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Ginger pie records

ginger pie records

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Ginger pie records new balance 1500 black

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ginger pie records

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James Infirmary live Ginger Pie — Gypsy Guy Ginger Pie — Nobody s fault but mine Ginger Pie blues band — Love In Vain live Ginger Pie — Red hot Ginger Pie — Fascinating lover Ginger Pie — St. James Infirmary Ginger Pie — Drop down Mama Ginger Pie — Rock Me Baby Ginger Pie — Saint James Infirmary Ginger Pie — Taste of honey Ginger Pie blues band — Rock Me Baby Ginger Pie blues band — A Taste of Honey live Ginger Pie — Lady Madonna Ginger Pie — Obnox stomp Ginger Pie blues band — Drop Down Mama live The small amount 2.

If you take that route, let us know how it turns out. A dear friend brought this to me at my Mom's funeral after I turned her onto "Harold and Maude"! One of the sweetest things anyone has ever done It was amazing! Thank You! I got this link when I asked for the recipee! Cheers to you! Having just watched Harold and Maude for the first time in many years, I'm ecstatic to find someone invented a pie that sounds worthy of Ruth Gordon's performance.

I'll be trying it out this weekend! Oat straw tea is completely optional. I watched that movie for the first time yesterday and was also struck by the same quest as you Beat egg whites, salt, and vanilla. Add sugar and beat until stiff. Fold in crumb mixture.

Pour into buttered 9 inch pie plate. Bake at degrees for 30 minutes. Frost with whipped cream and shaved chocolate. Take out at least 2 hours before serving. Personally I think your recipe sounds better. In all honesty, though, I think mine sounds better, too. However, by including coconut in this version, you did install in me an early morning craving for coconut cream pie. Must resist temptation to make one I just finished watching Harold and Maude.

I don't know how many times I've seen it but the ginger pie made me check google for a recipe. I can, and have, screwed up making cans of soup. I'll get my award winning baker aka My Sister to make me one. Thanks a lot for figuring this out! Here's to sisters and their baking prowess! A search for Ginger Pie led me to your blog.

Your essay brought a tear to my eye and I'm writing this as I plan to go to the market to get the ingredients I'm missing. Unfortunately, since I've started reading your other posts I can't seem to tear myself away. Working up my resolve, I will bookmark your site to revisit while the pie is baking.

You have a new fan. Thank you for making my day! I'm glad you like the stories. If you get around to the baking, let me know. The ginger pie story is one that had been kicking around in my head for a while, but I'm a bit overwhelmed by the response both here and the private emails I've gotten. I'm obsessing about pineapple upside down cake the past few days, but once that's out of my system, I may have to bake a ginger pie myself. Just the thing for this degree weather we're having in December.

I came on today to look for ginger pie because of Harold and Maude and plum pudding because of Anne of Green Gables. I'm going to make this for sure, and blog about it, too! This is just so great, thanks to netflix, Harold and Maude, google and ginger pie I find kindred spirits.

Watching Harold and Maude for the first time in years it was great to find not only a recipie appropriate typo but the great story of a harold and maude type of quest. Ginger pie flashed thru my brain once again as it has since , only this time I had google and I found your post and recipe. I'll be making the pie this week, and holding your observations about my favorite-ever movie in my heart as well. And now I have a way to keep Maude's outlook even closer, thru my tastebuds and sense of smell!

I just watched Harold and Maude again after seeing it years ago, and immediately googled ginger pie ala Harold and Maude. Thank you for the recipe and for your thoughts on this marvelous movie, and now I'm off to make this pie. After watching Harold and Maude for the first time a few days ago, I knew I wanted to make a ginger pie.

I'm so glad you posted this. We're not drinkers in my house, so I substituted the rum with almond extract and pineapple juice found it on a website and it was stuff I already had. We finished off the first one in two days and I'm making another one now. I might try the real rum version at some point, but for now, we're really liking this one.

Thank you so much! I am sitting here watching Harold and Maude. Like you, I lost focus on the dialogue after she mentioned ginger pie. I had never heard of a "ginger pie", but I was intrigued by what such a pie would look like and taste like. I typed ginger pie into the search box and the first thing to pop up was your blog. Thank you for providing a recipe and pics.

At the end of the day, I agree with your assesment. Ginger pie, whether it ever existed or is just the writer's invention, is symbolic of Maude welcoming Harold into her home and into her life; something simple and real, with a vibrant kick. I went looking for a ginger pie recipe for just the same reason I'm so glad you made this one.

I made a gluten-free version with cornstarch instead of flour and a gluten-free crust from Whole Foods. I suggest that you make this by posthaste and be sure to share it with loved ones. Thank you for giving this recipe!!!! Pie plus Liquor plus Spices is my modus operandi I thoroughly enjoyed the process of making it, and I wondered what your preferred crust is.

I used a shortbread. It was a bit heavy and salty in contrast to the filling and I might use crumbled shortbread for the same taste but lighter texture next time. Also, I think I will try a version of this recipe, but with pink peppercorn instead of ginger. Do you have any suggestions for the liquor? I could even see a graham cracker or gingersnap crust working for this.

Your pink peppercorn idea made me think immediately of using either cognac or a peach brandy. Peach brandy, an old American standard, can be hard to get your hands on these days, but Peach Street Distillers in Colorado make a barrel-aged version that's just stellar. Sniff around; some other distillers are resurrecting that old spirit. Also, an errant thought entered my head and I'm having a hard time shaking it — I wonder how frozen duck fat would play out in a crust for a pink peppercorn pie.

In that case, I'd forgo the peach and stick with cognac or some other aged grape brandy. Let us know how it turns out! As soon as you said "duck" my thoughts swung to mincemeat. And then marmalade arrived upon the scene. The peppercorns have not departed. Any suggestions on modifying this recipe to gluten-free and substituting the rum for a non-alcoholic flavor? That seems like a fairly easy modification.

As for a nonalcoholic flavor, I admit that I've never tried. Keep in mind that even extracts of lemon, almond, and vanilla are high-proof alcoholic liquids. It sounds like you are probably more familiar with that end of the market than am I: my feeling is that if you have found a flavoring that you enjoy, by all means use it. Failing that, I might consider warming the minced ginger in the cream, covering it, and letting it cool before incorporating both into the recipe.

Good luck — and let us know what you come up with. I dreamed of ginger pie last night and being a baker, started Googling with no luck until I found your blog. I swear it is exactly what I had pictured! Thanks for posting and you can guess what I plan on making tonight and watching. I'm watching Harold and Maude right now and googled ginger pie after she mentioned it. Your recipe sounds divine, thanks for all the work you put into it.

Hi, I watched Harold and Maude for the second time yesterday after buying it a week or so ago. I am a Cat Steven's fan and only found out about this film by chance inspite of studying film in the past, must have missed this one. Anyway, I was thinking of the ginger pie and saw your recipe which I am going to try this weekend.

I loved reading your blog on this and will report back about the pie. Loved the film, ahead of its time in many respects. I'm hoping the pie lives up to it. Maude would be proud of you!! I made this for Christmas this year and I hope it keep it as a family tradition.

So great, thank you! I made your Ginger Pie Recipe yesterday for my son who was turning 18 and instead of cake, wanted three days of pie. He's a huge fan of ginger and asked if one of his three pies could be a ginger pie. Not having a recipe for ginger pie, I explored Google and came upon your recipe. Well, it's delicious!

Especially chilled because the flavors meld together and the ginger is more pronounced when the pie is cold. Thank you for all your trials and errors in creating a truly unique Ginger Pie Recipe for ginger lovers! Still making this pie. It's a gem, even if I don't for a long time, it sparkles at me from afar, like ginger candy in a jello pudding universe.

The ginger I bought today was terribly fibrous rural town, small supermarket and I had to use the squeeze bottle kind but I had to make it anyway. And guess what! I finally got some duck fat! My my life moves really slowly

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