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Alyssa Hale, a girl with a murderous and violent alternate personality. This plot summary follows the canon Ending A. The story is set in Spring of Clock Tower II · The Struggle Within features all the suspense and terror that kept you on the edge of your seat in the original, but this time with a twist. Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within (titled Clock Tower: Ghost Head in the original Japanese version) is a game created by Human Entertainment for the Sony. GAY GRANDPA TLS encryption with. BugBug ofthe your privacy are server error "User FileHorse check all. The problem appears keys to Pageant user group-based authentication.

Yutaka Hirata. Top credits Director Yutaka Hirata. See more at IMDbPro. Photos Add photo. Top cast Edit. Roger Jackson Bates as Bates voice. David Nowlin Mr. Bowman as Mr. Bowman voice …. Yutaka Hirata scenario. More like this. Storyline Edit.

Alyssa has just undergone extensive psychotherapy and is recuperating by visiting a lifelong friend of her father's, Philip Tate, and his children. Unbeknownst to Alyssa, Philip's family is haunted by the Maxwell Curse: a mysterious figure who loves to wear a devil's mask and slaughter his victims with a large butcher knife. This is the beginning of a nightmare journey.

Did you know Edit. Trivia The game contains 13 different endings. Connections Followed by Clock Tower 3 User reviews Be the first to review. Details Edit. Release date October 31, United States. Official site. Ghost Head. As Phillip and his wife Kathryn Tate were awaiting her arrival, there was an ominous knock at the door.

What happened next is a bit of a mystery; as Kathryn opened the door, she unleashed a blood-curdling scream. When Alyssa finally arrived at the Tate house, everyone was gone and there was a sense of horror in the air. Something was definitely amiss as she walked around the abandoned house. As Alyssa continued her search, she discovered a rotting corpse lying in a pool of yellow blood.

Players assume the role of Alyssa and her mysterious persona Mr. Bates in an all-new bone-chilling point-and-click adventure. Taking gameplay elements from the original title, Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within features three episodes that unravel the murderous plot, 13 different endings and an inventory system that holds numerous items. The key to solving puzzles and progressing through each episode is found within Alyssa's amulet.

When she places the pendant in a safe place, Mr. Bates can then enter her psyche and take over her body. And while Alyssa may not like it, this is the only way players will be able to solve the mystery. Bates can see and interact with things that Alyssa cannot!

Like the original Clock Tower, players will use the point-and-click method to move the protagonist from screen to screen and interact with hot-spotted items. Picking up items is extremely important for episode progression -- be sure to comb every area thoroughly for keys and clues!

In addition to inventory items, players will also come across hints that are viewable at the Pamphlet screen. This screen also includes an ending list and a mystery gameplay option that is unlocked "after certain conditions have been met.

Bowman, an aggressive newspaper reporter; detective Alex Corey; and Allen Hale, a prominent hospital director and Alyssa's father. Whereas the original game had the murderous Scissorman, Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within features a few pathos including George Maxwell, a devil mask-wearing killer with a large butcher knife and Stephanie Tate, a possessed seven-year old maniac. When players come in contact with either of these psychopaths, the Panic or Escape modes become initiated.

During a Panic situation, the cursor flashes red and you'll have to press the Square button repeatedly to escape. The Escape mode involves running away from the murderous beings and using objects in any given room to fight off the enemy.

Alyssa's fate is in your hands. Features 13 potential endings Alternate between two distinct personalities Confront zombies, a child armed with a knife, and other ghastly enemies. Tested and working 34 ,49 RUB. Spooky game The game starts off with Alyssa's Uncle and his wife talking about the Maxwell Curse, they hear a scream in the next room and go to find what that was about. Clock Tower 2: The Struggle Within One of the very first games to have different outcomes in the storyline.

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