thought the user accept then re-install them, and regional markets. This folder allows the routine editor Angels, an exclusive shut down by.

Apple Product Environmental Reports detail the environmental attributes of our products. Apple takes a holistic view of materials management and waste minimization. Learn more about how to recycle your iPad. For details on LTE support, contact your carrier and see www. A and Rev. Recycling Apple takes a holistic view of materials management and waste minimization.

Actual size and weight vary by configuration and manufacturing process. Cellular data plan is sold separately. The model you purchase is configured to work with a particular cellular network technology. Check with your carrier for compatibility and cellular data plan availability. FaceTime video calling requires a FaceTime-enabled device for the caller and recipient and a Wi-Fi connection.

To create a display with over 3 million pixels was an engineering feat in its own right. But we went even further. We designed a camera that could take images as brilliant as the display itself. And we enclosed iPad in a unibody so thin and light, you can take all those pixels with you wherever you go.

And they travel beautifully. Sold by: Newegg Shipped by Newegg. Learn More. This item is currently out of stock and it may or may not be restocked. Out of Stock.

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However, without a SIM card the only wifi I could pair it with is my home wifi. When I wrote to the seller, via Amazon, I just received the default message from Amazon, but never heard from the seller. Thinking they may be able to get my iPad up and running, I took the iPad to my local Verizion store.

Not Verizon as advertized. Now I don't know what to do, because the seller will not contact me. Removed from new box, set up, charged, went back in 20 minutes, total black screen showing and a red line saying "to warm" overheating. How could be it over heating when it's setting on cold granite in a house that's 66deg and it's in the middle of winter here? This has happened each time we leave it set, come back Black Screen, over heating and it's not even being charged!

I don't understand how a 3rd party can send out product and not at least test it. Email from Vius: Stephen how was your experience? Horrible experience! Was advertised as NEW. This iPad was NOT advertised as used or refurbished. I got one with noticeable wear and tear.

I turned it on, and immediately it started setting itself up - chose French as the language. I finally was able to set up with my information and connected it to my Apple ID. Then it went glitchy again. The retina box kept opening and closing at will I called Amazon, and they promptly refunded me!

Do NOT buy from here. First it comes without a box and no So disappointed. First it comes without a box and no charger. I took it out of the bubble wrap and it was all gross and sticky. Also it had no battery and took all night to charge.

I should have listened to the reviews and never bought from here. I bought this under the assumption that it was "new" in every way. It was a Christmas gift for my daughter who is starting nursing school shortly. She just took it yesterday to have it linked to her Sprint account and was told that this iPad was one of the first iPads produced in other words, a dinosaur and then also found that someone else's name and phone number was already entered into the iPad so obviously, it was a USED iPad.

I am furious! Shame on you! This is my third one for personal use and have also purchased others for my wife, kids and as donations to her 3rd grade classroom. I especially like the 4th generation because all the cases and covers for the 2nd and 3rd generation fit perfectly but it has the lightning adapter so the techie products work with it.

I wasn't sure about the 9 pin vs. I was also very pleased to be able to get the 4th generation at a significant savings over the iPad Air. The fraction of an inch difference in thickness doesn't mean much when you put your iPad in a case for protection or use a combination case and keyboard.

I bought the iPad 2 when it first came out, actually pre-ordered it, and had been using it for hours every day so I really don't think it owed me anything. I can now download and use one of the 5 tablet downloads for Microsoft Office that came with the "Office " I purchased without fear of over extending the memory and also download movies for use on trips.

I know they are more expensive, but there is a reason. Having had a Samsung Tablet and and Asus tablet, the iPad is just better. Are there things I wish they'd change? Like the keyboard design that is always in upper case and doesn't show numbers and They won't be around long, so if you've been considering an iPad don't hesitate to grab one of the 4's with Retina Display and save some serious money.

Previously had a iPad mini then unexpectedly stopped working. I recently started college and needed something portable and convenient for me to use on an everyday basis for school and leisure. The screen looks great and the screen is big enough to, watch lectures for my classes, type my reports, and when my family travels we use it to play games and watch movies on it.

I can say that it reached my expectations and more. One person found this helpful. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. Happy with purchase, very quick delivery. Report abuse. Indistinguishable from new. Very happy. Extremely satisfied with this iPad - great functionality and arrived in excellent condition.

The wifi reception is low when it is in ios 7. But now the wifi reception is fine when upgrading to ios 8. Dont know exactly its the ios issue or what. Most of the basic application and games are available for free as the case of andriod. Editing document is fairly easy in 9. The 16GB is really less storage for installing decent no. Hope to get some extra space. I got it in 22k with Rs. At this price range its the best option for 10 inches tablet.

Calendar 13 About Calendar Calendar makes it easy to stay on schedule. Y ou can view individual calendars, or several calendars at once. Y ou can view your even ts by day , by mon th, or in a list. Y ou can search the titles, invit ees, locations, and notes of even ts. View the Bir thdays calendar T ap Calendars, then tap Bir thdays to include birthdays from your Con tacts with your events.

See the details of an event T ap the event. Y ou can tap information about the event to get more details. Calendar accoun ts and settings There are sev eral settings available f or Calendar and your calendar accounts. Calendar accounts ar e also used to sync to-do items for Reminders. C ontacts 14 About Con tac ts Contacts lets you easily acce ss and edit your contact lists from personal, business, and organizational accoun ts.

Y ou can search across all of your groups , and the information in Contacts is automatically acc essed to make addressing emails quick and easy. Con tacts accounts and settings Y ou can add additional Con tacts accounts and adjust the way con tact names are sor ted and display ed.

Note s 15 About Notes With its large displa y and onscreen keyboard, iP ad mak es jotting notes easy. Y ou can read and write note s in landscape or por trait orientation. In por trait orientation, tap Notes to displa y the notes list. Search results appear as you type. Reminders 16 About Reminders Reminders lets you organize y our life—complete with due da tes and lists. Reminders works with your calendar accounts , so changes y ou mak e update automatically on all y our iOS devices and computers.

Mark items as completed. Setting a reminder Add a reminder: In Reminders, tap , then enter a description and tap Done. Managing completed reminders Reminders keeps track of the items you mark as completed. Y ou can see them in list or date view , and also in the completed list. View completed items: T ap the List button at the top of the screen, then tap Completed. Mark a completed item as uncompleted T ap to remove the checkmark.

More information More information Double-tab to zoom in; tap with two fingers to zoom out. See the name or description of a location T ap the pin. See a list of the businesses found in a search T ap. T ap a business to see its location. Find y our current location T ap.

Y our current location is shown by a blue marker. Getting and sharing info about a location Make a FaceT ime call when available. Make a FaceT ime call when available. Visit the website. Get or share info about a location: T ap the pin, then tap. See a standard , satellite, hybrid , or terrain view: T ap or drag the bottom-right corner of the screen, then select the vie w you want. See the Google Street View of a location: T ap. Music 18 Adding music and audio T o get music and other audio con tent onto iP ad: Purchase and do wnload content fr om the iT unes Store on iP ad.

View the Now Playing scr een: T ap the thumbnail of the album cover at the t op of the screen. Adjust the volume. Back Back Browse music. Browse music. T rack list T rack list T oggle between now playing and browse. The contr ols operate the currently pla ying app, or—if the music is paused—the most recen t app that played. The icon for the app appears on the right. T ap it to open the app. Double-clicking the Home button also displays a udio playback controls when the scr een is locked.

Genius A Genius playlist is a collection of songs from your library that go great together. Y ou can create Genius playlists in iT unes and sync them to iP ad. Y ou can browse and purchase music , T V shows, audiobooks, and alert tones. Y ou can also buy and rent mo vies, or download and play podcasts or iT unes U collections. Previe w a song, tone, or audiobook: T ap the item and follow the onscreen instructions.

V erifying downloads Y ou can use iT unes on your computer t o verify that all the music, videos, apps, and other items you bought from the iT unes Store or A pp Store are in y our iT unes librar y. Y ou might want to do this if a download was interrupt ed. Note: The App Stor e may not be av ailable in all countries or regions , and App S tore conten t may vary by country or region.

F inding and downloading apps Browse the f eatured selec tions to see new , notable, or recommended apps, or browse T op 25 to see the most popular apps. F or iT unes Store terms and conditions, go to www. Newsstand 21 About Newsstand Newsstand organizes y our magazine and ne wspaper app subscriptions with a shelf that lets you access your publications quickly and easily. Download the free iBooks app from the App Store , and then get everything from classics to bestsellers from the built-in iBookstore.

When iPad is connected to y our computer , the Books pane lets you select which items to sync. Add or remov e a highlight D ouble-tap a word , use the grab points t o adjust the selection, then tap Highlight and choose a color. T o remove a highlight, tap the highlight ed text, then tap. T o underline words, tap. T o change the color , tap the highlighted text, then select a color from the menu. Change the brightness: T ap near the center of a page to display the c ontrols , then tap.

Change the font or type size T ap near the center of a page to displa y the controls , then tap. Y ou can email or print PDFs , but not books. T o browse your con tacts, tap. T o add several friends in one request, type Return af ter each address. Respond to a friend request T ap R equests, tap the request, then tap Accept or Ignore.

V oiceOver also lets you know when the display changes t o landscape or por trait orientation, and when the screen is locked or unlocked. Elements are selected from left to right, top to bottom. Use a list index Some lists have an alphabetical index along the right side. Enter an accen ted character In standard t yping mode, select the plain charac ter , then double-tap and hold until you hear a sound indicating alternat e characters have appeared.

Using a braille dis play with V oiceOver Y ou can use a refre shable Bluetooth braille display t o read VoiceOver output in braille , and y ou can use a braille display with input keys and other con trols to con trol iP ad when VoiceOver is turned on. Speak Auto-T ext Speak Auto-text speaks the t ext corrections and suggestions iPad makes when you type. Speak Auto-text also works with V oiceOver or Zoom. Settings 25 Airplane Mode Airplane mode disables the wireless f eatures of iPad in or der to reduce poten tial interference with aircraft operation and other electrical equipment.

Turn on Badge App Icon. VPN VPNs used within organizations let you c ommunicate private inf or mation securely ov er a non- private network. Picture F rame Picture Fr ame mode turns iPad in to an animated picture frame. Choose which transition to use , the duration of each photo , and which album t o display. Start Pic ture F rame: T ap on the Lock screen.

Sounds Y ou can set iP ad to play a sound whenever you get a new message , email, or reminder. Sounds can also play for appoin tments, sending an email, keyb oard clicks, and when you lock iP ad. Spotlight Search The Spotlight Search setting lets you s pecify the content ar eas searched by Search, and rearrange the order of the results. Y ou can set the follo wing restrictions: Safari Safari is disabled and its icon is removed from the Home screen.

Y ou cannot use Safar i to browse the web or access web clips. Y ouTube Y ouTube is disabled and its icon is r emoved from the Home screen. Reset Y ou can reset the keyboard dictionary , network settings , home screen la yout, and location warnings. Y ou can also erase all of your conten t and settings.

F or detailed information about using iP ad in business, go to www. VPN access VPN vir tual private netw ork provides secure acce ss over the Int ernet to private networks , such as the network at your compan y or school. Ask your administrator what settings y ou should use.

T yping using Cangjie Build Chine se cha racters from the c ompone nt C angjie keys. As you type, su ggest ed cha racters appear. Japanese Y ou can type Japanese using the Kana or Romaji k eyboards. Y ou can also type facemarks. T yping Japanese kana Use the Kana keypad to selec t syllables. F or more syllable options, tap the arrow key and select another syllable or word from the windo w. Vietnamese T ouch and hold a character to see the av ailable diacr itical marks, then slide to choose the one you want.

Y ou can also type the following key sequences to en ter characters with diacrit. Y ou ca n also use Express Lane for personaliz ed suppor t not available in all ar eas. See expresslane. When you turn on iCloud backup , iP ad no longer backs up to your computer automatically when y ou sync with iT unes. Updating and re storing iP ad software Y ou can update iP ad software in Settings, or by using iT unes. Y ou can also erase iP ad, and then use iCloud or iT unes to restore a backup.

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