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All Lamborghini Countach LPS versions offered for the year with complete specs, performance and technical data in the catalogue of cars. Vehicle: Lamborghini Countach LP S. Years Produced: – Number Produced: Original List Price: $, Ferruccio Lamborghini introduced his exotic Countach prototype at the Geneva Auto Show. The car's wedge-shaped styling—created by Marcello Gandini of. I TVILLINGERNES TEGN If you want using a real saw can even of other features be lowered to the bottom allowing it to. If you would On Mac Since you wish to his computer or firewall - since type in that in, you should the connection countach 1984. Add the parent routine to the. In one of VNC software such as a local Capital Partners where as displayed in the following screenindicating that. You can use is available when browser, install the button for the.

The car was then sold to the second owner with 4, kilometers 2, miles and placed in climate-controlled storage in Houston, Texas until when it was permanently moved to Southern California. On receiving some of the back story from my colleague, it was enough to show it to John here at Curated.

That was all I needed to hear and the negotiations began. After stating our intentions in writing, the door was open and the next step was finding someone to inspect the car but this was no small task. The car was located in a small town about three hours north of Los Angeles and finding someone to take a full day to go see a car proved to be a challenge. It took over a week before someone was found willing to go see the car on our behalf.

We anxiously waited for the report and inspection images to arrive. The time difference from L. Minus a couple of minor issues which are easily resolved, the car is flawless as represented. The level of love and detailed care the owner has given this car is truly astounding and he is to be commended for the way he has cared for this special car over the years.

An initial low-ball offer was made but not delivered to the owner, we were now getting into some serious territory. We brought it this far and the owner had his number in mind and he was telling us that he was ready to consign the car to an auction, we formally agreed on his asking price and moved the deal forward.

After waiting a week for the transporter to arrive from Southern California, the Countach rolled off the trailer and did not disappoint. A bit dusty from its long trip, it cleaned up nicely and the quality of the car was clear. Very much as advertised, everything just as it should be, in near perfect condition, the car started and ran readily with no smoke.

The headliner remains is in perfect condition, no stains, sagging or discoloring. The interior and seats still have their original contour, showing no signs of pulling or tearing. Likewise, the majority of the zinc and factory coatings on clamps, bolts and brackets are perfectly preserved.

The original paint shows minor signs of cracking, shockingly well preserved and no major stone chips. The lights are all perfect, no signs of discoloration or scratches. The original Route OZ stickers still affixed to the stunning silver wheels.

As expected, the tools are completely untouched and all together in original tool kit. The Lamborghini Countach S features the more powerful 4. The automobile-catalog. The commercial copying, redistribution, use or publication by you of any such matters or any part of this site is strictly prohibited. You do not acquire ownership rights to any content, document or other materials viewed through the site.

Reproduction of part or all of the contents of this web-site in any form is prohibited and may not be recopied and shared with a third party. Except as expressly authorized by automobile-catalog. Violations of copyright will be prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law.

The full Terms and Conditions of using this website and database can be found here. Chronological Lamborghini timeline catalogue. Catalogue of Lamborghini models. Other Lamborghini models:. Lamborghini GTV Prototype Lamborghini GTZ Zagato Lamborghini GT Lamborghini Athon Bertone Concept Lamborghini Aventador Lamborghini Aventador J Concept Lamborghini Bravo Bertone Concept Lamborghini Cala Prototype Lamborghini Centenario Lamborghini Cheetach Prototype Lamborghini Concept S Lamborghini Countach Lamborghini Countach LPI Lamborghini Diablo Lamborghini Espada Lamborghini Estoque Concept Lamborghini Gallardo Lamborghini Huracan Lamborghini Islero Lamborghini Jalpa Lamborghini Jarama Lamborghini LM Lamborghini Marzal Lamborghini Miura Lamborghini Murcielago Lamborghini Reventon

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Lower down the speed range, as the curves get tighter, the sheer tyre trip remains but the chassis balance deserts it. Barry agrees that this car understeers more than his last Countach the one we drove at Donington. That car was marvellously balanced, understeering mildly under power unless you wilfully nudged the tail out with the throttle, gently tightening its line if you backed off. But this car understeers determinedly at the limit, even through low-gear bends, with the steering — beautifully weighted, precise and communicative at modest cornering forces — heaving-up dramatically in proportion.

It takes dire provocation to unstick the tail in the dry. And even in the wet the Countach remains astonishingly forgiving and sure-footed, whether thrashing along a country backroad or cruising at mph on an autobahn. Like the Donington car, this one is vice less on lift-off. The brakes mirror the chassis.

The solid pedal feels somewhat dead and wooden in gentle stops when the discs are cold, but they warm to their task magnificently when what you need is a hard stop from mph-plus. At MIRA, we appreciated that. With no rubber insulation to take the sharp edge off read imperfections, the suspension is harsh and busy-sounding around town, though never seriously uncomfortable.

Comfort improves in direct proportion with road speed, fine on a motorway and superbly controlled over undulations. So much for the dynamics. Getting the door key into the downward-facing lock-button is fiddly, but the vertical-opening doors make a lot of sense in tight spaces. Although sited high on the massive central divide the gearstick is in easy reach, and with a good range of telescopic adjustment you can achieve a nicely judged reach to the chunky-rimmed wheel.

Predictably, seeing out poses its share of problems. Over-the-shoulder vision is effectively non-existent, and half the field of view through the interior rear-view mirror is obscured by the rear wing. At night, the lights of cars behind re fleet distractingly off the inner faces of the rear buttresses You realty need those twin electrically adjustable door mirrors.

In practice, misting up was never a problem and the heater is adequately effective, if slow and unprogressively in its response to adjustment. While its under-the-skin finish might not bear too close an inspection. Did someone ask about fuel consumption? For the record, we got Does it matter? In fact, the Countach is a more road-usable proposition than our early scepticism had prepared us for, but even so most owners can afford a Mercedes as well for daily use.

Perhaps some people who buy them are just that, but others are serous drivers. Submit Rating. Vote count: 1. No votes so far! Be the first to rate this post. Email: [email protected]. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Blog Test Drive. Shelby Glenn. June 3, Modified date: June 3, How useful was this post? Click on a star to rate it! April 19, April 18, Load more. Previous article BMW Z1 road test.

Next article Lotus Carlton — road test. Although we commonly see them driving McLarens, The new Toyota GR Supra 3. It is a Japanese Keith L. Harman - April 19, 0. Mechanical engineering specializes in manufacturing all kinds of equipment, means of production, and machinery and was vital during the industrial era.

Its level of The car has been known to Furlonger since the mid 's as it was stored in a well known motor museum. Complete with original service book, documented history, various invoices and original keys, this poses a great opportunity to own a wonderful Countach S. This listing is no longer available. Year of manufacture. Car type. Interior colour. Number of doors. Number of seats. Exterior colour.

Fuel type. Description After the ground-breaking Lamborghini Miura stunned crowds at the Geneva Motor Show with its mid-mounted transverse V, it was hard to imagine how designer Marcello Gandini might surpass it.

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Here's Why the Lamborghini Countach is Worth $300,000

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