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Yoisaki Kanade (宵崎 奏) is a home-schooled student. She's the composer of the underground music circle ji, Nightcord de. A lovingly curated selection of 20 free hd Yoisaki Kanade wallpapers and background images. Perfect for your desktop pc, phone, laptop. liontecbolivia.come Miku Can Badge Goods. if that happens we will cancel your order. L NumberL Published Date/3/5. STRING BAG An access group use a phrase or paragraph multiple times, or respond. Cons There are Sugar Truck. It seems that to begin the and, by courtesy.

Her mouth curves slightly when she smiles, and her eyes soften. Her body sways slightly as she moves from expression to expression. Kanade appears to be very accepting and sympathetic towards her fellow circle members; they are grateful for her and the group she created. She'd like to make other people happy with her music as her father once did.

Incredibly hardworking to the point of skipping sleep and overworking herself, she puts almost too much effort into her work. Haunted by what her music had done to her father, as the cause of her trauma, Kanade swears to make music that could save anyone, as her father had told her.

Her savior complex is evident where she feels like she's failed as a musician if her music does not serve her intended purpose to help others. Determined to save Mafuyu with her music, she swears that she will continue writing, even if her talent is a curse to her.

Asahina Mafuyu : Fellow circle member. Kanade sympathizes with her and desperately tries to save Mafuyu with her music. Shinonome Ena : Fellow circle member. Kanade feels she hides her true feelings as she draws. Ena is forever grateful towards Kanade for seeing worth in her illustrations. Akiyama Mizuki : Fellow circle member. Kanade thinks they only act on their own principles. Mizuki is grateful towards Kanade for accepting them as they are.

Hoshino Ichika : They see each other in passing at a music store, and both think to themselves that the other has very pretty hair. Mochizuki Honami : Honami works part-time as a housekeeper for Kanade. Kanade is either featured in or has an alternate vocal of the SEKAI versions of the following songs:.

Units and Characters. Wiki Rules Guides. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Members Human Characters Yoisaki Kanade. Yoisaki Kanade. History Talk 0. Uh oh! Nene-Robo has found this page is a stub! Our community needs more information on this page! Can you help out? Click here to add more. The door was far behind her, on the opposite end of the room. She had been waiting for this. She took slow careful steps towards the door, cautiously as not to alert her companion.

Once she reached the hallway, she could just barely hear the melodic sound of humming. As tempting as it was to stay and listen, to lean closer to that bedroom door, Kanade pulled herself away. The kitchen was her destination, with its stove burner and various other appliances. First she took her kettle and filled it with water, a process that was far too loud, before setting it on the burner. Then came the teas. This was a harder step, having to choose a flavor. Kanade laid her options out on the counter and then stared down at them, willing one to stand out to her.

Her eyebrows were scrunched together as she scrutinized the varied choices. She tensed up, before regaining her senses and hastily gathering all of the tea bags. It was impossible to do so, as the labels were still visible between her fingers. Honami smiled, her response coming smoothly. This was a blatant lie; everything was not fine the surprise had been ruined.

Kanade sighed, looking down as she raised her hands up to show Honami what she held. It was supposed to be a surprise. Her eyes stayed stubbornly on her hands. Her heart pounded in her chest after she finished speaking, and even though only a few seconds passed the silence stretched for what felt like an eternity. Kanade looked up, finally meeting her eyes.

There were tears gathering in the corners of then, which disappeared a moment later as Honami blinked rapidly. Despite this, a broad smile was spread across her face, one Kanade had always longed to see from her. Kanade observed her with wide eyes, wanting to grasp her hand in return, to promise to make tea for her every day if that was what she wanted. Those actions would be for another time. For now, Honami wiped at her eyes and took a step back.

She disappeared down the hallway, leaving Kanade alone in the kitchen. Kanade turned back to the counter, setting down the tea bags that she had been clenching this whole time. She still needed to pick and she was determined not to disappoint.

It took more than a few minutes, but as the water reached a boil she was able to decide. She steeped the tea carefully, for the exact number of minutes it needed. She brought it to place in front of Honami, just as she had so many times before for Kanade. I'm a little scared to post this, I've never posted anything on this platform, I hope can bring more I show you a drawing of Kanade and Mafuyu, does English make it more powerful?

Hello Wondwrland Showtime! Are you fond of eating spicy foods? If so do you have a high spice tolerance? Some Project Sekai pieces! Yoisaki Kanade Tumblr posts. Honami nodded once, smiling down at Kanade as her heart clenched in her chest. View Full.

Miku and Sekais Leaders wearing my costumes. Babe wake up a new way to torture Akito just dropped Add it to the long pile of games that need to stop encouraging my bullshit. The flame of love is facing you Mod Starbow If by some chance I'm Mary Self Indulgent project sekai prsk prsk icons mizuki akiyama ena shinonome kanade yoisaki mafuyu asahina meiko vocaloid nightcord at 25 ji nightcord de.

The pair soon sat down at the kitchen table, with Kanade pouring each of them a cup. Kanade: The thing is I have a girlfriend. Ena: And? Go ahead and rip the bandage off. Who is she? Kanade: Mafuyu.

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