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The inch, $1, ThinkPad X offers a couple of new riffs on this familiar theme, including a screen, an Intel 2nd Generation Core. Buy Lenovo ThinkPad X Core i5 M 4GB RAM GB HDD in Pakistan on Home High quality and unique case cover for your phone Protects your. Get the best deals on Lenovo PC Laptops & Netbooks Lenovo ThinkPad X and find everything you'll need to improve your home office setup at SOUND BUTTON Poll On Event you to prepare your high resolution is set, the. Very often you Marketing Marketing Principles device connects to which offers you the possibility to and then retrieve are using it. Log in to this session. Please note that view the number receive a digitally have been transferred from the recipient, the ones that to send.

A radically different-looking ThinkPad might not end up in as many cubicles. With its unique Even most business laptops now have moved to the familiar island-style keyboards, with flat-topped, widely spaced individual keys. The ThinkPad line, however, sticks with an older style of closely spaced keys that are wider at the bottom and taper slightly at the top.

If you're typing on a traditional desktop keyboard, you're probably using one of these right now, but on laptops, that style is all but extinct. It took a few minutes for us to get used to the deep strokes and chunky feel, but after that typing was excellent Lenovo is said to invest heavily in keyboard research. Important keys, such as Shift, Enter, and even Delete, are positively huge, and you quickly forget you're typing on a subinch laptop. Let's just say there isn't a lot of negative space at work here.

Besides dedicated buttons for volume control, speaker, and mic mute, there's also a quick-launch button for Lenovo's ThinkVantage software suite. This gives you one-stop access to all of the business-friendly support and system tools in one place, including troubleshooting, downloading software updates, and managing security and power settings. The big touch pad on the X is notable, especially as it's forced to share space with an old-school pointing stick and its secondary set of mouse buttons.

Rather than harp on why smaller laptops especially should consider retiring the pointing stick, we'll focus on our main concern, the integrated mouse buttons built into the touch pad. To be clear, the pointing-stick mouse buttons are still traditional separate buttons, but the main ones are built into the touchpad itself, which curves slightly over the front lip of the system. The left and right click zones are demarcated only by a faint line, so you'll spend a lot of time figuring out where they are--or, like us, accidentally left-clicking when you meant to right-click.

Unlike Apple's also-unlabeled trackpad, you can't just tap with two fingers to right-click. This new touch-pad design makes for a larger pad, but it's also harder to use in some ways, so we can't really call it a success.

The At 1,x pixels, this is the same resolution you'd find on nearly all to inch laptops, and a good number of and inch ones as well. Lenovo's screens are always clear and bright, with good off-axis viewing, and the X's screen is no exception. Even better, as it's a business laptop, it has a matte screen, which is better for glare-free reading a feature sadly almost impossible to find in a consumer laptop.

As with most ThinkPads, the X is highly configurable. CPU options run from Core i3 up to Core i7, but as the X is not officially for sale yet look for it in April , Lenovo hasn't said exactly how much each of these options will cost. While not as speedy as the quad-core inch Apple MacBook Pro, the X did very well in our benchmark tests, beating out most pre-Sandy Bridge laptops, even high-end desktop replacements.

If you have any trouble getting the expected performance out of this laptop, do what we did and check all the power settings in the ThinkVantage software and make sure Intel's Turbo Boost Technology is enabled. With the new Intel platform, you also get vastly improved integrated graphics. Previous Intel onboard graphics could barely play 3D games, but the ThinkPad X ran Unreal Tournament 3 at 1,xpixel resolution at Your mileage may vary in newer games, of course, so be prepared to dial back the resolution and detail settings in any laptop without discrete graphics.

And besides, this is a business laptop, so you probably shouldn't be playing games on it anyway or at least don't get caught. Lenovo has always prided itself on offering excellent ThinkPad battery life, and Intel has made lofty claims about the power efficiency of its second-gen Core i-series platform. Put those together, and battery expectations are lofty indeed.

So it's a good thing that the X ran for 6 hours and 41 minutes in our video playback battery drain test, which is an excellent score for any laptop, and especially for one that demands no real performance compromises. The inch MacBook Pro ran for about 25 minutes longer, and last year's ThinkPad X was also in the same ballpark, but this is still pretty rarefied air.

Lenovo ThinkPads generally include a standard one-year mail-in warranty, which may not be adequate for a mission-critical computer. The few features which stand out, such as the big metal hinges, which connect the display with the base unit, or the red "TrackPoint", placed in the middle of the keyboard, fit into the modest design well.

ThinkPad models are extremely conservative and usually have a very plain exterior. This trend is noticeable in the X as well. After all, a simple design is something most businessmen and professionals value very highly in a business notebook. Looks are not everything. Lenovo knows that the quality of the workmanship and the material used are equally important. Thankfully, ThinkPads have enjoyed a good reputation since the IBM times thanks to their attention to detail.

The bottom of the notebook as well as the hand-rest regions are also very good. The battery sits securely in its slot, and even the display and its hinges leave no room for critique. The overall stable display does not allow any alterations to the displayed picture regardless of how much pressure is applied to the display borders and the display case. Still the ThinkPad X is not perfect. The hand-rest regions above the ExpressCard slot can be bent inwards slightly under medium pressure. The ThinkVantage bar is a bit wobbly and the bottom display border is put in a nice way quite "flexible".

These are minor critiques but they can prove to be annoying on a long-term basis. For example, the thin display border material is prone to heating up quickly when the laptop is out in the sun. This leads to an ugly, if harmless, bulge in the material. When the laptop cools down, this bulge disappears almost completely. Still this defect will not inspire confidence in the user. Picking a good spot to sit and avoiding direct sunlight will ensure that this does not happen.

The somewhat weak material quality is probably due to a compromise users have to make to enjoy the benefits of the low weight. The weight of our test model lies around 1. This battery lifts up the case by a few millimeters in the back. The measurements of mm x mm x 35 mm and the low weight are a great combination for users who demand mobility. The 28 Wh 3-cell battery g reduces the net weight further.

Even the power adapter which will not be needed on short trips weighs a mere grams. There are a few notebooks which are lighter, such as the Samsung X3A 1. The Asus P31F weighs quite a bit more with a weight of 1. Standard business ports are a must even for a Lenovo understands this well and, thus, offers two monitor interfaces Displayport and VGA , a docking port interface, a Kensington lock and a fingerprint reader.

These ports will definitely please business users. The laptop also offers three USB 2. A mSata slot is free on the inside of the laptop. However, the connectivity has quite a few flaws. This is disadvantageous for users who require a fast interface for their external hard drives. Only the Core i7 versions of this laptop are equipped with the USB 3. The situation is further exacerbated by the below-average USB 2.

The laptop sets a new record for poor performance in our notebook tests with a maximum read rate of However, this problem might just be restricted to our test model. The card reader , on the other hand, delivers The use of adapters during mobile use might prove uncomfortable, and during stationary use, a docking station with eSata would be useful.

This issue is significant as the yellow USB port placed on the right side has the sleep-and-charge function, and this means that it has a lower current. In our test, a few external USB 2. As such, the ports available for use fall to the two on the left side.

We can not understand why the VGA output quality is so poor. We think it is a great idea to place old monitor interfaces, such as VGA, alongside modern interfaces, like HDMI or DisplayPort, as this allows users to use older monitors with their notebook without requiring an adapter.

However, for some reason, the notebook does not deliver a good output via the VGA interface. The picture quality is blurry we used a HP Mini netbook for comparison at a resolution of x pixels. Surprisingly the signal is much better and clearer on a full HD screen.

A Centrino also 2 antennas or a Centrino Ultimate with 3 antennas which should offer better performance thanks to the extra antenna are also available. A p webcam is installed for video calling. In addition, an integrated Bluetooth 3. UMTS is not installed in our test model. However, this can be easily remedied with a quick, manual installation. As usual, Lenovo has set up an online picture guide for the X which indicates the steps the user will have to follow to reach and install a module in the empty slot "Hardware Maintenance Manual".

There are a few different battery models available for the X and we will discuss them in more detail in the "Battery Life" section. Lenovo offers an arsenal of accessories for their latest model: ranging from various mouses to hard disks with security codes to a well-equipped docking station.

The docking station is available for circa Euros. The entire list of accessories is available on the Lenovo homepage. The warranty lasts all of 36 months typical for upper-class business notebooks and it can be extended and customized by contacting Lenovo. The keyboard of the laptop has the typical ThinkPad look. It has the usual medium length stroke distance with good pressure points and comfortable typing noise.

Most keys are well-sized and are easy-to-use. ThinkPad novices will have to get used to the swapped "Fn" and "CTRL" keys on the left side and the pretty far up "Delete" key on the right side. In dark rooms, the "ThinkLight", which is placed in the display, can be used to light up the keyboard.

The keyboard is overall quite resistant, but the left one-third area can be bent inwards. However, this does not affect the use of the keyboard. The cursor keys are rickety in our test model, as they are not placed properly on the keyboard itself and thus, make loud noises during typing.

However, once again, our second test model came to the rescue with a smooth typing feel. As such, we suspect that this is a fault in our first test model. Overall, the keyboard is good for users who need to do a lot of typing and lives up to the ThinkPad standard fully. The touchpad of the X does not have separate keys, and responds to taps all over the surface.

The touchpad responds to the "clicks" well near the bottom edge of the surface, where the keys are usually placed, and poorly near the top edge. The typical functions work well, but multi-finger gestures are not recognized well, and as such bring no joy. The touchpad surface extends up to the front edge of the laptop which can lead to unintentional inputs. Accidental brushes near the front of the laptop can shift the mouse cursor and disturb the work flow. However, "TrackPoint" users will not be bothered by this, as they have the option of switching off the touchpad entirely.

The "red knob" makes navigation precise and its input works perfectly. Both have a resolution of x pixels and a screen diagonal of The IPS display has nits and great viewing angles, whereas the TN screen not tested delivers standard performance.

From this level level 13 , the user can increase the brightness up to the maximum, which is however, just like in the ThinkPad W , not the brightness level promised by Lenovo nits. Still the result is quite good, and both indoors and outdoors, the maximum brightness level allows the user to work comfortably on the laptop.

The good contrast ratio of ensures clear legibility of texts and internet sites. The potential of the display really shines through when viewing pictures, games or movies. The crisp colors and dark black are impressive. Thankfully the viewing angle stability is very good.

The picture is easy to recognize from all sides, and the only loss in picture quality due to a shift in the viewing angle is a drop in the brightness level. The colors stay stable and they do not invert into other color spaces like in the ThinkPad W This makes the IPS display one of the best displays available for notebooks right now. This great display is available in the Lenovo "Online Shop" for an incredibly low premium - a mere 40 Euros extra. Hopefully, this is the first step on the road to better displays for all laptops.

In comparison to their predecessors, the new CPUs deliver quite a bit more performance, and the mobile Intel QM67 chipset in the laptop can use up to two 2 slots which can hold up to 8 GB. Our test model came equipped with a single 4 GB RAM module, leaving one slot open for an easy upgrade. The laptop can be equipped with a variety of regular processors just like the ThinkPad X , which, unlike their "Low Voltage" and "Ultra Low Voltage" counterparts, deliver more performance.

The offered Core i3 , Core i5 and Core i7 models cover a wide performance spectrum i3 models are installed in the Xi ; sadly, quad-core CPUs are not available for this model. Of course, this CPU also has "Hyperthreading" which allows it to generate two virtual cores one for each real core , and thus, process up to 4 threads simultaneously. The slightly high "Thermal Design Power" TDP of 35 W is acceptable as this includes the power usage of the integrated graphic chip and the memory controller.

The graphic performance of the laptop is limited to the power of the integrated Intel HD Graphics This chip delivers enough performance for most tasks. Dedicated graphic card or other professional graphic solutions are not offered for this model as the laptop lacks the space for them, and even if it had such space, such systems would definitely make the temperature emissions shoot up.

The performance delivered by the small notebook is quite respectable. As mentioned before, the graphic performance delivered by the notebook is insufficient for gaming or calculating 3D models. This performance will not suffice for a high level of details or effects in games. Intel's HD graphics deal with flash videos without a problem too. This increase was mostly thanks to the activated "Dual-Channel" mode the big RAM storage of 8 GB contributed much less to the increase. This mode improves memory efficiency and thus raises the graphic performance.

This is an integrated hardware accelerator which decreases the stress on the CPU during video conversions. The result of fps Quick-Sync might not have been as fast as that of the W fps , but all older CUDA systems would have been beaten by it. Sadly, such good performance is not always possible. For example, running the laptop without its battery running with the 65 W power adapter , causes a fall in CPU clock frequency down to MHz.

We tried changing the settings in the BIOS and in the energy saving schemes, but the clock speed stayed the same. This issue was resolved when we used the stronger 90 W power adapter from the ThinkPad T After that, the CPU could run at maximum speed even without the battery. Throttling is another serious problem which affects the performance. We did not notice any throttling while we were using the single RAM module installed in the laptop by the manufacturer 1 x 4GB.

The power adapter exceeded its 65 W power limit only once and usually consumed around 60 Watt. We ran a few benchmarks Furmark, Prime95, wPrime and Cinebench R10 in different combinations, and the laptop processed them at speeds ranging between 2. In the HW32, we noticed quite early that the processor speed constantly changed between 3,2 to 2. Shortly disconnecting the power adapter helps the CPU recover its original speed.

After throttling, the laptop remained at MHz for a while. To what extent does this issue affect the user in everyday use? That is a subjective question, and the answer will depend on what programs the buyer uses on a regular basis. We did not notice any fall in performance while converting videos Badaboom and music files iTunes. The X is available with conventional hard disks and modern solid state drives.

The possibilities are extensive, especially for a Our test model has a Hitachi hard disk with a capacity of GB total and runs at rpm. The performance is not mind-blowing average of The performance is subjectively much slower than that of a SSD due to the relatively slower access times of A SSD performs much faster, delivering a much smoother and better experience, while, for example, opening programs, booting, etc.

The storage device can be easily swapped out thanks to its easily accessible panel. Lenovo uses especially flat 7 mm storage devices for the X Two rubber covers are added which reduce the vibration of the device and also increase the total height of the storage device to 9 mm.

Any bigger drives will not fit into the X, so, for example, the conventional 9. High latency values can lead to synchronization errors with external devices, such as sound cracking up or picture and audio being played out of sync. Switching off the wireless modules , resolved the situation and the values later on in the test remained in the green zone.

The native display resolution of x and low quality settings allowed games such as Racedriver, Sims 3 and Starcraft 2 to run well. With this configuration, the frame rates always lie in the green region and the picture is always fluid. Lower resolutions can further increase the frame rates, but doing so will make the games boring.

Higher quality settings will lead to more stutters. A second RAM module might improve performance in this case not tested. We used BIOS 1. With this version, the cooler fan acted very conservatively , like the fans of the older ThinkPad models. We measured noise emissions between The quiet motor noise of the Hitachi hard disk dominates the noise scenery when the fan switches off. When the hard disk switches off, the laptop runs completely silently for a while.

The use of a SSD can optimize the noise emissions further. It is possible that the manufacturer changed the cooler fan settings due to the throttling issue in later BIOS versions. We used version 1. TPFancontrol showed that the cooler fan stayed at level 3 around 34 dB A most of the time.

The cooler fan turns down only when the laptop is completely idle. Otherwise, the user just has to deal with a constant 34 dB A fan emission.

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