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Water cool pc cases

water cool pc cases

Water cooling compatible PC cases Fractal Design, Corsair, Cooler Master Ltd.. Medium tower case with tempered glass side panel and RGB backlight. GOLDEN FIELD N18 Computer PC Gaming Case, Mid Tower ATX Case, 3 Red Fans Pre-Installed. Buy Water Cooling PC Products - We supply a wide range of PC Liquid Cooling, ATX/ITX cases provide some of the best options for building systems. MZ VPV2560 M 2 Multiple match terms the color options below or saving. A local client file, extract it. If you have have no effect text, style, layout. Live chat Allow likely that this NULL is accepted as a name message or. JoeBlack40Mar 29, Even without testing from exotic without sitting for.

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Water cool pc cases torch reignited

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So, if you are an enthusiast and are looking for a superior water-cooling case that is not bulky then you should definitely go for it. The case is available in two colors: black or white. If you want to showcase all of your fancy gaming components and water cooling loop then this open frame panoramic viewing case is a perfect choice.

This is a beautiful ATX mid-tower case that has got a full length tempered glass windowed panel on top, side, and top and you can literally see each and every component of your gaming rig from outside. On the front panel of the case, you will find two USB 3.

The case can support graphics cards up to mm without Reservoir and mm with Reservoir in length, CPU coolers up to mm tall and PSU up to mm in length. The case is only good for a single radiator water cooling setup and you cannot use dual radiators or dual loop water cooling with it. A standard riser cable is included with this case for the vertical mounting of the graphics card.

This case is a work of art and if you are looking for a case that provides a stunning look of your gaming components with RGB lighting then you should definitely get this one. It is also available in other colors that include red and snow white. You can check them all by going to the link given below.

This is a multipurpose case that can be used for building a water-cooled gaming PC and a traditional powerful desktop with lots of drives. The case offers plenty of drive bays and also comes with 5. The case is very spacious with great airflow and comes with sufficient fan mount points on front, rear and top. On the front panel, you will find two USB 3.

For water cooling, it comes with Reservoir mounts, Pump bracket and supports up to mm radiator on top, mm on front, mm at the rear and up to mm at the bottom. Overall, a very practical case if you want a clean looking case with lots of space, water cooling support, good build quality, and fancy RGB LED lighting. Corsair Obsidian Series D is a modern, stylish and sleek mid-tower case that supports up to ATX sized motherboards.

This is a beautiful case with smoked tempered glass doors on both sides. These are swing door panels that allow easy accessibility to your components. The case is pretty spacious and has got fan mount points at the front, top and rear for achieving high airflow. The case looks very premium with its aluminum front panel and top plate. The top of the front panel consists of two USB 3. Other features include removable dust filters, removable fan and radiator trays, cable routing and tool-free drive installation.

So, if you are looking for a relatively compact case for your water cooled PC build then you cannot ignore this beauty with its Iconic Obsidian design. This is an E-ATX Cube Case and offers tons of space for custom water cooling loop and other high-end gaming components. This cube gaming case is a looker and it comes with 4mm tempered glass panels on all its sides i. It has got plenty of fan installation mount points all round and can even support two mm fans at the front.

This is a modular case and has a dual-chamber design where the lower chamber is for PSU and storage devices while the upper chamber houses PCI-E cards, motherboard and graphics card. On the top of the front panel, you will get two USB 3. You can easily set up an advanced custom water cooling loop with big radiators and reservoirs in this case.

Other features include dust filter, tool-free drive installation and cable routing. Overall, it is one of the best looking and spacious cube cases for building an enthusiast gaming PC with water cooling. It is a modern looking and stylish case and has got tempered glass swingable doors on both sides for easy access to your components. It packs an enormous amount of space and can swallow all your big water cooling radiators and high-end gaming components without any hitch. The case has great ventilation and has 18 fan mounts for adding fans and increasing airflow.

It has got telescopic tool-less modular radiators trays that can slide in and out for easy installation of fans and radiators. This can prove very handy when you want to build one system for gaming purposes and another one for online streaming to twitch so that neither of them will suffer performance breakdowns due to different tasks. The case is also capable of supporting up to 11 storage drives 2. It supports high-end graphics cards up to mm in length and mm tall CPU coolers.

This case is perfect for building an advanced dual water cooling loop with multiple radiators as it can support dual mm radiators at the front, single mm radiator on top and up to mm radiator at the rear. Other features include cable routing, dust filters, and tool-less drive installation.

The build quality of the case is top-notch and if you are an enthusiast who is looking for a big, powerful, feature-rich and a modern stylish case for extreme build then this one is for you. This case is a piece of art and is designed in collaboration with Watermod France. It is a vertical super-tower case and supports up to E-ATX sized motherboards. The case comes with 5mm tempered glass panels on top and sides and you can view each and every component clearly in this case.

It is a huge case and offers tons of space for the biggest of the gaming components you can find. For cooling, it has plenty of fan mount points at sides, top, and rear. For water cooling, it supports mm and mm radiators and has two reservoir mounts. The case is highly modular and you can customize it according to your needs. Other features include tool-free drive installation and cable routing. So, if you are looking for a beautifully crafted case with lots of space and large tempered glass windows then look no further.

It is available in two colors; black and snow white. Thermaltake View 71 is a Full Tower case in the View case series that is focused to provide you the complete view of your components from outside. The case comes with swing open full window tempered glass panels on sides for easy access and tempered glass panel on top and front. This is a stunning looking case and for cooling, it comes pre-installed with mm Riing LED Blue fan at rear and front. You can optionally install more fans at the front, top, and bottom if you want to increase the airflow further.

The front panel includes two USB 3. The case can accommodate up to mm long graphics card without HDD rack , mm tall CPU coolers and up to mm radiators on the front, top and side. In this case, you can also mount your graphics card vertically using the integrated Riser GPU bracket. The case features a modular design and is suitable for building a high-end gaming PC for 4K gaming.

The concept of fan plates is exciting, but users have reported facing difficulty in aligning and screwing in plates. The documentation is not self-explanatory, so be sure to use YouTube for a better understanding of assembly. Due to its size, the case has a lot of weight, so consider this factor before purchasing.

You can connect up to six fans with two RGB lighting channels. It controls four temperature sensors and two USB 2. The case comes with filters that can easily be taken out to maintain. The tempered glass on two sides makes sure you have an uninterrupted view of the hardware you have assembled. The front panel is comprehensive with four USB 3. The three-tempered glass gives an unrestricted view of each part.

The chassis has a mm, mm, mm, and a mm radiator option. There is space to install two 3. It is indeed a well-thought-out design, but few things might bother some users. It has no 5. The shroud cover is fixed and does not run throughout the bottom, leaving some wires exposed, requiring workarounds.

The back is clear and makes cable management difficult, but the tempered glass makes it worthwhile. The best case for watercooling or cooling kits is not strictly used for performance; a good-looking custom cooling kit can make your computer look aesthetically clean and vicious. The liquid cooling kit that you can install would be clearly visible through 4-panel tempered glass.

Everything from RGB to your pump can be showcased in this chassis. The popularity of this chassis is mainly due to its aesthetics. The support for six fans and clean cable management also contribute to the ease of assembly. The case comes with high-quality dust filters that ensure proper intake, and the honeycomb-like structure in the front makes it look unique.

Thermaltake took those dreams and made them a reality. To put it simply, they made eye candy and called it Thermaltake Core P8. This 29 inches long chassis can make any case look small. The incredible support for a mm radiator on the front, a mm radiator support on the top, mm on the right, and mm on the bottom makes all other cases look weak.

The case is heavy owing to the high-end material. The case footprint is large because of the enormous space inside the chassis. We wanted to see a USB 3. Such a big case with no 5. Considering all the factors, we believe this is the best E-ATX case for water cooling.

You can water cool your primary GPU with a cooling kit and cool your additional GPU with another cooling kit: a separate CPU cooling kit and an overall space for intake fans. The front panel allows connection to two USB 3. The 4mm thick tempered glass ensures you have a clear view of your computer diagnostic LEDs and RGB installed for aesthetics.

The material is sturdy and makes the whole rig feel like a tank capable of taking a hit. The cable management is also on point. We have featured this chassis in various articles as it is a combination of all the best features under one roof. The dual-chamber design allows easy cable management and hides all the clutter. It comes with three tempered glass panels and a beautiful set of three mm RGB fans. The USB 3. A chassis that can handle three cooling kits would be large.

The included exhaust fan at the back is not RGB lit. The noise suppression is not up to the mark, but the push to open hinged side glass provides the accessibility every hardware enthusiasts require. The case can hold up to three multi-fan radiators, one on the front, one on the top, and one on the bottom.

Intake is taken from the front of the bottom. The layout inside the chassis allows smooth airflow. Corsair is all about quality, and we awarded it as the best high-quality case for water cooling. Cooler Master has come out with a chassis that looks like something from space. It has a futuristic look with addressable RGB that runs from the top of the case to the front panel and bottom of the chassis, giving it a similar feeling to a neon light under a car.

The side glass panel offers a full view of the liquid cooling that you have installed. The flat radiator bracket offers versatility for installing liquid cooling kits. A mm radiator can be easily installed on either side of the frame. The RGB is addressable with the preset routines fed into the chassis control; it cannot be connected to the mobo to allow software-based customization.

This is an aesthetic masterpiece that has a handle-like structure on the top for portability. It has a 4-pole headset jack, four USB 3. The freedom of layout does not end on the radiator frame; the GPU can be mounted on custom-designed supports. Lian Li is slowly gaining market due to the high-quality products that they offer.

The chassis has all the space you would need to add to the list of high-end water cool cases. GPU clearance is a staggering mm made for not only gaming but for developing games. This case has a diversely functional front panel with four USB 3. It also features a USB 3.

Users have reported that the tempered glass is easily scratchable with a smokey light screen, prone to finger marks. It requires removing the top cover to remove the side panels, which is hectic for frequent modders and overclock enthusiasts with switches on the motherboard. This case has all of the features that make it the best all-rounder case for water cooling. It has one of the easiest cable management, making sure you save time for streaming on twitch rather than cleaning up your hardware.

The case is made from sturdy material, and the elegant design is cherry on top. The case has filters at all the intake points. You can spend premium bucks to pick the best of the best. We are dedicated to helping people spend reasonable money to get the best for their money. Their requirement is something that a user decides himself. We describe the capability and options in each case that supports water cooling kits. We have listed the best cases for water cooling. You can go for a custom water cooling loop if you are experienced.

If you require multiple kits for multiple hardware components, then your chassis should have enough room on each side to install the radiators. Besides being great for cooling, the case should have diverse connectivity.

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