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Buy Soccer Balls at, Canada's largest sporting goods store; everything you need for an active lifestyle! A football is the ball used in the sport of association football. The name of the ball varies according to whether the sport is called "football", "soccer". Online shopping for Balls - Soccer from a great selection at Sports & Outdoors Store. CHROME MAGAZIN Version History Here to naming domains, the Child and for yourself, our go for the posted on our a solution for. A brief introductory. On the computer.

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This is, in fact, our best pick from the practice ball list. This time there is no stitching to attach the panels, but they are thermally bonded. This is the interesting part. First, we wanted to see how it performs in the air for a free-kick. You will find a decent, predictable trajectory.

Although when you are knuckling, the result mainly depends on your skill and the air direction, a ball plays a vital role as well to help your process of a successful knuckle shot. Next, we wanted to see, how this model feels during the kick and head. As the panels are attached seamlessly; expectedly we found it comfortable to kick and head the ball.

We found the control of the ball was excellent as well. Overall the control and feel are very similar to match balls. Because in this case there is no stitching meaning the ball is seamless. Where there is no involvement of seam, it is very normal that the air has got lesser space to go out from the ball. The bladder is also made out of butyl rubber, whose core responsibility is to ensure a longer period of air retention.

So, all in all, this is a perfect choice for practicing purposes. You can expect good control, less water absorption, predictable trajectory, comfortable feeling, durability and shape retention, a longer period of air retention, a satisfactory level of responsiveness. Three different sizes are available for this ball; size 5, size 4, and size 3. Be sure to choose the right size before buying. This is a felt cover ball, which is the major characteristics of an indoor soccer ball.

Durable felt cover offers softness and helps to control the rebounding characteristics. This is a size 5 ball with hand-stitched panels. Hand-stitched panels are more durable than machine-stitched panels. The bounce is not too high, which should be the case with a standard indoor soccer ball. This is another popular model for indoor playing. This is a size 4 ball with a deluxe stitched cushion cover. Please keep in mind that size 4 is the standard size of a futsal ball.

Correlating the budget and quality, we recommend you buy this model. Like any other futsal ball, this one also bounces less than a standard ball. Softness: 4. Offering comfort by making the covers with soft material is one of the topmost priorities of any beach ball. But more importantly, it ensures water resistance more than the Senda Playa beach ball that we reviewed earlier.

There is a water-repellent soft material that is used to make the cover. Using multiple bright colors is another characteristic a beach soccer ball should have, and this one has mainly three different bright colors green, blue, white. That is why you will get good visibility during playing on the sand.

This model has the perfect weight that is required to play on the beach to minimize unpredictability. Hand-stitched panels but the stitching are so soft that it feels like there is no stitching when you kick the ball. Comfort during the shot should be the number one factor to watch out for when you are buying a beach soccer ball. Senda Playa offers you that comfort from its larger, and softer panels. So, you will find it very easy to shot the ball barefooted. The panels are scratch-resistant too that makes them suitable for playing on the rough sand beach.

No doubt, like any other beach ball, this one also offers water-resistant cover too. As you will be using this ball on the rough sand, it is important to have the panels manually stitched. That means hand-stitched seam is a big plus for the sake of durability of the panels. Senda Playa beach soccer balls are hand-stitched, that is why we found this one as a good choice regarding durability. Altogether this is one of the top-notch soccer balls to buy if you are searching for a ball to play on the sand beach.

Baden Praia is another colorful beach ball on our recommendation list, but only if you are on a budget. Otherwise, you should go for the other two options we recommended above. This ball has all the essential qualities that a beach soccer ball should have. Especially the weight is higher than the other two balls that we reviewed. Being heavier is considered an essential requirement of a beach soccer ball to minimize unpredictability.

The construction is also not bad. The cover is made of deluxe cushioned TPU with water-resistant 20 panels. Butyl bladder offers a longer period of air retention. Although this ball is well constructed, from our experience, we will only recommend you to buy this one if you are searching for a budget ball. Otherwise, our recommendation is to go for the Select beach soccer ball that we reviewed earlier. You will get much better quality and feel from it than this one.

So many buyers make one common mistake, and then they either regret or put negative comments against the purchase. What is that mistake? They either buy a practice or official match balls but eventually use them to play on the concrete or hard surface.

Consequently, the ball does not last long. We all should keep in mind that the construction of a standard soccer ball is different than a street soccer ball. When you are playing on a street or hard surface, you need a rough and tough ball. They need to be scratch-resistant as well.

Not only that, if the panels are not hand-stitched with the high-quality seam there is a big chance they will not last long. All in all a street soccer ball needs to be rough and tough with all the attributes we discussed so far.

Senda street soccer ball has fulfilled all these requirements and met our expectations. We recommend you to buy this option if you want to play on the street or hard surfaces. We found this as a good quality model with the proper construction as we discussed. The weight and bounce are also according to the requirement of a street soccer ball. Toughness: 4. This particular American Challenge all-terrain street soccer ball is quite tough to handle on rough surfaces like asphalt, concrete, or grass.

As this soccer ball is hand-stitched with high tensile polyester, you can expect it to last longer than the machine-stitched ones. This street soccer ball features four layers of cotton lining, butyl bladder, high tensile polyester stitching to get the job done correctly. One of the notable downsides of this soccer ball is, it lacks visibility compared to the other street soccer balls like Senda.

The company should focus on adding some bright paint to solve this drawback. Because it will help you to understand the impacts that different materials and their variations usually put on the performance and longevity of the ball. The cover is the outermost part of a ball which is responsible for providing the feel, softness, durability, and usability.

The appearance of a ball also depends on how beautiful the cover is. So, now you realize the variation of the cover depends on the materials mainly, right? Obviously, the material of the cover of a street soccer ball is not the same as the material of the cover of an official soccer ball. Eventually, the question that is playing on your mind now is, what are the materials that are used to make the cover of different balls?

Mostly there are three types of materials you will find that are used to make the cover. Synthetic leather is used to make the highest quality balls. You are quite sure by now that these are the most expensive ones among the three types of cover material i. Synthetic leather will give you a great feel, control, and softness but they are less durable and less water-resistant than PVC or PU.

Polyurethane is staying in between Synthetic leather and PVC regarding quality. This material will give you a leather-like feeling, and regarding durability, they are almost as durable as PVC. A ball made out of PU is used to play competitive matches due to its preferred feel and reliability. While durability is the main benefit of this material, the other side of the coin is they are less flexible than synthetic leather, and Polyurethane, resulting in less control.

Very often you will find glossy coating to help increase water-resistant, and additional protection. PVC-made balls are perfect for practicing. These are the least expensive ones among these three types of materials. By now, we hope you have good knowledge about the different materials that are used to make the cover. Well, panels are not any different components. Panels are the segments or octagon quilt that are seen outside the balls.

Of course, nowadays you will find some other shapes besides the octagon. FIFA official balls usually contain 32 panels. But nowadays you will also find 26, 18, 14, 8, or even 6 panels with different shapes and designs from those of conventional balls. They determine the control and movement through the air. Fewer panels ranging from 6 to 26 panels will make the ball faster and curve more through the air because of less stability. On the other hand, more panels offer control and playability.

The highest quality balls are stitched, and that is why they are more durable than glued ones. Stitching can be done by using a machine or manually. Manual stitching means the balls are hand-stitched. Hand-stitched balls are more durable than their machine-stitched counterparts.

Usually, in the case of practice balls, the panels are glued together onto the lining. Glued balls offer a harder feeling than those stitched balls, and they are less expensive as well. Lining plays an important role by giving the ball an incredible shape, structure, and control. More layer of lining with polyester and cotton helps to retain the shape and bounce over time. The high-quality balls have four layers of polyester and cotton lining to give them strength, and bounce.

Mid-quality balls usually have two layers of polyester and two levels of the cotton lining. On the other hand, low levels ones usually have two levels of the polyester lining. If you say the cover and lining are the body parts of a ball then I will say the bladder is the heart of it. It is the innermost part and contains air. The bladder gives the ball shape and movement. Butyl bladders are not as responsive as latex bladders, but they can retain air for a longer period than latex bladders.

That is why they require less frequent air refills, and they are easier to maintain. This type of bladder is used to make mid-priced or cheaper balls. Latex bladders are used in high-quality balls. These kinds of bladders are soft and provide a good feeling.

As a result, they require filling more frequently. Air escapes due to micropores on the cover, but nowadays some balls are constructed with carbon latex bladder to help to close these micropores. As a result, the balls can hold air for a longer period. Choosing the right size according to your age group is important. Not only based on the age groups but also based on different leagues. The reason is different leagues use different-sized balls. So you should buy the perfect size so that your practice makes you perfect for league matches.

Size 5 is for adults aging over 12 years. That means from 13 years of age and above. So definitely size 5 is used in major tournaments or league plays. Size 2 balls are played by children aging below 4 years.

These balls are also used for ball control drills. A size 1 soccer ball is called a mini soccer ball or skill ball. Because the clubs use these balls to train their players to improve their skill and ball control. Now you know that there is a total of 5 variations in ball size.

Buy the appropriate size as per your requirement. For example, if someone is looking for an official match ball, but they purchase a size 3 ball by mistake or because of lack of knowledge. If you also do this, surely you are not going to be satisfied with the purchase.

So far you have gone through the construction and the different size variations. You probably got the idea of which material is used to make what type of balls and which size is suitable as per your age or necessity. If you know what the different types mean, then you will be able to make a correlation between your requirement and the characteristics of various types. There are several types of balls available these days. We are going to give you some ideas on each major type one by one.

Not only these but also all the tournaments approved by FIFA. So you can easily understand that these are the highest quality balls with the highest level of air retention, shape, water absorption, trajectory, curve, and performance. Otherwise, FIFA would not have approved these balls.

These are size 5 balls. As these are the highest quality balls so you easily can understand that their cover is made out of either synthetic leather or premium quality polyurethane PU. When it is about quality, these are almost the same as premium match soccer balls but obviously not the same. To be exact, you can say official match soccer balls are positioning between premium match balls and training soccer balls regarding quality. That means these balls also offer an excellent level of air retention, shape, water absorption, curve, and performance.

Although usually, they are not as durable as training balls but as a whole, they are very much durable. Most of the training balls are made of PVC covers and latex bladder to ensure durability and playability. But this is not obvious. Some of them are also made of butyl bladder and PU covers. Usually, these balls have four or fewer layers of lining. These are the least expensive ones compared to other types.

These are other forms of balls that are durable and tough. You can play with these on the hard surface where there is no grass. They are specially made for this purpose. They are mostly hand-stitched that ensures durability. Indoor soccer balls are very interesting in the sense that they actually have felt cover like a tennis ball. These have all the sizes available like other outdoor balls we have talked about so far. The primary objectives of making these balls are to ensure the accurate level of bounce, and rebound as they are played on turf, and artificial grass.

There are mainly two main differences between a futsal ball and other standard balls including the indoor soccer ball. In the case of a futsal soccer ball, the bladder is filled with foam instead of air to keep the bounce low. The other difference is futsal balls are mainly size 4 balls although the weight is mostly the same as other standard balls.

The main responsibility of the beach soccer balls manufacturer is to ensure the softness of the cover to provide the highest level of comfort when you kick the ball barefooted. Typically these balls are brightly colored so that you can see them clearly on the sandy beach.

Not only that, they are water-resistant too to protect them from the water of the ocean. Beach soccer balls are not too light and do not lose pressure. These qualities make them compatible for playing on the beach. These are mainly rough and tough friendly balls. Street balls are specially made to sustain for a longer period on concrete. Our main intention of discussing the different types of balls is to educate you so that you can buy the right product.

For example, using practice balls on the street will bring you no good but some awful experiences as the ball will not last long. Similarly, an indoor soccer ball is not good to play on a beach. Keep this in mind when buying, and using a ball. Enough learning on different aspects of soccer balls?

We are going to give you our other specific reviews on different types of soccer balls so that you can choose the right option for you applying the knowledge you have just gathered. Obviously, we suggest you buy from the ones that we reviewed above. But you can consider the following ones as well. You can do practice with our selection of official match balls as well. The main differences between our list of practice balls and official match balls are:.

If you have gone through this article that we have prepared for you to choose the best soccer ball, then we are confident that, you are now able to take an educated, and wise decision to buy the top soccer ball according to your requirement. During the process of our reviews and making this buying guide, we tried to pick some of the best soccer balls for the money.

There are a lot of options available on the market. But to buy the perfect soccer ball , you need to ask yourself, whether you are going to use it for practice, official matches, indoor playing, street playing, or playing on the beach. You also need to know the actual size you need. We tried to cover all these topics including the construction of a ball so that you have the idea of the different materials that are used to make it, and which material plays what type of role in the performance of your best buddy on the ground.

Hope you enjoyed reading our detailed reviews and soccer ball buying guide. Did you find this review article, and buying guide a helpful one? Did it give any value to make your buying decision? If the answer is no, then please help us improve the article. By telling us the aspects that you were looking for but have not found in this article. Yes, of course. If you are not new to the sports world, you must have heard about Adidas. Asking about Adidas is rather a silly question to the professionals.

Adidas makes both premium quality official match balls like Adidas Telstar 18, and high-quality practice soccer balls like Adidas Glider soccer balls. It has earned an excellent reputation over the years for its quality ball production. Professionals use size 5 soccer balls. Either a size 2 or a size 3 soccer is a perfect choice for a 4-year-old kid.

Size 5 soccer balls are perfect for any youth or adult aging over 12 years old. Several companies are producing top-notch soccer balls. Better check the review before deciding on one. A soccer ball has several parts like cover, panel, lining, bladder.

Panels can be placed in two ways — i stitching, ii gluing. Mid quality balls usually have two layers of polyester and two levels of a cotton lining. On the other hand, low levels typically have two levels of the polyester lining. The bladder can be made from either butyl or latex. Indoor soccer balls typically have felt cover like tennis balls. You have all the sizes available for indoor soccer balls, like the outdoor soccer balls.

The weight of a soccer ball depends on the size of the ball. Size 5, size 4, size 3, and size 2 have different weights to suit the various ages of players. Generally, the size 5 weighs oz, size 4 weighs oz, size 3 weighs oz, size 2 weighs oz. A world cup soccer ball is undoubtedly an official match ball and size 5 ball.

It should weigh in between oz. Soccer balls lose air over time. How quickly the ball loses air depends on the construction of the bladder. A glider ball is mostly used in practice sessions or for recreational games. Compared to the official match balls, the glider soccer balls tend to have longer air retention characteristics.

However, they are made of lower quality materials than the official match balls. Adidas manufacturers some quality glider balls that are easy on the wallet but shine in quality. Temperature affects the bounce of a soccer ball and also the distance it travels. Generally, a soccer ball in hot temperatures tends to travel and bounce more than a ball in cold temperatures.

Both latex and butyl bladders have their own set of merits and demerits. Latex bladders are softer, provide better control, feel response, bounce, etc. However, the air retention of the latex bladder is lower than the butyl bladder. Generally, latex bladder is used to make the official match balls.

Butyl bladder is used to make the practice soccer balls in most cases. Less than 8. On the other hand, more than This air pressure range is applicable for size 3, size 4, and size 5. You will want to use a pressure gauge to measure the current pressure before you start playing with it.

Besides the analog pressure gauges, you will find some electric pressure gauges too to measure the air pressure accurately and more conveniently. You must always ensure that the…. Soccer is one of the most famous sports in the world, without any doubt.

It takes lots of stamina, bodywork, and tactics to play. We guess this will ease your way to gain knowledge on the right product based on your purpose. We picked some of the popular balls and reviewed them to make this list. We were not influenced or biased towards any particular brand during the review process.

Both the pros and cons are written down against each product. What were the parameters we took into consideration? We considered the price, usability, purpose, quality, performance, user acceptance. None of the products will break your bank. Best for the money.

Best in quality. Select Numero 10 Soccer Ball. Air Retention. Editor's Rating. Check Price on Amazon. Prime Status. Read Full Review. Best for the money Preview. Best in quality Preview. Our Best Pick. Adidas Glider Soccer Ball. Adidas miCoach Smart Soccer Ball. Our Best Pick Preview. Select Beach Soccer Ball. Senda Playa Beach Soccer Ball. Baden Praia Beach Soccer Ball.

Water Resistance. Scratch Resistance. Senda Street Soccer Ball. Features at a Glance. Applicable for both official matches and practice sessions. Quality 32 hand-stitched panel and golf structured PU panel offers durability and good aerodynamics. Players can personalize the ball by writing their number on the ball more on this later.

From there, a closer look at their construction will help you find the ball best suited to your personal preferences. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your username or email to continue. No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great.

By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article methods. Related Articles. Method 1. Pick the right type for its intended use. Choose a ball that is specifically designed for the type of play for which it will be used most often. Ask yourself if this is for the occasional fun game, regular training, or official matches. Factor in where you will be playing.

First, determine whether you will be playing inside or outside. Next, consider the surface on which you will be playing. Select the right size. If you are purchasing a ball to train for league soccer, buy the appropriate size ball for your age group. Refer to your coach or league officials to find out the exact size needed. This may vary from league to league, but they generally follow these guidelines: 5: ages 12 and over 4: ages 8 to 12 3: ages 7 and under 2 and 1: not used in matches, but can be used for fun or to develop footwork [3] X Research source.

Decide how much you're willing to spend. Soccer balls range in price from a few bucks to a few hundred. If you're purchasing a ball, consider what use it is intended for. Also think about how often you expect to use it. If you're just looking for a ball to kick around once in a while, a cheap one should suffice. For children, purchasing a cheaper ball is usually a good idea even if they're in a league, since they will age out of the current size needed.

For extensive use, it's usually worth investing in a quality ball, since they are more durable. Do a little research about specific balls if you're willing to spend a lot of money, since the most expensive aren't necessarily the best. Test each ball. If you're simply trying to choose the best ball to play with as opposed to buying one , take a few from the bag, closet, or wherever.

Inspect the seams to make sure they're intact. Discard any that are missing panels or have loose ones, since these will affect the ball's play. Then give them a few test kicks and dribbles. Pick whichever one goes where you intended it to go, at the speed that you wanted it to travel.

If you have a pump handy, don't immediately discard any under-inflated balls. Balls with latex bladders are often considered the best, but they do lose air more quickly than others. Method 2. Check the bonding. Inspect between the panels on the outside of the ball. Make sure they are sewn together. Avoid glue and other bonds, which weaken more easily. Save yourself the trouble of replacing balls regularly by sticking to ones that are stitched, since they are more durable.

Premium balls tend to be stitched by hand, while cheaper balls are stitched by machine. Count the number of panels. Depending on the type of ball, this may be anywhere from 6 to As reference, consider the balls used by the U. Major League Soccer, which have Based on your preference, choose: A lower number for more speed. A higher number for easier control. Feel its weight and hardness. Pick a ball that is less likely to hurt you and other players when kicked, caught, or headbutted.

Avoid balls that feel especially heavy or rock-hard. At the same time, avoid very soft balls, since these are more likely to bounce and go off-target. Ideally, choose the lightest ball you can find. If this is for league play or training, refer to their guidelines about acceptable weight. Refer to the product description. Expect the bladder inside the ball to be made of either butyl or latex. For the best play, opt for latex, since latex balls are more responsive to footwork than butyl.

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