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Dell inspiron windows 7

dell inspiron windows 7

DELL Core i3 1st Gen - (Windows 7 Home Basic) TIN9 Laptop (Black) The Inspiron Series from Dell provides you with a range of laptops that cater to your. My problem is that I can't get Windows 7 to install on this PC. I have a Dell OEM Win 7 pro DVD. When I try to install, it gets to the very. Dell produces a variety of laptops for use in home, office, and school. The Dell Inspiron Windows 7 laptop and the Dell Latitude Windows 7 are two of the models. VISODATE Can't decide which. If this command recent update has and also some you need to cross-platform software Virtual. SD : Files have the VNC are not accessible this table, I'm it on the Orders table.

Only 2 left in stock. Dell 15 Intel iH Previous 1 2 Need help? Visit the help section or contact us. Go back to filtering menu. Skip to main search results. Delivery Day. Customer Review. CPU Manufacturer. Display Type. Laptop Weight. CPU Type. Maximum CPU Speed. Operating System. HDD Size. Storage Type. Laptop Type. Graphics Processor. Connectivity Technology. Display Size. Human Interface Input. Camera Location. Biometric Security Feature. RAM Size. Hardware Interface. Memory Technology.

If such a hypervisor is running under Windows 10 or bare metal is secondary. We've had good luck with serial device servers, but I've never used the USB device servers. Emphasizing what others have said, once you do find a source for an old Win 7 capable pc, you may want to suggest buying two or three. The cost would probably be minimal compared to the other costs you mentioned. Return that Inspiron. If you're going to buy something new, it should be a business class machine like a Latitude or Optiplex.

Like a i Also note that new machines likely come with NVMe drives which Windows 7 won't support by default you can't install to. Once you've added support you can clone such an install to an NVMe. Thanks for all the suggestions. As it turned out, they had another Win 7 PC still in that department. That lady got the new PC and I was able to install their old software on hers.

Now if they just had someone that knew how to use it :. It sounds like the fire has died, but this is a perfect time to bring up what happens when the Win7 PC the lady was using becomes defunct? I think it's better to plan and prep a spare now than to have to do it later when it's an emergency and you may have forgotten the details. That is a temporary solution also since that another laptop will die sooner or later too.

You managed to win some more time, so I would highly recommend you start experimenting with virtualizing this Windows 7 installation and workaround possible serial port and USB dongle issues as suggested above. We generally can't do this, especially on consumer-grade hardware.

It either takes a specific workstation configuration or an older model that you can purchase refurbed that has all the older hardware to allow for Windows 7 to be installed. If anyone else has a customer with software that needs an old OS, I recommend doing this sometime! I have a customer that needs software running on Windows XP. Their issue was they often had power blackouts for an hour or two. Our solution was to move them to a small Intel NUC with a large UPS that is able to handle a several hour blackout, rather than their 15 year old Windows XP machine that was power hungry.

They have a couple special USB devices for the software to work, VirtualBox allows us to pass certain USB devices through to the guest VM, so XP sees them being plugged in and working, one is a USB to serial adapter and the other is a security dongle for the software.

We have isolated the network for the guest VM Windows XP so it has no internet access, and so it not having windows updates is not an issue. Without starting a food fight here, I'm wondering how many times you have had success in moving a Win7 HD into a Win10 box? Without starting a food-fight here, how many times have you had success in moving a Win7 hard drive to a Win10 box?

This can cause all kinds of issues, so if you want to run Windows 7, you need a CPU which is a bit older. I've seen some nice ones on there on and off. That or look up on doing a VM it will work just as good. Might have to show them how to open the VM but thats the best two.

Hundreds of millions of Windows 7 PCs were sold. You'll find them in the used market for years to come. I'd locate a used dealer who works with business gear and form a relationship. I had a similar situation with a Win7 PC and software that is no longer available for an industrial environment. I snipped down the original post to focus on just 5 sentences that do not line up with proper business practices. I know you don't run the business, but it is your job to provide some insight into why this happened and advise how it can be avoided in the future.

Running critical software on a 10 year old PC, that is running an EOL operating system is not going to end well. Its one thing if Windows 7 has been EOL for 10 years, but that was only a few years ago. They really should have gotten a compatible PC then or a couple or planned to upgrade the software by saving for the upgrade cost. You are trying to replace a critical system with consumer grade Dell hardware. You should be looking for business class hardware like a Precision workstation to fit this need.

This would be my suggestion for how to solve this problem and still is after the update from the OP. Any Precision tower with a 7th gen i7 or older will work with Windows 7 and will not be too old. You could also look for one with a Xeon series that is from or so. I put my recommendation below. Despite the fact that the previous version has been "working fine" the need to change is that it isn't supported any more.

They may not see a reason, but the software vendor does. I see there have been some suggestions for virtualizing this system, but I do not recommend this approach. It adds way too much complexity for the user and the hardware mapping for USB hardware activation and serial ports is not a good experience through a virtual machine. Like others have said, your best course of action is to find a refurb matching Dell that you had before.

We have an old Dell PowerEdge running Windows Server with legacy fax board connected to a supertrunk. The cost to replace that with modern fax setup if far far greater than any possible ROI, but at the same time we sill have some customers that rely upon faxing. So I have 2 "parts" Dell PE sitting on a shelf along with a refurbed legacy fax board. They may not currently see a need to upgrade the software to support Windows 10, but when their customers start requiring vendors to be CMMC-compliant they will quickly change their tune.

Windows 7 is not CMMC-compliant. This only affects them if they are supplying materials to customers that are covered under Department of Defense compliance requirements. You really should investigate this, it could save them considerable money down the line, and could also increase their revenues if they become CMMC certified and their competitors are not.

I hear you but I have been to manufacturing companies and these German laser cutters and metal bending machines never die.. There are no drivers or software.. QEMU is fantastic with device pass-through support, and many Linux users even set up their desktops so they can boot Windows as a VM and still be able to play AAA games by passing through a second graphics card. Windows 7 supports a max of the Intel 6th generation.

This topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. I'm planning a new, large server room for a new building we hope to move into in a year. Hello,I am IT Admin for a startup that is fully remote. For any of you support remote workers, what do you do when a laptop needs to be repaired? Do you send out a temporary laptop for the staff member or do they just wait for the repair to return? Just tr Your daily dose of tech news, in brief.

We made it to Friday! I hope everyone gets a little downtime this weekend and recharges but before then, let's jump into today's Snap! You need to hear this.

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Intel s This package contains the Intel Serial IO driver. Intel serial IO driver enables the communication and the transfer of data between connected devices and the system. Wireless and Bluetooth drivers help your operating system to communicate with Wireless and Bluetooth devices. Wireless and Bluetooth drivers help your operating system to communicate with wireless and Bluetooth devices. Intel Rapid Storage Technology is an application that enhances the performance and reliability of Windows-based systems with storage drives.

This update addresses the security vulnerability issue CVE This package contains the driver for Realtek USB memory card reader. The Realtek memory card reader driver enables communication between the Realtek card reader and the operating system. It is used to resolve fan noise, overheating, and performance-related issues of the system. This package provides the driver for the Realtek High-Definition audio codec and is supported on Inspiron running the following Windows operating systems: Windows 7,Windows 8.

Intel Wi-Fi Driver This package provides the driver for the Display adapters Sound, video and game controllers. Intel Bluetooth Driver This package provides the d This driver is required to install in addition to chipset driver. Then I navigated in the menu to the location where I or the installer had placed the file, and selected that file as the new driver. The process is very similar to adding new hardware in XP, but finding the entry point is a little harder. Also, you do need the AHCI driver itself to modify an existing Win 7 installation — the inf file is basically a set of instructions for an installer that provides information about the files it should look for during installation, not the software files themselves.

If you're savvy and your doing a fresh Win 7 install, there may be a way to use the inf file to trick the Win7 installer into installing AHCI drivers on the Inspiron, but that's another project. I also have the bit Win7 software update for both the SouthBridge and Northbridge chip sets — I updated these as well which also might have installed the AHC drivers.

I would gladly share all these files, if there's a way to do so. The process is clear in common and in theory, However the problem is that I spent a few hours surfing Internet looking for those drivers, found a few variants but none of them could be installed successfully: I tried to install the new hardware manually but failed also.

From the other side, you said "new hardware e. Nope, no appropriate drivers found. I suppose the point is the proper driver. Maybe you could upload your files to GoogleDisk or Dropbox and publish here a link? I'd appreciate that. Thank you for the driver you've posted. However now I have a minor problem — my Win7 tells the driver is unsigned and I have to load Windows with drivers signature checking switched off. Suppose it's due to inf file modding cause all the signatures are in the cat file not embedded in ahci.

I'm investigating how to solve this problem but now have no ideas. Well, wrong — I have some ideas but have no results:. Yuri, That's great. The chipset supports it but the BIOS doesn't. Yuri, I didn't have the driver signature problem when I did the installation earlier this year; I gave the Inspiron to my nephew, so I don't have direct access to it right now. I can try asking him to check the sys file next time i talk to him. I believe the problem you're having is something new that began this Spring when Microsoft started pushing Win10 and changed it's software policies: I tried to do a clean Win 7 install into a BootCamp partition on a Mac running OS X Yosemite a couple of months ago, and ALL of the drivers that the BootCamp installer loaded had the same unsigned-signature problem you describe.

Apple support told me that this is Microsoft's doing — Microsoft pulled the plug on iso replacements for Windows installations provided by second-party vendors such as Apple and Dell and began strictly policing all OS installations. That worked. Is it possible that when I did the SouthBridge chipset software upgrade that it loaded the AHCI driver and Microsoft accepted the software signature for the package? It's either that, or I got lucky and did my installation before Microsoft cracked down.

You know I also have a Studio laptop and just a few months ago I succesfully installed 8 Gb on it. But I never tried to do it with Sometimes they are incompatible even if all the specs are ok. Well, and I want to tell you one thing — windows rises up from the hibernate notably slower with 8Gb on board cause its hiber file grows larger. It was an unexpected side-effect for me:.

Yuri, Thanks for your prompt reply. If you go the down the road of trying to max out the RAM on your Inspiron, let me now what you find out. EXE and run in compatibility mode for Vista. Tested with Windows 10 bit. Lex, are you successfully running Windows 10 64 bit on the Inspiron ? I'm considuering updating from Windows 7 64 bit. Thanks for all of the information here Gary and Yuri.

Modify the registry entries 3. Save and restart the computer. So I'm just making sure, please let me know if there is anything else I would need to do beyond the steps that have been mentioned. As Yuri discovered, since Microsoft began strict policy enforcement earlier this your, you have to make sure you get a signed copy of the SB AHCI driver which Yuri has. There also are a couple of settings tweaks that will speed performance, like disabling disk indexing and paging files.

Thanks for the quick replies. I definitely cannot switch to AHCI mode by simply modifying the registry, and restarting the computer. I also haven't successfully installed the driver just yet. Can installing the most recent version first through device manager 3. Sorry for being such a noob, I think I get the main concept, I spent about an hour on this last night before just giving up.

Win7 has just the same behaviour. I'm not sure that Win7 drivers would work on Win8…. Can you tell me how do you install drivers and what happens when you try to do it? Maybe some error message. As far as I can remember you should add this string to inf file and try to install the driver then.

Yes, you can do it through device manager in manual mode or with setup. Hi Yuri. How exactly did you install the driver through the device manager? Could you give clear steps on how you did this? Add legacy hardware and..? Also, what driver package are you talking about? Also what "driver package" are you talking about?

Hi Tad I've installed an unsigned driver first. Then I've upgraded it with signed driver from gigabyte site. But I cannot remember how did I installed the first unsigned driver:. You may try this algorithm: 0. If you've done it right you should see your driver in the list. Modding the inf file makes sense! Install it and reboot; 6. If you engage any problems booting yous system — restore from the last recovery point see Step 0. If it doesn't work you may try to use "Chipset Driver include sata raid driver " package from gigabyte site, it should install SB drivers too I hope.

But don't forget to backup you system before! Thanks Yuri. Unfortunately installing the driver didn't work. Nothing shows up after I select the driver from "Have Disk…". Here's where I put the line in the modded. Is that correct? Also, should I have put the. I also downloaded Gary's unsigned driver from the wikisend link he posted I figured I install that first like you , but it requires a password to unzip.

It looks correct but maybe I've forgotten smth. I should inspect my Inspiron and return back to you. Try to modify inf file as I wrote, install this driver — it should install but it's unsigned, and try to update it with gigabyte driver then maybe it is not necessary to mod inf file in this case. Hello I've checked it. PNG shows how it looks in my device manager. Then I updated the driver to the gigabyte one.

Although when I restart Windows is unable to start and I have to load a recovery point. Maybe that's the problem? The NB and SB chipsets were used for many later models than the Inspiron , which was a transitional model between 32B and 64B applications. Because of the chipsets, it is capable of much more bit native processing than Dell ever supported — as well as 8GB RAM addressing — which is why one has to scrounge to find the appropriate 64B drivers.

I could post the installer on one of the file-sharing sites if you want to give it a try, but given the problems that Microsoft created for unsigned drivers when it decided to release Windows 10, I can't guarantee whether this update will install or not.

I also don't know whether this will fix the problem you're having. I was lucky — I did my Win7 upgrade on the Inspiron just before Microsoft went medieval on policies. Hi Gary. Yeah I'll give the chipset software a shot. Tad, I installed Ubuntu Not only does it support AHCI, it is optimized for the AMD processor line, and the Ubuntu installer automatically located and installed all the bit drivers needed by the Way less painful than the Windows 7 hack and very fast.

Frankly, I like the much better as a Linux machine than a Windows machine — I just need the Windows 7 drive to host some legacy software. I noticed in reviewing the thread that Yuri previously had posted a link to the chipset software updater at an active repository — at least the SouthBridge updater, which is all you should need to support the SSD bus.

There's a better chance that Yuri's version is signed than there is for my version. See if that link is still good, and let me know how that works out. Meanwhile, I'll look around to see where I archived the full chipset installer and try to upload it to a file-share site.

Give me a day or two. Select manual mode and find ahcix64s file you modified before. On CrystalDiskMark 6. Inspiron is an old computer but win7 runs very fast with this configuration. Very surprising.

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