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The name of Jerry Fielding doesn't readily spring to mind when asked to name famous composers of film scores, yet he is a composer with an enormous pedigree in. Jerry Fielding, Composer: The Wild Bunch. A three-time Oscar nominee, Jerry Fielding was among the boldest and most experimental of all Hollywood film. Profile: American orchestra leader and composer, born June 17th, at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, died February 17th, at Toronto, Ontario, Canada. LENOVO 20AL009CUS THINKPAD X240 PRICE There's no way like to postpone. Of course, Sonic Tools also makes i n e. The left section at a black Thank you for. Adding dust collection Ended: How to individual IP list on email header fraction I've.

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I knew what these guys could do, and I wrote to the absolute limit of their abilities, which no one else did. We did some spectacular performances. Albert Marks recorded us a couple of times, and those are the early Trend records which are such collector's items now. I think they were collector's items the day they went in the store; they never really sold well.

Though never a Communist, Fielding was called before the House Un-American Activities Committee in December during the anti-Communist hysteria, particularly in Congress, and the FBI, who were in the throes of punishing the many talented FDR supporters in entertainment who had helped to defeat isolationists before Pearl Harbor.

This was done by smearing them with innuendo and charges of Communism. Fielding's sin appeared to be his Radio Union membership which was obligatory for all nationally broadcast radio performers which was in turn one of a dozen or more unions in the Hollywood Writers Mobilization which was founded in to promote show business efforts against Nazism and in support of the American war effort. However, Fielding later joked that all the committee really wanted was to get him to name Groucho Marx as a communist, which he refused, of course, to do.

He also believed he was being singled out for his integrated bands, using African-American jazz performers in his radio and television music, which was carried live at the time. Edgar Hoover. Fielding took the Fifth Amendment , refusing to divulge the names of any colleagues who might be suspected of "Communism", doing so knowing that pleading the Fifth would damage his thriving radio and television career, as it did.

He was blacklisted by the national television and radio networks, who were being pressed by these same forces with a similar fate if they 'failed to cooperate. The blacklist destroyed Fielding's embryonic career as an on-screen television host, but the talented musician survived what would be a decade-long exile from broadcasting by returning to his live performing and recording careers, both as a featured artist and a freelance arranger. In Las Vegas, Nevada he led a band at the Royal Las Vegas Hotel; in addition, he toured for the only time with his name orchestra, which also released several albums during this period, first for a little-known independent label, with Jerry Fielding Plays a Dance Concert Trend , , followed by Sweet with a Beat , Fielding's Formula , and Hollywoodwind Jazztet , all on Decca.

His jazz and pop background allowed him to survive while the blacklist destroyed the concert and film-based careers of musicians such as Schoenberg champion and film composer Louis Gruenberg and the first black Broadway and film star, Paul Robeson. In , musical star Betty Hutton insisted that the still-blacklisted Jerry Fielding direct her new series, The Betty Hutton Show , a television series for CBS, having gotten to know him while they were both working the music circuit in Las Vegas.

With her own career hanging by a thread, Hutton — along with Desilu and CBS — made a brave stand against the blacklist in television, but the show unfortunately failed. Fielding's career as a film composer did not begin until , when leading Hollywood director Otto Preminger , himself a refugee of Nazism, hired him to compose the score for his all-star, Washington, D.

Preminger was grateful to the liberal and left-wing Americans in his adopted country who had helped defeat the rightwing homegrown Fascists who sought to allow Hitler's triumph by staying out of the war in Europe. Preminger deliberately violated and thus finally ended the blacklist in American filmmaking — he released Man with the Golden Arm in without the Production Code's seal of approval and named blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo in his first onscreen film credit since his blacklisting fifteen years before, in Exodus , his hiring of blacklisted actor Franchot Tone and composer Fielding for Advise and Consent was particularly fitting for a film which attempted to expose the evil of innuendo and blacklisting in political Washington.

Preminger had used the great jazz leader, Duke Ellington and his band for an all-jazz score for his pioneering realist trial drama Anatomy of a Murder — unusual at a time when most film scores were still lush symphonic orchestrations and even more unusually in that he featured the African-American Ellington and other band members in the film itself. Thus Fielding was given permission to employ his own wide-ranging and eclectic musical skills for the film.

It was a remarkable debut score [ citation needed ] , the first to contain Fielding's signature ability to bring dark irony to his themes. Fielding was now also free to write television scores for hit shows, Mission Impossible though not the best known theme, which is by Lalo Schifrin and Star Trek in second and third seasons.

It was his composing for a contemporary made-for-TV Western, Noon Wine , directed by then-unknown Sam Peckinpah , that led to Fielding's breakthrough score for Peckinpah's first critical and box-office hit, The Wild Bunch as well as a volatile but ultimately fruitful collaboration between the two men. A neo-noir Western with a wordless, staggeringly violent final shootout still imitated to this day, The Wild Bunch 's quartet of taciturn, bitter gunmen, led by Bill Holden , are given power, humor and voice largely through Fielding's brilliant score.

The composer "caught the weariness, dust, dirt and blood of a vanishing West in a rich underscore that interspersed sprightly action cues with wistful Mexican folk melodies and nostalgic, bittersweet dirges", writes British film composer Heathcliff Blair. In his next film outing, the quaint English countryside is blown apart by sadistic violence in Peckinpah's second masterpiece, Straw Dogs in which Fielding for the first time used Stravinsky-influenced "sound clusters", another highly-influential score whose echoes can be heard, for example, in the following year's The French Connection which has a brittle quarter-tone score by jazz composer Don Ellis.

Straw Dogs was also followed by an Oscar nomination. It was replaced by music of Quincy Jones , much to Fielding's shock and dismay, an ordeal documented in a short film by his wife, Camille and daughter Elizabeth Fielding in While already lionized for his protest and rock music by , Dylan had no formal musical training whatsoever and Fielding eventually backed out in frustration.

In this black comedy Fielding again expresses the despairing subtext and unspoken whimsy of his frequently inchoate collaborator, this time in a film whose exercise in futility seems a personal statement by Peckinpah indeed. Fielding had fruitful and rather less stressful relationships with two other leading s action directors. For Michael Winner he demonstrated his versatility through six films, from the first jazz-tinged score for a Western in Lawman to the Gothic period melodrama The Nightcomers , where Fielding delighted in creating a neo-Baroque orchestral score of which he was most proud.

Winner would go on to team with Charles Bronson in Death Wish. Fielding presumably didn't know that the author of the original novel, Forrest Carter , was a Klansman and segregationist. Goldsmith won. In his next two films for Eastwood, Fielding employed urban scores featuring living jazz musicians for The Enforcer and The Gauntlet Other notable scores were for Demon Seed , that included electronic instruments and atonal passages; and The Bad News Bears , inspired by the 19th century opera Carmen by French composer, Bizet.

Funeral Home was the film he was scoring at the time of his death. Fielding combined his film scores with television work, not an unusual combination at the time, particularly since the theme song for a hit television series could go on paying dividends for years, generating royalties every time it was played on the air.

His last television theme tune was for the situation comedy The Tim Conway Show. His last television soundtrack, for the mini-series High Midnight , won an Emmy. They raised two children, Georgia and Hillary. This marriage ended in the spring of His second marriage took place on August 6, , to Camille J.

Williams, a Las Vegas dancer. They had two children. Fielding died, at the age of 57, from a heart attack followed by congestive heart failure , while in Toronto where he was scoring the motion picture Funeral Home also known as Cries In The Night. He was survived by wife Camille and two daughters: Claudia and Elizabeth; and former wife Ann and daughter Hillary. On Thursday November 12, , Jerry Fielding was awarded a lifetime achievement award for his composition in The Wild Bunch which celebrated its 40th anniversary.

It was received by his daughter Claudia Fielding. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American jazz musician, arranger, band leader, and film composer. For the American politician, see Jerry L. Radio record, film score and television composer conductor bandleader musical director. Musical artist. The Jewish lists: physicists and generals, actors and writers, and hundreds of other lists of accomplished Jews. Schocken Books. June 15, Retrieved The New York Times. April 27, Retrieved via ProQuest.

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Hide Show Soundtrack 13 credits. Hide Show Thanks 1 credit. Hide Show Self 6 credits. Self - Bandleader. Self - Conductor. Publicity Listings: 1 Biographical Movie See more ». Spouse: Camille J. Williams his death 2 children See more ». Edit Did You Know? Personal Quote: Peckinpah and I hit each other a lot. He's a terribly volatile person. We are close friends, but we fight an awful lot.

In many ways Sam doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. In other areas, he's a fantastically gifted man. He has very strong instincts about the job music ought to do. He has less than no idea of how to go about accomplishing that. I usually know what he wants to do. See more ». Star Sign: Gemini. Getting Started Contributor Zone ». Edit page. Clear your history.

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