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computer cooling case

The best PC cases in · 1. Cooler Master Cosmos CP · 2. Corsair Carbide R · 3. Phanteks Evolv X · 4. NZXT Hi · 5. Corsair iCUE T RGB. of results for "water cooling case" · CORSAIR Crystal Series X RGB High Airflow Tempered Glass ATX Smart Case, White. To ensure that these can fit your case for water cooling, you need to check things like the CPU cooler. MANGA 1000 Create the Get Files Run Script Task on the Tasks that run else with metal and hanging them. I wasn't a removed from AnyDesk, these uninstallation options from an end-user. Watch this video account1 - see so I am you should contact.

The Phanteks Enthoo Luxe 2 is definitely one of the best full-tower cases for water cooling you can buy right now. It has all the room you need without going overboard and packs all the clever design touches that have made Phanteks one of the premier PC case manufacturers in The Enthoo Luxe 2 is available in black and Anthracite Grey.

This makes it perfect for complex, extreme builds. The 2. The D has room for enough radiators to water-cool both of your systems, especially the dual front and top radiator mounts. Having dual radiators side by side means you can dedicate one radiator to each set of components to maximize cooling performance. You will have to buy an extra set of brackets to run dual mm radiators in the top, though. The Obsidian D also comes with slide-out radiator and fan trays that make installation a breeze.

Source: Corsair. But if you happen to need a case for dual systems, multiple mm radiators or both , then this is really the only option. Beyond the exorbitant price and niche appeal, the only real negative we can see is the relatively limited amount of included drive bays. Sure, space for six 2. But if storage is less important than sheer water cooling grunt or dual system support, this is your case.

Thermaltake is known for its eye-catching cases, and the Tower is no exception. Like our other full-tower case choices, the Tower has a multi-chamber internal layout. The main chamber, which faces the front, houses your internal components and reservoirs. The rear compartment is where your radiators, cabling, PSU, and storage go. The Tower will still have free fan mounts in the top and rear of the case, even with two radiators installed. Do you have the skills to pull off a clean hardline build and want to show it off in the best way possible?

This has to be one of the cases on your list. But the absence of drive cages in the main compartment also makes the X RGB a perfect case for water cooling. If you go without a front radiator, you can opt for mm units in the top and bottom. You can fit a mm radiator in the front, but you will have to remove the 3.

Source: vir1lity. The Evolv mATX only has two 2. That said, the Corsair Crystal X has one extra 2. This is where things get serious. Measurements H x W x L 7. Louqe sells three TopHats in small, medium, and large sizes. The large TopHat is what you want for the best water cooling performance, as the extra 2. The TopHats can be installed on the top or bottom of the case, allowing you to expand the case in either direction. Source: AntZa on Builds. These will help with pipe runs which are essential in such a compact case.

Source: Louqe. But if you want to keep dimensions low and cooling performance high, few cases are as ideal as the Loque Ghost S1. The all-aluminum body also exudes quality and makes the Ghost S1 feel like the premium product that its price says it should be. The standout feature of the Striker is its GPU mounting setup.

It should be enough for most cards but do check your card before committing to the Striker. Beyond the 2. There are no one-size-fits-all choices when it comes to picking out the best water cooling case for your next build. But the best PC cases all share a few essential features.

These include open interior layouts that can accommodate multiple water cooling radiators, tempered glass panels to show off your painstakingly assembled loop, and extra touches such as fill ports and pre-drilled reservoir mounts. But every item on our list has something unique to offer, so maybe take a chance and see how you get on. All the best! A wall-mount PC case is one of the best ways to get a unique, eye-catching centerpiece for your gaming battlestation.

The full-tower case is an extreme solution for extreme setups. Your email address will not be published. Submit Comment. Bottom - 3 x mm. Bottom - 4 x mm. Bottom - 4 x 90mm. Bottom - 6 x mm. Front - 1 x mm. Front - 2 x mm. Front - 3 x mm. Front - 4 x mm. Midplate - 2 x mm. Midplate - 3 x mm. Rear - 1 x mm. Rear - 1 x 90mm. Rear - 2 x mm. Side - 1 x mm. Side - 1 x 80mm. Side - 2 x mm. Side - 3 x mm. Top - 1 x mm. Top - 2 x mm. Top - 3 x mm.

Top - 4 x mm. USB 2. USB 3. Addressable RGB. Front - Up to mm. Top - Up to mm. Bottom - Up to mm. Midplate - Up to mm. Side - Up to mm. Rear - Up to mm. ATX Bench Case. ATX Cube Case. ATX Desktop. ATX Full Tower. ATX Mid Tower. ATX Mini Tower. Micro ATX. Micro ATX Tower. Mini-ITX Tower. Direct from Manufacturer. Cryptocurrency Payment Accepted. Lowest Price In 30 Days. Free Shipping. Top Sellers. Discount Item. Mail-in Rebate. Volume Savings. Clearance Item. New Arrival.

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Cooler Master's HAF Evo packs in loads of unique features, like an edge-lit RGB glass grille front with a circular LCD display, an infinity mirror to hide ugly bits of the interior while showing off your pretty components and five front USB ports.

There's also room for up to 12 drives and EATX server-class motherboards, plus clearance for the largest graphics cards and coolers. It lands at or near the top of our testing charts, thanks to two huge mm intake fans and a trio of smaller mm spinners. Plus, with 18 fan mounts, airflow can get even better. If you're after great looks and great performance with loads of room for high-end parts, Cooler Master's flagship HAF is hard to beat. Fractal offers a thoughtful, versatile design aimed at ease-of-use, and delivers a very pleasant and enjoyable building experience with the Meshify 2.

Whether you use this case as a system where you just want to deliver tons of airflow and room for expansion, a workstation with tons of hard drives, a server, or high-end custom liquid cooling, the Meshify 2 will find a way to accommodate your build. For that, along with thermal and acoustic performance that is in-line with what we expect from a mesh front, it earns a rare five-star rating.

Read: Fractal Design Meshify 2 Review. Read: Phanteks PA Review. This is a The basic frame is made from steel, and each side houses a half-glass, half -perforated steel. The front face and the top plate are made from fancier, prettier aluminum, giving the case a very premium feel overall. But the case can also be reconfigured to sacrifice some AIO and storage options in favor of fitting an ATX power supply, which is a great way of achieving some cost savings in combination with opting for the plain PCIe 3.

There are few things not to like about the Q Read: Lian Li Q58 Review. The Evolv Shift 2 stands out at first glance for its its towering, small footprint design and beautiful anodized aluminum panels. With a small footprint and beautiful finish in both the tempered-glass and mesh variants, the Evolv Shift 2 is perfect as an SFF PC for use in the living room, moving around the house wherever you need it or taking to LAN parties.

The easily accessible top IO makes plugging devices in a breeze too. Building in it was tight, and came with the typical frustrations associated with Mini-ITX systems, but I still managed a build within about 3 hours, and the end result was well worth the effort. Read: Evolv Shift 2 Review.

Indeed, the X RGB as well as the similar D airflow , is an extremely easy and convenient chassis to build a system in, and everything just makes sense. If you're looking for top notch performance with a strong feature set, the Fractal Design Define 7 is worth the money.

Read: Fractal Design Define 7 review. With room for up to ATX motherboards, more than adequate cable management, and surprisingly good thermal performance despite the quiet intentions, the P82 Silent is a great value for those seeking a quiet PC.

Read: Antec P82 Silent review. And its new fabric mesh front looks really great, especially when you get close to the case. Thermally and acoustically, the Enthoo Pro II also performs phenomenally well. Whether you're buying one of the best PC cases on our list above or a different product, you may find some savings by checking out the latest Corsair coupon codes , Newegg promo codes or Micro Center coupon codes.

He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds. Tom's Hardware Tom's Hardware. Included in this guide:. Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact. Specifications Type: Mid Tower. Card Length Supported: mm Storage Support: 2 3. Included Fans: 3 2x, mm, 1x mm.

Reasons to avoid - Materials could be better. Lian Li O11 Air Mini. Motherboard Support: ATX. Storage Support: 4 3. Reasons to avoid - Ditches aluminum panels for steel. Specifications Type: Full Tower. Storage Support: 12 3. Included Fans: 2 mm, 3 mm. Reasons to avoid - Very expensive. Fractal Design Meshify 2. Storage Support: 11 3. Included Fans: 3 mm. The case can accommodate two 3. There are also seven PCI-E expansion slots in this case.

Like the other Thermaltake full tower case, this one offers ample space for expansion. It has up to 11 drive bays, providing space for up to six 2. It also offers sufficient space for cooling systems. The front part can support one mm radiator and another mm cooling system. This full tower case has side panel made of 4mm tempered glass. The interior is made of black while the exterior has a nice space gray color.

It is made of SPCC and aluminum. This full-tower case from Thermaltake has tempered glass side panels for ease of access to the components. The drive bay design allows it to support up to 7 3. Liquid cooling is adequately supported by this tower case. The front and top parts are designed to support two radiators; one sized mm and the other, mm. The rear, on the other hand, can support one mm cooling system and a mm radiator while the bottom can accommodate one mm radiator.

Which makes this case great for customized water cooling. The case offers up to 10 expansion slots with four slots for 3. Cooler Master knows how to make great cases, and the Cosmos series is a great example. With a curved tempered glass side panel, as well as a futuristic design, the CP looks stunning. The layout inside is very flexible, and you can have it set up just the way you like it — conventional, inverse, Chimney, anything is possible.

There is an extensive cable management system as well, which lets you cover various cables in various setups. You also get two brackets that can each support up to a mm radiator. You can fit a mm radiator at the front, rear, top or bottom, mm at the front, top and bottom, and you can also have a mm, mm or mm radiator at the front or top. Talk about versatility. With plenty of airflow and a host of water cooling options, this is a good choice, even at the premium price it comes at.

This case has space for dual mm radiators which can be placed in front or at the top. It also has provisions for smaller radiators with maximum sizes of and mm. These can be placed at the rear and bottom of the case. Aside from the water-cooling systems, the Corsair Graphite T has dual mm fans and a mm exhaust fan designed to promote ample airflow. This case features latched side panels designed for easy access to the internal components.

It also has numerous ports located upfront for easy device management. An interesting feature is its three-step LED gauge that guides users on optimal noise and cooling. There is also plenty of space for hard drives and solid-state drives inside this case with six module cages and three side-mounted bays for the SSDs. This full-tower case is designed to accommodate four water cooling radiators with a maximum size of mm. The radiators can be placed at the top, front, base, and back.

Aside from the water-cooling solutions, this case can also take in up to eight fans. It also features vents designed to reduce noise and facilitate full circuit airflow. This case also offers module hard disc drive slots giving users a lot of flexibility in their storage needs.

It can support up to five hard disc drives, 10 solid disc drives, and two optical drives. There are also slot covers to conceal unused hard drive slots. It also has USB 3. The Thermaltake Core V71 case measures 23 inches tall, 9. The front and top panels have provision to accommodate radiators measuring or mm. The rear has space for one mm water cooling system and the bottom, one unit of mm radiator. There is also enough space for multiple fans in this case. You can install up to three fans in the front and top panels while the bottom has enough space for two.

The rear also has space for one or mm fans. There are three pre-installed mm fans in this case. There is also no shortage of expansion options in this case. It has provisions for up to eight 3. The Phanteks Enthoo Pro has a couple of fans in it— one mm upfront and another mm at the back. There is also a fan hub located on the rear of the motherboard tray. But there is also enough space, in this case, should you want to upgrade your cooling systems.

There are four installation areas for radiators varying from single to triple form factors. This case can accommodate radiators up to mm in size. There are eight expansion slots in this tower. It also has room to take in six 3. There are also removable dust filters and cable management tools installed in this case for easy maintenance.

This super-tower case is massive in every sense of the word. It weighs 65 pounds and measures Such a big case also offers enough space for many cooling options. It can simultaneously accommodate up to 18 fan mounts and four mm radiators. The radiator sizes can range from up to mm. The back of the case, on the other hand, can hold one or mm radiator while the top can take in one to mm water cooling system.

This case also comes with built-in control for fan and lighting. Installing fans and radiators is also easy with the telescoping radiator trays of the case. Expanding your build should not be a problem with this super-tower case as it has room to support up to five 3. Rounding out our list is the Thermaltake Tower which is made of thick tempered glass and offers superior expansion capabilities. It also has enough room for unparalleled cooling as it supports dual mm liquid cooling radiators.

Various mounting points are located on both sides of the case for adequate space and placement of the cooling systems. This super-tower case features a modular drive bay design that lets users easily install one 5. Following a buying guide is a good idea for anyone new to using PC cases for water cooling. There are just a few important things to consider before choosing the right one for you. Take a look at the section below and learn more about what you need to look for when looking for a PC water-cooling case.

Take notes if you need to, and refer back to this guide as you shop around. Mounting the case requires care and consideration. You will need to look for the designated mounting points on the chassis. If the radiator mounts are not in an ideal area, then that could indicate placement issues further down the road. In this case, size really does matter. PC water-cooling cases need to be very large in order to be able to fit the radiator components, pump, reservoir, and other pieces inside.

Another important thing to remember is how you layout the components inside the water-cooling case. We all have a budget to stick to, and regardless of what your budget is, there is always something appropriate for you for the price you are willing to pay.

When shopping for the best water cooling case on a budget, you will need to do a bit of digging around to find cases with the features and specifications you are looking for. A: Yes, you should use a special water cooling case for your PC that has specifically been designed for cooling your computer components. A: Absolutely! Water cooling your PC is a great way way to cool your computer as water transfers heat better and faster than any other material. You should always be careful when water-cooling your PC as the water can damage your computer and even ruin it.

A: Most PC cases can cool computers very well, but if you are a heavy gamer or you work full time on your computer, then you should make sure you opt for a heavy-duty cooling case. The Fractal Design Define 7 is a very good cooling case for heavy usage.

A: If you do not maintain your water-cooling unit properly, then your PC will not stay cool.

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