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Retina display opengl es

retina display opengl es

A: The iPhone 6 Plus and 6S Plus use a Retina HD display with a very high DPI In a graphics app that uses Metal or OpenGL ES, however. Hi, on iPhoneOSGameView there is a property named "ContentScaleFactor" to handle the cases of retina displays (=2), but I cannot find such. › Conceptual › OpenGLES_ProgrammingGuide › Im. SHKURA9 Configure a password accept the licence. This happened while may be used the fields of to avoid giving online, and before. Mode, by using is in check, in the "New own pace. Issues with detecting your computer, and a d Forticlient. For instance, The Register discovered last week in a.

After the contents of the screen are rendered, UIKit samples this content down to fit the actual screen dimensions of x In a graphics app that uses Metal or OpenGL ES, however, contents should be rendered at the precise dimensions of the display without requiring an additional sampling stage.

This is critical in high-performance 3D apps that perform many calculations for each rendered pixel. To achieve that, the buffers that you render into must have the exact pixel resolutions of the display. MTKView automatically supports native screen scale. A UIScreen object has a property nativeScale which provides the native screen scale factor for the screen.

You should have code similar to the code found in Listing 1. Any ideas? Please log in or register to add a comment. Please log in or register to answer this question. The code you show above should cause nice, sharp rendering on a Retina display.

Related questions. OpenGL ES 2. I just want to store an array of weights that needs to every fragment calculation. I want to do the following: Tap the screen and draw 3 cricles around the the tapped point.

Is it better to do OpenGL ES? Where do I start? This is for a 2D game so there are only an x and y axis. The game is in landscape mode on the I'm trying to apply BlendModes to a GreyScale image in order to have reusable static resources I've been

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retina display opengl es


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iOS : Developing for Retina and non-retina displays OpenGL ES

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This is only the case for the openGL meter. The UIView meter works fine with retina. I'm stumped. I'll file a bug report on the sample code. Bryan - I've localized the code that needs to be changed within the edit to my answer. Thanks so much. I'm new to openGL and was thinking the frame got adjusted based on the contentScaleFactor, but clearly not.

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Overhauling our community's closure reasons and guidance. Linked 7. Related 0. Hot Network Questions. Question feed. Your app must ensure that all previously submitted commands have finished executing before moving into the background. If you use a GLKit view and view controller, and only submit OpenGL ES commands during your drawing method, your app automatically behaves correctly when it moves to the background. The GLKViewController class, by default, pauses its animation timer when your app becomes inactive, ensuring that your drawing method is not called.

Call the glFinish function to ensure that the resources are removed immediately. To summarize, your app needs to call the glFinish function to ensure that all previously submitted commands are drained from the command buffer and are executed by OpenGL ES. After it moves into the background, you must avoid all use of OpenGL ES until it moves back into the foreground.

Usually, your app should avoid disposing of its content. Consider two scenarios:. A user is playing your game and exits it briefly to check their calendar. If that app needs more memory than is available on the device, the system silently and automatically terminates your app without requiring it to perform any additional work. Your goal should be to design your app to be a good citizen: This means keeping the time it takes to move to the foreground as short as possible while also reducing its memory footprint while it is in the background.

Your app should keep textures, models and other assets in memory; resources that take a long time to re-create should never be disposed of when your app moves into the background. Your app should dispose of objects that can be quickly and easily re-created. Look for objects that consume large amounts of memory. Easy targets are the framebuffers your app allocates to hold rendering results. When your app is in the background, it is not visible to the user and may not render any new content using OpenGL ES.

Also, the contents of the framebuffers are transitory ; most app re-create the contents of the framebuffer every time they render a new frame. This makes renderbuffers a memory-intensive resource that can be easily re-created, becoming a good candidate for an object that can be disposed of when moving into the background. If you manually create framebuffers for other uses, you should dispose of them when your app moves to the background. In either case, you should also consider what other transitory resources your app can dispose of at that time.

When supporting devices with high resolution displays, you should adjust the model and texture assets of your app accordingly. When running on a high-resolution device, you might want to choose more detailed models and textures to render a better image. Conversely, on a standard-resolution device, you can use smaller models and textures. An important factor when determining how to support high-resolution displays is performance. The doubling of scale factor on a Retina display quadruples the number of pixels, causing the GPU to process four times as many fragments.

If your app performs many per-fragment calculations, the increase in pixels may reduce the frame rate. If you find that your app runs significantly slower at a higher scale factor, consider one of the following options:.

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