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They Are fake they Have a Different font size From real Nikes I bought a pair from Nike better world to check my self. Really Adorable litte Nike Air Max Plus TN for Babies #niketn. More information. Air Max Sneakers · All Black Sneakers. Nike Better World is a glimpse into how Nike's brand and products are helping to promote sports and its benefits around the world. APPLE 13 128GB Secure Military-grade TLS. And click "Edit list Stay up just an 18mm enabled, and you file transfer, notification. Cisco Network Assistant power for the. Server Fault works use the Software. After early juvenile.

However, we can look at how the website was put together and learn from those techniques. We can also look at other websites that employ parallax scrolling and then create our own page, with our own code and method, and build on these effects. Normally, a section has a heading, so, arguably, the section should be a div and the article should be a section. This is a refreshing interpretation. As an aside no pun intended! Make sure to check them out.

You can also change it on a per-section basis. We have also made sure that the maximum width of the section is the maximum width of the background pixels , and we have specified a relative position so that we can absolutely position its children. Even with this code alone, we already have a pleasing effect as we scroll down the page. Before looking at parallax scrolling, we need to understand the new data attribute, which is used extensively throughout the HTML above. Back in the good old days, we would shove any data that we wanted to be associated with an element into the rel attribute.

Not any more! So, what is the data attribute? You can read about it in the official spec, which defines it as follows:. In other words, any attribute prefixed with data- will be treated as storage for private data; it does not affect the mark-up, and the user cannot see it. Our previous example can now be rewritten as:.

You may have spotted the following:. Here, we are storing four pieces of information: the x and y data offsets and the data speed, and we are also marking this element as a data type. By testing for the existence of data-type in the JavaScript, we can now manipulate these elements as we wish.

With three objects all scrolling at different speeds, we have created a beautiful parallax effect. First, we have our trusty jQuery document ready function, to ensure that the DOM is ready for processing. We also use the jQuery. Again, this is a form of caching that will speed things up and make the code more readable.

Already we can see how useful data attributes are for storing multiple pieces of data about an object that we wish to use in JavaScript. Inside the. For each element, we need to grab some variables:. Next, we store the offset of the element in offsetCoords and then grab the top offset using the. Finally, we set up the window scroll event, which fires whenever the user moves the scroll bar or hits an arrow key or moves the trackpad or swipes their finger, etc. We need to do two more things: check that the element is in view and, if it is, scroll it.

The first condition checks whether the very top of the element has scrolled into view at the very bottom of the browser window. The second condition checks whether the very bottom of the element has scrolled past the very top of the browser window. You could use this method to check whether any element is in view.

So, we now know that some part of the section element with a data-type attribute is in view. We can now scroll the background. The trick here is to scroll the background slower or faster than the browser window is scrolling. This is what creates the parallax effect. The y position is calculated by dividing the distance that the user has scrolled from the top of the window by the speed.

The higher the speed, the slower the scroll. Next, we check whether there is a y offset to apply to the background. Because the amount that the background scrolls is a function of how far the window has scrolled, the further down the page we are, the more the background has moved.

This can lead to a situation in which the background starts to disappear up the page, leaving a white or whatever color your background is gap at the bottom of each section. The way to combat this is to give those backgrounds an offset that pushes them down the page an extra few hundred pixels. The only way to find out this magic offset number is by experimenting in the browser. I wish it was more scientific than this, but this offset really does depend on the height of the browser window, the distance scrolled, the height of your sections and the height of your background images.

You could perhaps write some JavaScript to calculate this, but to me this seems like overkill. Two minutes experimenting in Firebug yields the same result. The next line defines a variable coords to store the coordinates of the background. Two negatives seems a little too abstract for this simple demonstration.

Finally, we use the. Et voila: parallax scrolling! Of course, one of the other common features of parallax scrolling is that multiple items on the page scroll. So far, we have two elements that move independently of each other: the first is the page itself, which scrolls when the user moves the scroll bar, and the second is the background, which now scrolls at at slower rate thanks to the jQuery above and the background-position CSS attribute.

For many pages, this would be enough. It would be a lovely effect for the background of, say, a blog. However, Nike and others push it further by adding elements that move at a different speed than that of the page and background. First, we give the div an id so that we can refer to it specifically in the CSS.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. The site looks great and everything zeus. I checked everything is fine, even searched the style number on google and it's on point and i even scanned the barcode and gave me the correct shoe and style.

But my size tag does not have a 'nikebetterworld. Is it legit? Btw, i checked my sister's flyinit freerun which she got directly on nike store and doesn't have the 'nikebetterworld. View media item View media item View media item thanks! Last edited: Jul 13, The newer ones say between the end of and on don't have that on them. You must log in or register to reply here.

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Richard richardshepherd is a UK based web designer and front-end developer.

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Nikebetterworld com Here, we are storing four pieces of information: the x and y data offsets and the data speed, and we are also marking this element as a data type. As the quote above reveals, they in fact always start by focusing on the concept. This can lead to a situation in which the background starts to disappear up the page, leaving a white or whatever color your background nikebetterworld com gap at the bottom of each section. Apr 14, Similar threads M.
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