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Ultraviolet men

ultraviolet men

Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet Man is a masculine and woody fragrance with unusual notes that will be sure to hit the senses. More Info About Ultraviolet Men. It comes in packs of 50 and liontecbolivia.comzer. It was released in Created by Jacques Cavallier. Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet Man In the fragrance world it can be said that Paco Rabanne reigns supreme. The constant collaboration of perfect notes and flavours. SHELTON CT When you use you because you going to update cosh, feeling pressure this book that can be obtained. Display usually have. On the television maintenance of connection.

Omak Gida. Paco Rabanne. Ralph Lauren. Salvatore Ferragamo. The Jelly Bean Factory. Tiziana Terenzi. Victoria's Secret. Yves Saint Laurent. Home Ultraviolet Man. Be the first to review this product. Add to Cart Quick Checkout. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. A fragrance for a man seeking innovations and new olfactory experiences. Elaborated around one of the noblest material, the ambergris, Ultraviolet, with its fresh and woody notes, is a masculine and sensual perfume that will inevitably seduce you.

Filled of contrasts, it plays with a virility full of sensuality, fresh and spicy at the same time. In stock. SKU P. More Information. Fragrance Notes - Base Vanilla, Oakmoss. Scent Oriental. Write Your Own Review. You're reviewing: Ultraviolet Man Nickname. Submit Review. Only registered users can write reviews. Rate Collection Classify Notes. Translated Show original Show translation. Helpful Review 2. I can still remember liking Ultraviolet Man a lot about 15 years ago. My preference for sweet fragrances is still present, but I think I've probably gotten a little too old for this scent in my early 30s.

It's not that I care about certain standards, my tastes have just changed slightly. I'm not into "baklava scents" anymore. It seems way too sweet for me. It's still not bad, though. The scent progression is relatively varied. In the opening stood out next to the strong sweetness of the powderiness in conjunction with a slight freshness very pleasant. After about 1 hour it smells almost only of moss.

Later after about 2 hours, the sweetness comes up again. The sillage is very pleasant. The fragrance does not scream, but is also not too quiet. Definitely a recommendation for the younger ones who want to stand out a little from the mainstream. Many know this fragrance namely not at all. Very helpful Review 8. And it is once again interesting how individually different perception is.

The fragrance is unusual and innovative because it stands out from the rest. However, I had expected a techno-futuristic impact and an EdT, which for example could carry a character in "Tron". The design of the bottle also awakens such associations in me.

In front of me stands a peppermint ice cream with a warm waffle powdered with icing sugar. And my counterpart is lighting a cigarette whose smoke mixes a little with the mint aroma and the sweetness of the waffle. Since hardly anyone smokes today, this scenario is also in the past - which gives the whole a slightly nostalgic touch. Before someone feels deterred by the "cigarette smoke" aroma: This is extremely discreet and stays in the background.

Overall I find UM to be very pleasant and harmonious. He's out of the question for me for now. I find it too soft and too sweet. Top Review I actually have a problem with scents worn by certain people, in too high a dosage for certain purposes.

Admittedly, I exaggerate the dosage of my perfume myself from time to time. This may sound paradoxical and probably is, but I like to smell good????. However, I don't like it if I'm put into a drawer immediately because of that, so I have a problem with all these mainstream scents. Who wants to smell like every other guy on the street!

The scent itself. Linear or uncompromising? Probably it is a matter of interpretation and as always with Paco Rabanne fragrances, he does not appear very quiet or reserved. Freshly minty, at the same time sweetly oriental after Patchouli it starts and remains so, the entire course of fragrance over.

It comes after a good hour, a component slightly reminiscent of a higher quality "Irish moss" added. Not very complex, but never cheap and always fresh-sweet. Even if this is not a perfume criterion for me, it is a real magnet for compliments! Please stay in this quality where you are, neither niche, nor mainstream, neither too heavy, nor too light! Simply fresh Minty and slightly sweetish without everyone to please!

Very helpful Review First: I hate "One Million", yuck, gross!

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ultraviolet men

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