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Rotel rmb 1075

rotel rmb 1075

The Rotel RMB is, simply put - "bang for your $$$". For under $1K, you get a "neutral" sounding amplifier with smooth, yet detailed highs, warm midrange. This multi-channel power amplifier delivers watts (all channels driven), thanks to a power supply composed of a generous 1, VA toroidal transformer. This multi-channel power amplifier delivers watts (all channels driven), thanks to a power supply composed of a gener- ous 1, VA toroidal transformer. THE BALM BAHAMA MAMA A message similar No Identifying waste found on the. Or restricts it be avoided that thumbnails stacked at about all dangers has some other. Because the software to help another person, this is of the computer you need to get the information.

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BUY IT!! Good Working Condition. Type : Power Amplifier. Heat sinks on the front panel help to keep the unit cool when using high amps. The upgrade of output on its channels allows this RMB amp to deliver more volume and enhanced amplification. The amplifier has a large toroidal transformer that can power up to eight capacitors, each of which can feed various channels.

These eight 10,microfarad capacitors deliver solid performance to every channel on the amplifier. This allows it to handle high-volume amplifications with ease. These amplifiers support up to 20 output devices. The maximum rating for each output device is watts and 15 amperes of current. With this Rotel system, you can enjoy a surround-sound experience every time you listen to music or watch a movie.

Its distortion-free harmonics allow you to experience the deepest bass notes without vibration and the highest treble sounds with clarity. You can also use it with a bi-amped system for great music reproduction.

You can connect this amplifier to any player and speakers for optimum performance. It produces wide soundstage, accurate sonics, and good control over different drivers. This product renders various levels of technology, from the sounds of VHF tapes to Blu-ray movie soundtracks, with ease. It will connect to your current subwoofers to deliver a resounding bass experience.

It works with your existing home theater stereo products, connecting to turntables, CD players, and receivers. You can connect it to a speaker with banana plugs or its gold-plated RCA connectors. It comes with DB connectors for your convenience. With simple adapters, you can connect directly to HDMI cable systems as well. This audio equipment features generous headroom and a good signal-to-noise measurement. These specifications ensure that your audio will be represented with an unsullied reproduction of dynamic sounds.

With this device, each channel will capture the most delicate sonic nuances from the highest piccolo to the quietest whisper. Again, use common sense. THX is an exclusive set of standards and technologies established by the world-renowned film production company, Lucasfilm Ltd. Movie sound tracks are mixed in special movie theaters called dubbing stages and are designed to be played back in movie theaters with similar equipment and conditions.

THX engineers developed patented technologies to accurately translate the sound from the movie theater environment into the home, correcting the tonal and spatial errors that occur. Before any home theater component can be THX Ultra certified, it must incorporate the THX technologies and also pass a rigorous series of quality and performance tests.

Only then can a product feature the THX Ultra logo, which is your guarantee that the Home Theater products you purchase will give you superb performance for many years to come. AC Power Input. Therefore, it should be plugged directly into a wall outlet. Do not use an extension cord.

A heavy duty multi-tap power outlet strip may be used, but only if it and the wall outlet is rated to handle the current demanded by the RMB Then, connect the supplied power cord to the Power Connector on the back panel of the amplifier and to the AC power outlet. The AC line configuration is noted on a label on the back panel. NOTE: Should you move your RMB to another country, it is possible to configure your amplifier for use on a different line voltage. Do not attempt to perform this conversion yourself.

Opening the enclosure of the RMB 5 exposes you to dangerous voltages. Consult a qualified technician or the Rotel factory service department for information. If you are going to be away from home for an extended period of time such as a monthlong vacation, it is a sensible precaution to unplug your amplifier while you are away. Power Switch and. Power Indicator. The power switch is located in the center of the front panel of your amplifier. To turn the amplifier on, push the switch in.

The LED indicator above the switch will light, indicating that the amplifier is turned on. To turn the amplifier off, push the button again and return it to the out position. Mode Selector. These modes are selectable using a toggle switch on the back panel. Turning the switch OFF cuts power to the amplifier, regardless of whether or not a trigger signal is present.

The jack labeled IN is for connecting the 3. To use this feature the toggle switch must be set to the ON position. This input accepts any control signal AC or DC ranging from 3 volts to 30 volts. The jack labeled OUT is for connecting another 3.

Protection Circuitry. The RMB features a thermal protection circuit that protects the amplifier against potential damage in the event of extreme or faulty operating conditions. Unlike many designs, the RMB protection circuit is independent of the audio signal and has no impact on sonic performance. Instead, the protection circuit monitors the temperature of the output devices and shuts down the amplifier if temperatures exceed safe limits.

Most likely, you will never see this protection circuitry in action. However, should a faulty condition arise, the amplifier will stop playing and an LED indicator on the front panel will light. If this happens, turn the amplifier off, let it cool down for several minutes, and attempt to identify and correct the problem.

When you turn the amplifier back on, the protection circuit will automatically reset and the LED indicator should go out. In most cases, the protection circuitry activates because of a fault condition such as shorted speaker wires, or inadequate ventilation leading to an overheating condition.

In very rare cases, highly reactive or extremely low impedance speaker loads could cause the protection circuit to engage. If the protection circuitry triggers repeatedly and you are unable to isolate and correct the faulty condition, contact your Rotel audio retailer for assistance in troubleshooting.

Input Signal Connection. See the following section. Use one or the other. Note: To prevent loud noises that neither you nor your speakers will appreciate, make sure the amplifier is turned off when you make any signal connections. Use high quality audio interconnect cables. Connect the various outputs of your preamplifier or signal processor to the corresponding inputs of the RMB Check these connections carefully to be sure there are no incorrect connections.

DB25 Connector Input. This input is typically only used in professionally-installed custom systems. For information regarding how to use this input, contact your nearest authorized Rotel service center. We recommend using loudspeakers with a nominal impedance of 4 ohms or higher with the RMB You should exercise some caution in driving multiple pairs of speakers in parallel configuration, because the effective impedance the amplifier sees is cut in half.

For example, when driving two pair of 8 ohm speakers, the amplifier sees a 4 ohm load. When driving multiple speakers in parallel, it is recommended that you select speakers with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms or higher. Speaker impedance ratings are less than precise. In practice, very few loudspeakers will present any problems for the RMB See your authorized Rotel dealer if you have any questions. Use insulated two-conductor stranded wire to connect the RMB to the speakers.

The size and quality of the wire can have an audible effect on the performance of the system. Standard speaker wire will work, but can result in lower output or diminished bass response, particularly over longer distances.

In general, heavier wire will improve the sound. For best performance, you may want to consider special high-quality speaker cables. Your authorized Rotel dealer can help in the selection of appropriate cables for your system. If the polarity of one connection is mistakenly reversed, bass output will be very weak and stereo imaging degraded. All wire is marked so you can identify the two conductors.

There may be ribs or a stripe on the insulation of one conductor. The wire may have clear insulation with different color conductors copper and silver. There may be polarity indications printed on the insulation. Identify the positive and negative conductors and be consistent with every speaker and amplifier connection.

Speaker Connection. The RMB has five pairs of color coded binding posts on the back panel. These connectors accept bare wire, connector lugs, or dual banana type connectors except in the European Community countries where their use is not permitted. The negative connectors for all the channels are black.

The positive connectors for the right front and surround speakers are red. The positive connectors for the left front and surround speakers are blue. The positive connector for the center speaker is green. Route the wire from the RMB to the speakers. Give yourself enough slack so you can move the components enough to allow access to the speaker connectors.

If you are using dual banana plugs, connect them to the wires and then plug into the backs of the binding posts. The hexagonal thumbscrews of the binding posts should be screwed in all the way clockwise. If you are using terminal lugs, connect them to the wires. If you are attaching bare wires directly to the binding posts, separate the wire conductors and strip back the insulation from the end of each conductor. Be careful not to cut into the wire strands. Unscrew turn counterclockwise the binding post hexagonal thumbscrews.

Place the connector lug or wire around the binding post shaft. Turn the hexagonal thumbscrews clockwise to clamp the connector lug or wire firmly in place. Note: Be sure there are no loose wire strands that could touch adjacent wires or connectors. Most difficulties in audio systems are the result of poor or wrong connections, or improper control settings.

If you encounter problems, isolate the area of the difficulty, check the control settings, determine the cause of the fault and make the necessary changes. If you are unable to get sound from the RMB, refer to the suggestions for the following conditions:. No main power to the RMB Check the front panel power switch. Make sure that it is set to the on position. Check power connections at the amplifier and the outlet. If the amp is getting power, but is producing no sound, check the Protection indicator on the front panel.

If it is lit, see below. If not, check all of your connections and control settings on associated components.

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