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How to wear stacking rings

how to wear stacking rings

How do I stack my wedding set? · If you wear your wedding and engagement ring together, you can place your subsequent rings on either side of. How To Wear Stackable Rings - Monica Vinader's Styling Tips · 1. Make It Personal: The rings you pick should fit your personality and your very own style. · 2. Be. Stacking rings does not damage them when done correctly. Although we suggest mixing up the metal colors we recommend staying with the same metal. LENOVO THINKPAD X220 DRIVER PACK No Thanks, I tool you choose. Auto Operating system more resources, then. Then drill down the right template functionality in a function that saves. Stack Overflow works to identify new.

What better season to stop, smell the flowers and show off your stack. Go ahead, slip on a few 14k white gold pieces with your 14k yellow gold , or a little silver with your 18k gold vermeil. Better yet, try mixing textures, thicknesses—and metals. Yes, it looks good. Take it from Zippy and us , your stack can be simultaneously bold and soft.

Pairing a solid, bolder piece, such as a bangle , with a thinner chain bracelet is really all you need—on both wrists, that is. Photographs by Terrence Connors. Enable Accessibility. Order by these dates to get it by Valentine's Day. In that case, layer on every bare area like a fashion wild woman and just own the result.

More skin, less matchy Think of the way a traditional wedding ring slots perfectly up to the engagement ring next to it. Now, aim for the opposite. The same, but different — with plenty of skin showing between pieces — is the aim. One ring in the traditional base spot, the other between nail and first knuckle then remove one from another finger. Keep them fine to balance geo shapes Jewellery trends go in cycles, just like ready-to-wear fashion.

Right now, the finer and daintier the rung, the better, which works a treat for stylish stacking. Keep them short, square and either a neutral or neat chip free darker shade. Better still, go full metallic like chic millennial British blogger Lydia Tomlinson , below. No talons or Kardashian-style pointy claws recommended. Metals that are anything but heavy, mastered by style blogger Lydia Tomlinson Credit: Instagram lydiajanetomlinson.

How to stack rings in a high fashion way Solo finger bling is so last decade. These simple tips are the difference between luxe style and Liberace LOLs. A lesson in matching stones and mixed metal tones from Kate Bosworth Credit: Instagram katebosworth Ease off on other jewellery Leave wrists bare for maximum impact and opt for just a single piece of neckwear that matches your ring theme in some way.

All rings from Swarovski Credit: Erika Yin Keep them fine to balance geo shapes Jewellery trends go in cycles, just like ready-to-wear fashion.

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They are really trendy at the moment and look absolutely amazing when paired with your outfit. If you like the feminine style, the trendy vibe of the midi rings or bold chunky rings, then feel free to scroll down and check out some of our interesting and cool suggestions on how you can style and wear your favorite pieces.

I hope you will enjoying this blog post and take a glimpse at our tips and ideas on how best you can rock this trend. Happy reading! Join the finger party by accessorizing your fingers with some delicate and minimalist inspired rings that will give a very simple, yet stylish look.

As a result of being so discreet, you can easily wear your minimalist rings with any style. Throw on your basics and make them more fashionable. Or else, suit up with elegant clothes, but add a little twist by decorating your fingers with delicate stacked rings.

Balance out between different shapes to make your look more interesting and attractive. Also, feel free to mix and match silver with gold metals for more funkiness. Heartbeat Ring by Happiness Boutique. Add this minimalist ring from Happiness Boutique to your collection because it will look absolutely dazzling and trendy.

Obviously, you can pair it up with many other rings because of its discreteness and simplicity. Elongated rings have a certain elegance to them and they will also be able to give you confidence and professional look. You can always make your black on black outfit more stylish and fashionable by adding a stack of tube rings. Furthermore, this powerful stack of tube rings is appropriate for all the ladies that like to wear bold rings. Also, if you like long nails in combination with these pieces you can make your hands the emphasis of your look.

In addition, this style is great for basic or very detailed clothes because these pieces have basic clean lines. In contrast to delicate rings, a stack of bold rings could give a you a very funky and even masculine vibes to your look, yet stylish and outstanding. Pair up different detailed rings that you have and distribute to your fingers for a distinctive and fashionable ensemble.

This look is great for all the ladies that like their clothes to be comfortable and casual, yet original and modern. For everyone that appreciates very daring and authentic feel free to try out this gorgeous look, because it is so easy to achieve, but attractive to look at. Be sure to always have your casual stack of rings ready for your everyday comfy looks because we love our basic and loose fitted clothes.

Here, again, you can mix and match delicate with bold for an original look that will complete your outfit in a very modern and girly way. Make your basics more interesting by adding a stack of different rings. Avoid putting too much effort when styling your basic in combination with your rings because we are not looking for anything balanced or the perfect match.

The importance is to add a couple of rings that are not that visible, yet enough to show your love for the stacking trend. Midi rings have been trendy for some time now and they are so loved by many fashionistas. A discrete way of showing your creative spirit and fashion side. Chunky sweaters and rings are one of the most preferred ways to rock this style. You hands become the focal point of your look.

It looks so feminine and stylish when paired with a pair of ripped jeans. How can you not fall in love with this girly and feminine style? Add a pastel colored or according to the season nail polish and you are all set! If you are in love with the midi ring trend make sure to accessorize with a midi ring in silver or midi ring in gold if you prefer golden jewelry. These beauties are from Happiness Boutique and they look absolutely amazing with any style.

Having many rings and other jewelries, especially when there is an ocean blue stones involved you are definitely calling for a boho and gypsy-inspired look. For a gypsy-inspired look over accessorize your hands with stone rings. If you are going on vacation soon or want to prepare for next summer, then these pieces are a must in your jewelry collection.

It looks great with dressy or casual outfits. Also, if you prefer rather feminine style simply pick up more delicate rings to stack them. You can still add some with an ocean blue stone to recreate this particular look. Otherwise you can add a ring with a crystal on it for a rather girly look. If you got inspired already make sure to check out these eye-catching statement rings from Happiness Boutique that will give you a truly unique look.

To make your hand the statement of your look add this pretty turquoise jewel ring. Or, if you want your style to be more girly and sparkling adorn your outfit with a quartz crystal with rhinestones wrap ring. Being able to wear comfortable clothes that are at the same time chic and stylish is just perfect and convenient, especially for the women on-the-go. Add sparkles and glitter to your everyday look by accessorizing with some cute and girly stacked rings. You can combine different delicate rings with rhinestones, minimalist-inspired or whatever you wish to make your look more girly and interesting.

Simply throw on a pair of leather pants and a sweater for a casual, yet chic look. In this case, you can focus on some cute and trendy jewelry to recreate this stunning style. The ones on a budget can focus on the little details and still end up with a very fashion podium inspired look. Delicate rings could be so versatile and suitable for many kinds of different styles. You can mix and match effortlessly to give your outfit a modern and trendy vibe.

Already obsessed? Then, feel free to check out these delicate rings by Happiness Boutique and many others in the collection. Since the outfit is already pretty detailed you can combine it with more simple stackable rings. For example, some cutout rings or tube rings for a fashionable and modern look. Or, take many discrete rings and stack them on one finger to give the illusion of one statement ring.

To make the look appropriate for the daytime simply throw on pieces that are pretty casual and easygoing. This way you are glamorous, but in a very comfy way. Also, it is up to you to decide whether you want to wear heel for a more chic look or flat for easy walking during the day. For a very chic and cool look add more stylish rings to your sequin pants.

For example, rings with pearls that will instantly transform your outfit into a more feminine and chic style, yet comfortable to wear all day long. Like necklaces and bracelets, layering your rings is an elegant way of accessorizing, and all you need to do is to make sure that you get it right. Unfortunately, you may not get it right the first time, which is why we are here to make sure that you always stack your rings right.

As a beginner, being able to express your personality easily means finding the perfect blend and balance for your rings by experimenting with new ring shapes and also mixing and matching the different textures for a nicely balanced look. You always need an anchor. And the anchor can be anything, from your wedding ring, engagement ring, or even a class ring.

You could even have on two such rings because there really is no rule that requires you to stick to a solo ring as the anchor ring. This anchor ring is also the staple ring, and it forms the foundation that allows you to build your stack of rings. In addition to finding the perfect staple ring as an anchor, you also need to work on stacking the rings based on your personality. Stacking tips for minimalists — the first thing you need to focus on when stacking your rings as someone who prefers minimalist styles is to wear more of the midi rings, specifically one or two of these rings in each hand.

And to sprinkle a feel of variety, you could partner each of your statement rings with just one delicate ring. Stacking recommendation for the middle-grounder — if you consider yourself a middle-grounder, you need to stick with the triangle ring placement for a well-balanced feel for your stacks.

This looks like keeping your middle finger the primary focal point with the thinner ring on your middle finger. And to spice things, you could create a power stack with rings on the middle finger for that bold, statement look. Ring stacking ideas for the bold, more-is-better person — if you think of yourself as a bold individual that likes to wear more pieces of jewelry all the time, then you may want to try out the staple rings idea as your stylish base.

You could then style the rest of your statement and midi rings around your staple ring and use the triangle placement to keep the rings in perfect stacking balance. You could also throw in some delicate pieces to the base of the pinkies, for example, then top off the ring fingers for a finished, more complete look. How about you try out rings in new shapes? The thick bands or the crisscross rings offer great variety, and you only need to look for the ring shapes that complement each other.

So, you could, for example, start the stacking by wearing or placing your v-shaped ring on just one finger and in a triangle shape so that the triangle ring creates that very seamless and stacked ring look. You can pull off this look seamlessly by layering a number of thin rings, or you could wear the double-stacked rings.

Essentially, the thinner rings are perfect for stacking because they rest well at the base of your fingers, although they could also be style as midi rings. The other option would be to wear the thinner rings for a more bookend statement look for not just a nice statement feel but also for balance.

To do this, pick the smoother stacks of rings with the textured rings. This not only creates a power stack but also adds dimension plus variety. You also have the option to mix and match the metals; for example, you could mix your rose gold rings with your yellow gold pieces and some silver pieces. The other simple thing to do when trying to pull off the stacked rings look is to wear more rings that look the same or the ones with the same features. This tip works best for beginners, especially when using thin rings and wearing rings within the same range and size and made of the same metal.

Even if you may have seen that some people pull off the chunky monkey look with ease and the rings look well balanced and comfortable, this might not work well for you as a beginner, especially because the chunky pieces are not just hard to stack but also because they would limit the mobility of your fingers. Like necklaces, you can layer your rings too, especially if you want to get that nice high from your fingers and the perfectly manicured nails. Your nails are important because they act as the canvas for the rings, and the stacking of the rings is only as good as your nails.

If your nails are dirty or chipped, they will take away from your fingers all the charm you try to create. Trying different things and having fun with it means trying the rings on different fingers, stacking the rings in different orders, and positioning them differently.

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How to wear stacking rings

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