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Catalogue Number, Parental Line, 3LL aka LL/2 (LLC1) likely origin - please note genetic divergence in relevance information. 3LL ; Description: Lewis lung carcinoma cell line. ; Also Known As: ; Species: mouse ; Tissue: lung ; Growth Properties. Footpad inoculation of small doses of 3LL cells resulted in lower tumor incidence and a more prolonged latency phase for tumor appearance in the D mice. However. TRI PRC 152 Consequence of U on and add. Quite happy with. Also visit my RDP support for many items on.

Altogen Biosystems provides nanoparticle-based transfection kits for this cell line. Figure 1. Data were normalized against the 18S rRNA signal. Control samples were either mock-transfected or untreated. Values are normalized to untreated sample. Figure 2. Untreated cells used as a negative control. Altogen Biosystems: Altogen Biosystems manufacturers cell type specific and preoptimized transfection products , elecroporation kits, and in vivo delivery reagents for life science research.

Additional information Weight 1 lbs Kit Size Volume 0. Add to cart. These results suggest that the host's immune response may potentiate the antitumor effects of antiangiogenic agents. This possibility was further supported by findings that the antitumor activity of endostatin against 3LL-C75 tumor was lower in immunodeficient than in immunocompetent mice. Tumor vaccination or endostatin treatment applied separately inhibited but did not induce regression of 3LL tumor.

These results suggest that the combined attack against tumor cells and the tumor vascular system using antitumor immune mechanisms and antiangiogenic drugs can be a promising strategy for cancer treatment. Abstract The ability of the antitumor immune response to potentiate the therapeutic efficacy of the antiangiogenic agent endostatin was investigated.

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Grahams Adjacent scatter plots represent the frequency of memory subsets reported per mouse. This cell line has been known to show reduced metastatic ability when exposed to ultraviolet light. Gov't, Non-P. Figure 1. Techniques: Immunostaining, Mouse Assay.

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