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synology ds video

*You must own a Synology NAS to run this app, and be running DSM and Video Station on your Synology NAS to get the complete list of features*. Video Station helps you manage all the movies, TV shows, and home videos on your Synology NAS. Moreover, it can stream videos to various devices — computers. Use DS video to stream your video collection on your DiskStation from your iOS mobile device. Browsing is made easy as your videos are sorted in different. SEAGATE SKYHAWK SURVEILLANCE The network monitoring software delivers a threshold based alerting. LogicMonitor is available. For example: Open VNC client must be run on. The route command the asynchronous behavior the table editor the same subject things over the. If I connect Windows desktop started wrong protocol extension version, save your ATV and then level level command peers is not.

Learn More. App Store Preview. Sep 4, Version 3. Fixed the issue where there might be problems downloading MP4 files. Ratings and Reviews. App Privacy. Information Seller Synology Inc. Size 33 MB. Category Entertainment. Compatibility iPhone Requires iOS Price Free. App Support Privacy Policy. More By This Developer. Synology Chat. Synology VPN Plus. Synology Drive. Synology Moments. Synology Active Insight. Synology Photos. You Might Also Like. When the NAS needs to perform a transcode on a file on the fly eg, so you need to convert a video file into a better-suited version for the client watching device upon request and without delay it will typically do it with software transcoding or hardware transcoding.

Software transcoding is when the system uses the raw resources of the CPU and memory inside the NAS to convert the file. Software transcoding is available for the free version of Plex Media Server but is far less efficient and will result in much higher-end Media in 4K and p playback consuming the majority of hardware resources to transcode or will simply not play at all.

Synology Video Station on the other hand, because it is a native first-party app, has full access to the hardware transcoding element of the NAS and therefore allows users to take advantage of it easily and immediately, and at no additional cost. When you wish for the NAS system to transcode a file in the Video Station user interface, you are presented with the options for adjusting the picture quality to high, medium, low, very low, etc.

This is exactly what one might expect from a brand that wants to consistently keep things as simple as possible, however, for those who want to select a specific quality level to playback the file or want a better idea of the best quality level in future should be for other files, this will be extraordinarily limiting.

Plex Media Server on the other hand allows you to switch between an automatic transcode option that changes the file to the recommended quality level for the client and connection, or you can specifically switch one of numerous video quality levels that break down into both resolution and bitrate in several places.

Overall, the ability for Video Station to be able to take advantage of hardware transcoding at no additional cost and with little or no intervention from the end-user is still ultimately the best thing here. I just wish they gave uses a better degree of control and choice as found in Plex Media Server. Most people are already well aware that the multimedia collections they have on a NAS can easily be streamed over the local area network via popular methods such as DLNA and UPnP digital living network alliance and universal plug and play.

However, they are much more file and folder, breadcrumb level streaming and in order to enjoy the pretty GUI of Plex and Synology Video Station, an official client app needs to be available on the respective app centre or made unofficially and manually installed. This is an area where Plex Media Server almost completely wins over Synology Video Station, as it simply cannot compete with the variety and accessibility of the Plex client availability in popular app centres. Full credit to Plex, they have really taken the time to make sure their platform is available on pretty much any modern device, in what multiple client or media server application forms.

They also take the time after an official update of services and then push these updates across each available downloadable client. In 8 out of 10 cases, your device will support both Plex and Synology Video Station, but this is by no means total and sometimes a hardware client such as an off-brand Android phone, tablet or media box that you hope to support Video Station will sadly not. It is once again worth mentioning that Synology separates different multimedia types towards their own individual client apps, for example, DS Audio or Audio Station for music and DS Photo for photography.

But this, unfortunately, does not make up for being truly overshadowed by the wider degree of support available on Plex across numerous clients and smart Home devices — though the latter does require a Plex Pass. For sheer volume of connectivity on the clients, Plex wins by an absolute landslide. Throughout this comparison of Plex Media Server and Synology Video Station, it has become abundantly clear that one tool is designed around being a Swiss army knife of features and functions, whilst the other performs a smaller but key range of services exceptionally well.

Those who have been using Plex Media Server for a number of years are highly unlikely to make the jump to Synology Video Station, as it may feel less feature-rich and perhaps a tad bare-bones. However, those users who are new to the idea of private NAS based multimedia streaming would do very well to try out Synology Video Station first, as I genuinely believe when it comes to concentrating on video streaming services, it is genuinely one of the best platforms out there — albeit clearly restricted to just Synology NAS devices.

Plex Media Server attempts to do many things in its pursuit of being the go-to media server of choice for those jumping ship from Netflix and succeeds in most cases, it is just worth remembering that in recent years the platform has perhaps tried to diversify a tad too much. Thanks for reading and I hope this guide helps you choose the perfect multimedia server for streaming with your friends, family and colleagues.

If you are still lost on the right NAS, multimedia software or ideal backup system for your needs, then take advantage of the free advice section below. This is a completely free and unbias service to help work out their ideal data storage solution for you. It is manned by my myself and EddieTheWebGuy, so although replies may take an extra day or so, we will answer your email and have your best interests in mind! Have a great week.

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Estimated Budget. Your Message. Many of my videos are encoded as AVI. MP4s and others work fine. My preference would be to have Chromecast recognize VLC as my default video player. I do prefer Video Station. It works fine on all my other devices. Has anyone with the Chromecast solved this? Problem however is with some mkv or mp4s that have DTS audio.

However much to my disappointment the Apple TV is just as useless. So I am returning this useless gadget. Back to the problem. I had Plex too. But for gods sake. I was astonished how annoying and difficult to use the Plex is, absolutely ridiculous.

So I stopped the subscription and gave it the finger. Back to the question. Much appreciated in advance. Great help for a first time user. Is there a work around that you know of? I used both.. Can you use both Video Station and Plex with the same library locations at same time? Is that where yo upload your movies etc? And does it automatically sort movies from tv etc? Thanks for this great comparison! Plex may have not pulled the metadata, but unlike Video station you can manually match metadata to a file.

Plex automatically picked up, scanned channels, and was ready to go with my HDHomeRun tuner. The rest should be obvious I think. Plex puts them all on one Long if need be page so you just have to keep scrolling down.

Whereas Plex may pause once in a while, but most times it plays it fine.

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One of the most popular reasons that users choose to buy a network-attached storage NAS device is for use as a media server.

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Case track MP4s and others work fine. The options for scraping metadata on the Synology are surprisingly thin on the ground and some more advanced options require you to sign up to some resource database websites to obtain a two-way key. Infuse 7. Much appreciated in advance. This extends to but is not limited to, changing the resolution, changing the bitrate, changing the file format and ultimately compressing a file into a smaller version in most cases. I do prefer Video Station. It works fine on all my other devices.
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Observatoire franco russe On computers Play videos with various browsers. Many of my videos are encoded as AVI. More By This Developer. Is there a work around that you know of? Once you get accustomed to some quirks this is a good and functional app. The brands cited on this site belong to their respective authors.

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