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Information into the computer is realized by means of flashcards

information into the computer is realized by means of flashcards

“Flashcards give your brain a very quick way to check if you got the making it more likely to remember the information in the future. common tools that learners use to study facts (Kornell & Bjork, b). present experiments, I examined cramming in two ways: First. CIS Cyberspace in Society. Description. Final Exam Review. Total Cards. Subject. Computer Science. Level. Undergraduate 1. Created. KINORIUM RU Failure to do just as fast, but without having to install proprietary. Before we proceed expert-led training for your team or entire organization that an understanding of how components interact. Some additional settings to change the connection management.

Term unified cache. Definition instructions and data share the entire cache. Term tag. Definition identifies which block is currently being stored. Term split cache. Definition half of cache devoted to instructions and the other to data. Term set-associative mapping. Definition cache consists of a number of sets which are in turn composed a number of lines.

Term replacement algorithm. Definition when a new block is brought into a full cache, it replaces an existing block. Term physical cache. Definition stores data using physical addresses in main memory. Term logical cache. Definition same as virtual cache, stores data using virtual addresses. Term direct mapping. Definition each block of main memory maps to only one possible line of cache. Term cache line. Definition line in cache which stores a block from main memory.

Term associative mapping. Definition each block of main memory can be mapped to any line of cache. Term cache hit. Definition if accessed word is found in cache. Term cache memory. Definition smallest and fastest memory available for a memory system. Term cache miss. Definition if accessed word is not found in main memory. Term direct access. Definition accesses are not linear disk.

Term hit ratio. Definition fraction of all accesses that are found in cache. Term random access. Definition accesses are constant main memory. Term sequential access. Definition accesses in a specific linear order tape. Term spatial locality. Definition tendency of execution to involve a number of clustered memory locations. Term temporal locality. Definition tendency of processor to access recently used memory locations. Term volatile memory.

Definition holds information as long as power supplied. Definition uses same logic elements used in processor. Term read-only memory ROM. Definition contains permanent pattern of data that cannot be changed. Term read-mostly memory. Definition read operations are performed more often than writing. Definition writing is performed electrically by supplier or customer.

Term nonvolatile memory. Definition holds information even when power is not supplied. Term flash memory. Definition memory which uses block erasure. Definition read and written electrically and writing can done frequently but all data must be erased first. Definition read and written electrically and writing is done by update. Definition made with cells that store data as a charge on capacitors.

Term hard failure. Definition permanent physical defect that prevents memory cells from being reliable. Term soft error. Definition nondestructive event which alters the contents of a memory cell. Definition DRAM which is synchronized with a clock. Term constant angular velocity CAV. Definition disk has same number of sectors on each track. Term gap. Definition space which separates tracks on disk. Term multiple zoned recording. Definition has more sectors on outside than inside.

Term RAID 0. Definition non-redundant. Term RAID 1. Definition mirrored. Term RAID 2. Definition Hamming codes. Term RAID 3. Definition bit-interleaved parity, reduced mode. Term RAID 4. Definition block-interleaved parity. Term RAID 5. Definition block-interleaved distributed parity, eliminates parity bottleneck. Term RAID 6. Term Intranet. Definition a private network that uses the internet web technologies to securely share information.

Term VPN. Definition virtual private network; uses public network to connect to remote sites securely. Term Optical Disk Drive. Term Cloud Storage. Definition internet storage that provides storage to all users. Term Input devices. Definition hardware capable of entering data into a computer; ex mouse, scanner, keyboard. Term Gesture Recognition. Definition hardware and software technologies that are used to capture human gestures; ex Kinect.

Term Output Devices. Definition any hardware capable of conveying information to one or more users; ex monitors, printers, speakers. Term Surface Computing. Definition a multi-touch input output device that allows users to interact with the screen or surface rather than the mouse. Term Operating System. Term Driver. Definition a program that tells the operating system how to communicate with a device.

Term User Interface. Definition controls how he user interacts with the computer; ex graphical, command line, menu driven. Term utility programs. Term Database. Definition a collection of data on a specific topic or purpose that is stored for future use. Term MB. Definition Mega 1,, Term GB. Definition Giga 1,,, Term TB. Definition Tera 1,,,, Term Volatile Memory. Definition memory that loses its contents when its turned off; RAM.

Term Non-Volitalile Memory. Definition memory that does not lose it contents when power is removed; ex ROM, Flash Memory, and hard disc drive. Term RAM. Definition random access memory; used as temporary holding area for data, application instructions, and the operating system, primary storage. Term ROM. Definition read only memory, example of Non Volatile Memory.

Term Flash Memory. Definition memory that can be electornically earased and rewritten; ex memory on cameras and smart phones. Term Cache. Definition helps speed up computer processes by storing frequently used items. Term Ports. Definition connect external devices to the computer. Term USB. Definition unversial serial bus, connection for a variety of devices. Term firewire. Definition competes with usb. Term hard disc drive. Definition high capacity storage device that stores data permanently.

Term Tim Berne-Lee. Definition invented the world wide web. Term E-commerce. Definition electronic commerce, transaction that occurs over a computer network; advantages include global market, instant feedback, new ways to generate revenue, quick price comparisons, no middleman disadvantages: loss of jobs, financial records unsafe.

Term B2C. Definition business to consumer. Term B2B. Definition Business to business. Term C2C. Definition consumer to consumer. Term Encrytion. Definition uses high-level mathmatical functions and computer algortihms to encode data and make it unreadable. Term SSL. Definition secure sockets layer; security protocal that encrpys all communication sent between your computer and the web server.

Term system unit. Definition case that contains all the components of the computer also called chassis. Term Mother Board. Definition the main circuit board of the system unit, everything connects. Term Processor.

Definition CPU, central processing unit, interprets and carries out basic instructions of the computer. Term Dual-Core Processor. Definition a single chip that contains to separate processors. Term Multi-Core. Definition Processor that contains two or more separate processors. Term Byte. Definition 8 bits in a byte. Term Internet. Definition a world wide collection of networks that link millions of computers and devices together.

Term Web. Definition a world wide collection of electronic documents that are available to anyone connected to the internet. Term NSP. Definition Network Service Providers, maintain networks collections of links, routers, and cables.

Term ISP. Definition Interent Service Protocol company that offers access to individuals and businesses. Term DNS. Definition Domain Name System, method used by the internet that stores and maps domain names an ip addresses, DNS server.

Term Types of Connections. Term Web 2. Definition interactive websites, blogs, wikis, social networking sites, web applications. Term HTML. Definition Hyper text markup language, for creating web pages. Term FTP. Definition File transfer Protocol, uploading and downloading files. Term HTTP. Definition hyper text transfer protocol, set of rules that define how to transfer and convey webpages. Term Digitization.

Definition the process of converting text, numbers, sound, photos, and video into data that can be processed by digital devices. Term HDTV. Definition video that contains more information that equates to better picture quality and clarity of the video, the more information the larger the file, Problem not all shows are broadcasted in the highest quality picture. Term Digital Revolution. Definition the ongoing process of social, political, and economic change brought about by digital technology, such as computers and the internet, materialized when the internet when public.

Term Digital Convergence. Definition the process by which several technologies with distinct functionality merge to form a single product. Term Hardware. Definition triangle components of a computer system or device, designed for specific functionality, ex video card, sound card, processor. Term software. Definition series of instructions that govern the computer system's operation, what to do and how to do it. Term VOIP. Definition voice over internet protocol; technology that allows phone conversations over the internet.

Term Digital Divide. Definition social change and economic gap between people that have access to the the benefit from technology from those who do not. Definition project that started the internet, wanted to function while part of is was disabled, and allow scientist to share information. Term Mainframes. Definition large powerful and expensive computers, used by many large businesses.

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