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addB double-strand break repair protein AddB []. Gene ID: , updated on Apr Summary. Other designations. double-strand break repair protein. GeneCards Symbol: ADD2 · Adducin 2 · ADDB · Beta-Adducin · Erythrocyte Adducin Subunit Beta · Adducin 2 (Beta). The heterodimer acts as both an ATP-dependent DNA helicase and an ATP-dependent, dual-direction single-stranded exonuclease. FUSION 360 ADDONS If everything is the team participated and download. If you have Subscription SSL. MySQL Workbench crashed has been updated is longer than.

Partial pre-funding of a debt instrument prior to maturity drawn through a lottery process. One new security is issued with an earlier maturity date for the refunded called portion and the other new security is issued with the original maturity date for the non refunded remaining portion. Partial mandatory exchange of a portion of bonds where the exchanged securities are usually remarketed.

The issuer may offer holders the right to retain instead of exchanging their securities. A lottery will be used to determine eligibility for the event. Process of changing the accounting method of a security, for example, mutual fund, from units to a quantity with decimals. Change of the issuing company's name. Event shows the change from old name to new name and may involve surrendering physical shares with the old name to the registrar.

Distribution of cash to shareholders, in proportion to their equity holding. Ordinary dividends are recurring and regular. Shareholder must take cash and may be offered a choice of currency. For example "exchange offer", "capital reorganisation" or "funds separation". Exchange of outstanding securities, initiated by the issuer which may include options, as the result of two or more companies combining assets, that is, an external, third party company.

Cash payments may accompany share exchange. A distribution of securities issued by another company. The distributed securities may either be of a newly created or of an existing company. For example, spin-off, demerger, unbundling, divestment. Increase in a corporation's number of outstanding equities without any change in the shareholder's equity or the aggregate market value at the time of the split. Equity price and nominal value are reduced accordingly.

CONV Event Sequence Type Indicator Specifies whether the event is an interim or a final event in a series of predefined or planned events of the same type and for the same underlying instrument. Length: 1, Mass Da : , It is useful for tracking sequence updates.

The algorithm is described in the ISO standard. Thermoanaerobacter thermocopriae. Full view. Caldanaerobacter subterraneus subsp. Caldanaerobacter subterraneus. These are stable identifiers and should be used to cite UniProtKB entries. Upon integration into UniProtKB, each entry is assigned a unique accession number, which is called 'Primary citable accession number'.

See complete history. Do not show this banner again. The nature of the metal is indicated in the 'Description' field. It always involves more than one amino acid and includes all residues involved in nucleotide-binding. Exonuclease , Hydrolase , Nuclease.

Search reactions for this EC number in Rhea. This is known as the 'taxonomic identifier' or 'taxid'. It lists the nodes as they appear top-down in the taxonomic tree, with the more general grouping listed first. SMR i. Database of comparative protein structure models More ModBase i. OMA i. Gene3D i. HAMAP i. Integrated resource of protein families, domains and functional sites More InterPro i.

Pfam protein domain database More Pfam i. Superfamily database of structural and functional annotation More

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