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New Super Mario Bros. (ニュー・スーパーマリオブラザーズ, Nyū Sūpā Mario Burazāzu) é uma série de jogos eletrônicos de plataforma desenvolvidos pela Nintendo. The Newer Super Mario Bros. Wiki is a wiki meant to document a series of ROM hacks, self-proclaimed as unofficial sequels to the New Super Mario Bros. New Super Mario Bros. is a platform video game in the New Super Mario Bros. series developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS. It was first released in May. OPTIMIZING TELEGRAM THIS MAY TAKE A WHILE Drop Down Workbench Newer Post Older. The deck needs at enhancing and to date with reference does not. Belkin is solely seems to work better when I data and internal software to the.

Mario and his friends can jump, slide, wall jump, and spin to traverse through each level. Some levels feature more than one Goal Pole, which the second Goal Pole referred to as a "secret exit". The player will lose a life if they take damage as Small or Mini Mario , fall into a pit, or fail to reach the goal before time is up. Allowing the life counter to drop to zero will result in a game over, sending the player back to their last save point.

Lives can be replenished by collecting 1-UP Mushrooms , collecting coins , or reaching the very top of the Goal Pole. These conditions also apply to other players during multiplayer gameplay; however, during multiplayer, all players can lose a life by entering a bubble at the same time.

Three collectible Star Coins can be found in each level. They can later be used as a nonrenewable currency and exchanged for disposable items at Lakitu 's shops. These items, more commonly known as powerups , decrease the difficulty of a level. Among the powerups, Mario and his friends can use items to take one extra hit of damage with the Super Mushroom , shoot fireballs that destroy most enemies with the Fire Flower , shoot iceballs which freezes all enemies with the Ice Flower , elevate themselves with the Propeller Mushroom , swim with ease and shoot iceballs with the Penguin Suit , invincibly charge through enemies with the Super Star , and become a smaller version of themselves with the Mini Mushroom.

Each of these powerups can also be found within the levels, usually in Question Blocks and a few Brick Blocks. Wii also reintroduces a redesign of Super Mario Bros. This powerup functions like a Fire Flower , but allows Mario and his friends to throw hammers that can pass through floors, walls, and ceilings in an arch. Wii features 14 worlds listed below and levels.

Worlds 1 through World 8 sport a number of regular levels, along with one sometimes two tower near the midpoint, one castle , and one airship at the end. These levels mostly lack Goal Poles ; instead, towers and castles feature a boss that is themed after its respective world, with the castle boss being a more challenging version of the tower boss. Bowser 's "children," the seven Koopalings , act as the bosses for the airships in Worlds 1 through World 7.

Clearing any of these levels will always present the player with an optional save prompt, and clearing an airship will almost always open a path to the next world. Soggy Sewers World 2. Freezeflame Volcano World 5. Starry Skies World 7. Wiki Explore. Wiki Content. Wii Newer Super Mario Bros. U Yoshi's Island Mushroom Peaks. Recent Blog Posts Recent Discussions. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account?

Wii , Games. History Talk 0. Wii , crafted over the span of 3 years by a team of devoted Nintendo fans. Playable legally on any homebrew-enabled Wii; no piracy or hardware mods needed. Categories Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii Games. Wii 2 Newer Super Mario Bros. Universal Conquest Wiki. Newer is a full unofficial sequel to New Super Mario Bros. Mario and friends land on Yoshi's Island , but it doesn't take long before the Princess is missing once more!

Looks like Bowser is at it again! Wii's opening cutscene. Yoshi's Island World 1. Koopa Paratroopa. Mega Cheep-Cheep. Mega Deep-Cheep. Missile Bill. Rocket Engine. Spiked Ball. Spiny Cheep Cheep. Super Piranha Plant. Venus Fire Trap. Volcanic debris. Power-up Panels. Mario and Yoshi. January 4, Nintendo Download: 7th January Europe. Nintendo Life. Retrieved January 5, Retrieved July 21, Wii character page Click on the blue circle with the arrow to reach the Koopaling page and click on the pictures to see the short bio of each of the Koopalings.

June 2, Retrieved June 2, Nintendo Japan. Retrieved November 8, Archived from the original on November 8, Wii coverage on other NIWA wikis:. Categories : New Super Mario Bros. Meta categories: Rewrite and expansion requested Pages with audio files Articles with long trivia sections.

In other languages Deutsch Italiano. Wii American box art For alternate box art, see the game's gallery. Nintendo EAD. ESRB :. PEGI :. CERO :. ACB :. USK :. DEJUS :. GRAC :. GSRR :. Wii: Optical disc Wii U: Digital download. World World World World World World World World World Princess Peach's Kingdom. The basic grassland world. Many first worlds have a similar, grassy layout. The boss in this world is Larry Koopa. The cannon blasts the player to World 5. World Desert World.

The desert world, similar to World 2 of Super Mario Bros. The boss in this world is Roy Koopa. Frozen World. The ice world composed of snowy grounds and a frozen lake, with Lemmy Koopa as the boss. This world also introduces the first Ghost House. The cannon blasts to World 6. Water World. It mostly has beach-like levels, but some of the levels are underwater.

The boss of this world is Wendy O. Afterwards, the player fights Bowser Jr. The cannon blasts the player to World 6. Jungle World. The forest world composed of plants and purple poisonous swamps. The boss in this world is Iggy Koopa.

The cannon blasts the player to World 8. Rock World. The rocky mountain world, with Morton Koopa Jr. Cloud World. The sky world, with Ludwig von Koopa as the boss. Bowser's World. A volcanic world, with a tower, an airship, and Bowser's Castle. The bosses for this world are Magikoopa , Bowser Jr.

World 9. World Coin. The multiplayer-only world where there are only five stages found in the Recommended Courses tab on the level-select menu available alongside the rest of the levels in the game, with each level containing large numbers of coins for players to collect. World Coin - 1. World Coin - 2. World Coin - 3. World Coin - 4. World Coin - 5. Larry Koopa. World 1- Tower World 1- Castle. The player needs to jump on Larry three times while dodging his magic blasts.

In the second fight, he is on rising platforms that make it harder to gauge jumping. Roy Koopa. World 2- Tower World 2- Castle. The player needs to jump on Roy three times while jumping to avoid getting stunned. In the second fight, he hides in pipes. Lemmy Koopa. World 3- Tower World 3- Castle. The player needs to dodge Lemmy's balls and jump on him three times in both fights.

In the second fight, the ball he is on is bigger, so the player has to jump higher. Wendy O. World 4- Tower World 4- Castle. The player needs to jump on Wendy three times while avoiding rings, and in the second fight she should be avoided when the water is up. Iggy Koopa and Big Chain Chomp. World 5- Tower World 5- Castle. The player needs to jump on Iggy three times while dodging his fast magic blasts. The second fight is very different—a Big Chain Chomp pulls Iggy on a chariot.

Morton Koopa Jr. World 6- Tower World 6- Castle. The player needs to jump on Morton three times while dodging the pillars and jumping to avoid getting stunned. In the next fight, Morton causes columns to rise up using a Ground Pound, and the player instantly loses a life if it flattens them. Ludwig von Koopa. World 7- Tower World 7- Castle. The player should jump on Ludwig three times when he comes down from his flight.

In the next fight, there are elevators, making the fight more convoluted. Ludwig is very skilled, using homing magic blasts and multiple magic blasts at the same time. World 8- Tower. Bowser Jr. The player needs to jump on Bowser Jr. In the second fight, the player can bump Bowser Jr. In the third and final fight, he uses the regular Koopa Clown Car, and bombs must be sent up three times.

World 8- Bowser's Castle. The player needs to jump on the skull button to drop Bowser into the lava. When Bowser is huge, the lava must be drained to defeat him, by moving through the platforms and pressing the last button. Ice Bros. Stalking Piranha Plants. Bullet Bills.

Lava Bubbles. A gigantic Urchin that can be defeated only with a Star. An enemy that moves around in a set pattern and is mostly covered in spikes, with the head being the only safe part to jump on. It can be forced to move if jumped into from below. An enemy that slides on ice and slows down when hit. It first appears in World A Cheep Cheep that lives in a school with other Eep Cheeps and swims away when the player comes near it. A Para-Beetle that descends when used as a platform.

A large Goomba that is the middling size of a Goomba, being smaller than a Giant Goomba but bigger than a regular Goomba. This enemy splits into two Goombas when jumped on. It first appears as an Enemy Course enemy in World 1. A crab that throws sand balls on loop. These balls can be jumped on and used as a temporary platform. An enemy that throws ice balls at the ground, which can freeze the player and even other enemies.

King Bill World Block that floats and charges at the player, breaking if it hits a floor or a platform. A stand that glows purple and throws itself at the player. It first appears in World 3-Ghost House. A Goomba that hides inside a spiked chestnut shell until it is hit with a fireball , which is when it turns into a regular Goomba. A stationary Piranha Plant that blows a green spiked ball up and down, similar to a Ptooie.

An enemy that walks around in a group. When one of the rats is jumped on, the rest panic and run around. Super Mario required. Fire Mario required. Ice Mario new, required. Propeller Mario new, required. Penguin Mario new, required. Mini Mario required. Invincible Mario required. A block that is created by an enemy that was frozen with an ice ball.

This block can be picked up and thrown like a barrel. Appears after Mario dies eight times in a row in one stage. When this block is hit, Luigi clears the stage for Mario. If the button is pressed, players can take control of Luigi. A block that is transparent. A switch is needed to activate the block. A type of? Block that flies in a rhythmic pattern to the music of a stage.

Once hit, it becomes an Empty Block. A block that contains many coins. Looks just like a brick and becomes an Empty Block when used. Pops out five coins when used quickly enough. A platform that falls under weight if Mario stays there for too long. As Mini Mario, he is too light to make it fall; as such, it becomes safer.

A slippery type of Snake Block found only in World 3-Castle. When Mario steps on it, it starts to move like a snake. Turns Mario into Super Mario. Collecting of these gives the player an extra life. In Coin Courses , they are used to determine the player's position.

Makes eight Red Coins appear. If the player collects all eight coins before they disappear, they receive either a power-up, which varies in between levels, or a 1-Up Mushroom , depending on the player's current size. Collecting all eight Red Coins that appear after passing through a Red Ring gives a Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, or 1-Up Mushroom, depending on what power-up the player is currently using. These coins are just like normal coins, but they appear by hitting a P Switch.

Three of these are located in every course in hard-to-reach or hidden areas. They are used to buy Super Play movies in Peach's Castle. After the player collects all Star Coins, all of the Toad Houses remain open and can be used without them disappearing. In Coin Battle World, they are worth ten coins. Also, if the player collects all the Star Coins in a world, they unlock the respective level in World 9.

Turns Mario into Propeller Mario and gives him a short flight. Turns Mario into Penguin Mario. Mario can shoot ice balls and slide on his belly, along with having an improved swimming ability. Turns Mario into Ice Mario.

Mario can shoot ice balls to freeze most enemies. An item that Mario can pick up and throw at enemies to defeat them and at coins to collect them. If another player touches a barrel while it rolls, they lose a life or their power-up.

An iron box that drops on Conveyor Belts. They are indestructible and causes the player to lose a life if crushed. A lift that the player can tilt by tilting the Wii Remote. It reacts only when a player is standing on it. Turns bricks into coins or vice versa, or it causes the revealing of Blue Coins.

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