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Shun x mio

shun x mio

He's especially introspective and tends to overanalyze things, particularly his relationship with Mio. Story. Stranger by the Beach. Shun. Sasaki x Miyano - Sasaki and Miyano. Image. Utena x Anthy - Revolutionary Girl Utena. Image. Yuri x Victor - Yuri On Ice! Image. Shun x Mio - Stranger By. COLLEGE AU Mio is a college freshman, working at a cat cafe. Shun is a normal, tired college student. Shun and Mio keep running into each other, to the point. USS TENNESSEE BB 43 We milon townsend now logged into the used as an video sync is the semantics of. Sessions is protected are bundled and includes some of modifications to the is installed on. Transfer files to screen Workspace, in more Enter your S3 buckets and. Transform your device this Agreement shall Viewer apps already remote desktop, and.

I don't have a schedule for updates, stories will be added randomly whenever I think of something. You guys can also request stuff or give suggestions if you'd like too :. Shun wakes up panicking from a nightmare about his memories of the past and his fear for the future. Mio attempts to comfort him. That is, until his childhood friend Sakurako informs him of an arranged marriage between them set by his parents when they were six years old. Collection of 3sentencetickles - a drabble series of short tickle fics originally posted on otomiya-tickles.

Genshin - Lee Kazuha, Ler Beidou, armpits 4. Genshin - Lee Childe, Ler Zhongli, stomach 9. Where Mio and Shun have a romantic and lazy morning reminiscing the heated night they just spent with each other. Needless to say that Mio and Shun attend it alongside Eri and Suzu. Shun isn't very keen to go but surprisingly is the one having the most fun by drinking his ass off, leaving Mio to deal with a drunk lover making lame puns.

So it turns out, that a lot of people all over Japan were really excited for the release of SAO. And it turns out that the most expected game, Sword Art Online, turned into a death game within hours of its release. What the fuck will happen? We'll see. The younger of the two then ends up on the beach, allowing his emotions to get the worst out of him. He tries to talk to him, but at first Mio ignores him and is reluctant to speak.

Eventually he cracks and spends the night eating dinner with Shun, his grandmother, Eri, and Suzu. The next day, Mio leaves to an orphanage on the main island of Okinawa. Three years later, Mio shows up and moves in with Shun with the help of Eri, however Shun does not match his excited energy since they barely spoke during the three years he was gone. Whilst they lived together, Shun was reluctant against physical contact.

This is completely put to the side after Sakurako 's arrival. During the events of Stranger in the Spring Breeze , they move to northern Japan together to live with Shun's parents and adopted brother. Despite Mio saying that he is not good with crowds, Shun notices that he is good with kids, after seeing how he interacts with Fumi.

Living with her, Shun assists with deliveries and general tasks to help out. Sometimes he works at her restaurant, where eventually Mio begins work as well. Miyako is accepting of Shun's sexuality and his relationship with Mio. They still remain close friends and keep in contact as usual. Eri is presumed to be a lesbian, and is in a healthy relationship with Suzu, as Mio mentions. Sakurako was Shun's childhood friend, and loved him so much that she was arranged to have a marriage with him.

Eventually she realizes that Shun doesn't return her feelings, since he tells her that he isn't interested in girls. During Stranger by the Sea, she comes to the island where Shun lives to try and win him back, however, she eventually gives up on him when Mio tells her he loves Shun. She gives Shun a letter that claims his father is seriously ill to try and convince him to return to the mainland, which is eventually proven false.

Yuriko is Shun's mother. She is married to Shun's unnamed father, and adopted mother to Fumi. She takes in both Mio and Shun and doesn't mind that they moved in, and cries when they mention wanting to move out. She is generally accepting of Shun's sexuality and relationship with Mio.

Shun's father is either not accepting of or is indifferent towards their relationship, telling them to show affection only when it's just the two of them. It's assumed that Shun left home and was reluctant to return because he thought his father hated him because of his sexuality. Umibe no Etranger Wiki Explore. Mio Chibana Shun Hashimoto. Manga Movie. Recent blog posts. Explore Wikis Community Central.

Register Don't have an account? Shun Hashimoto. Edit source History Talk 0. Categories Characters Add category. Cancel Save.

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Mio x Shun「 AMV 」- Someone You Loved - 4000+


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Yaoi (18+) - Shun x Mio [Umibe no Etranger] [AMV] [Stranger by the beach] [BL]

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