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Buckland also felt that Jolyne is a strong, well-written, nuanced and interesting character. In a Valentine's Day poll in the official app , Jolyne Cujoh won first place for "characters I'd like to give me chocolate", having 4, votes. For a similar character, see Part 6 Spoilers Irene. Gimme a break The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Skin Fair, chartreuse lipstick and nails. Hair Black with blue highlights and chartreuse braid and bangs. Eyes Lime Green. Outfit Blue suit with white spiderweb pattern, chartreuse accessories, and pink butterfly crest. Skin Fair, olive lipstick and eyeshadow. Hair Green with blonde braid and bangs. Eyes Sea Green. Nails Light Green. Outfit Dark blue suit with off-white spiderweb pattern, bright green and orange accessories. Violet panties. Butterfly Symbol Blue and cyan butterfly, yellow details, pink and magenta outlines.

Skin Fair, lime lipstick. Hair Black with sky blue highlights and lime braid and bangs. Eyes Moss Green. Outfit Sky Blue suit with white spiderweb pattern, lime accessories, and magenta butterfly crest. Skin Fair, bronze lipstick.

Hair Black with blonde braid and bangs. Eyes Olive Green. Outfit Black suit with pink spiderweb pattern, bronze accessories, and purple butterfly crest. File:Jolyne first coat. File:So color v05 File:Jolyne escape outfit. Close-Range , Reconnaissance , Natural Humanoid. Manga Appearances. Chapters in order of appearance. Anime Appearances. Episodes in order of appearance.

I'm innocent. What do you think about that? Do you believe me? Anta shinjiru? It's, uh It starts with an M Sometimes you can come to love things you used to hate. Should I get down on all fours? Or should I lie on my back? How about a mix of both? Aomuke ni arimasu ka? Soretomo burijjisuru toka I don't yet have the range or nearly enough strength, but I can't wait 15 whole years for our paths to cross again!

Kanarazu ai ni iku. Pass this to him, too. Feeling comfy? But you will keep sweating. Demo ase wa kaki tsudzukeru. Ima mo… kore kara mo zutto. My energy's clumped up! When lines gather and clump up, they become three-dimensional!

Kono gainen!! Gimme a break, Gwess. You said everything has a name, right? Then I'll give my power a name too. Stone Free. I'm going to free myself from this stone ocean Did you hear me? Stone Free That's it's name! Ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora. If there's a hierarchy in this prison, then I'll obey it Tadashi meireisuru no wa atashi. You've got some nerve, coming in here and acting like my father! Get the hell ouuuut!!

I'm going back inside. I'm going to defeat Johngalli A. I was just looking to see what the best angle for pounding you would be I think my favorite Ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora!! The killer went back inside the jail on purpose! He won't come out again That's why I'm going back inside! Are you saying that I'm cheating? But I don't see the collector anywhere!

It's because I definitely just caught it with my hands. And, that rewinding time is 10 seconds Just enough time for me to beat your ass Omae o bu chino asu jikan ga na. How many throws do you want to bet on, huh? No, it was throws!!! Ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora!!!!

Using force I guess I'll have to get used to it. I don't know why this happened so suddenly. But, uh, you could know, it could happen to anyone! Even the pope probably doesn't have control over this! You know, there's that thing "number 1" and "number 2", has to do with bowel movements, the one that starts with a "p"!!!

I might do it in my pants! You should have just released [the zero-gravity zone] when I told you to You could have gotten away before, using this burst of air when Stone Free and I were farther away from you This rush of air is blowing you towards me!!!!! Ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora!!!!! Just say "Don't cut me, bitch!!! The one thing I can't do here It'll also wear me down physically I, in this ultra security punishment ward!

Have a mission that I have to fulfill! I have to see it through I can't wear myself down for stupid reasons! Two men look out through the same bars, one sees the wall and the other, stars Which one I am? Game set! I never thought that I would find you like this! There are three things I need to take from you! My father's memory! The disc that you just took from F. Is this your first time being cuffed?

I've been cuffed every day since I came here, just as you fucking planned I am Jolyne Cujoh! I have to seal whatever the priest just obtained! If the world was coming to an end, I've already decided that chocolate would be the last thing I ever eat! I'm already prepared for anything that could happen. Even more than when I was here Jolyne and her companions wake up and soon find out that time is accelerating, with living beings unaffected. Pucci and his Stand Made in Heaven prove unable to properly counter in the open, and the group tries to reach the sea to see Pucci coming.

However, Jotaro, during a critical time stop, loses time trying to save Jolyne from impending knives and misses Pucci. Pucci kills Jotaro, Anasui and Ermes while Jolyne is critically wounded and Emporio is the only one still standing. As Pucci approaches Emporio, Jolyne cuts one of his eyes and attacks Pucci, making a last stand to let Emporio escape and was effortlessly torn to pieces by Pucci's attack.

Jolyne appears as a support and help character. Her 2-Koma support summons her to use Stone Free's strings on every nearby opponent, stunning them. Her 1-Koma support boosts special gauge generation when health is low. Jolyne has an ally boost with Jotaro. Jolyne makes her playable debut on the PS3 title. She was confirmed for the game along with Ermes, Josuke and Okuyasu.

Most of her moveset involves utilizing Stone Free's ability to generate a multitude of medium-long ranged attacks. Jolyne's HHA, " A thousand hits! Stone Free takes the ball and throws it, and if the opponent is hit, Stone Free will follow up by rapidly hitting them with the ball exactly 1, times a reference to Miraschon 's defeat.

Jolyne's GHA, " Time for you to retire! If the opponent is caught, Jolyne tightens the net around them until they're completely wrapped up, before directly beating them a few times herself. Jolyne then summons Stone Free to pummel them with a rapid flurry of punches and kicks, ending with a single heavy punch that sends the opponent flying as the string unravels.

Jolyne possesses several alternate costumes, mainly involving her original outfit , the outfit worn during the Savage Garden arc, and her outfit post-breakout. Her fourth alternate costume takes the form of Irene. If Jolyne fights against Jotaro, Jotaro merely asks if she's a new Stand user referencing the nature of Part 3 where Jotaro and his friends face off against countless Stand users sent to kill them on their journey to Egypt.

In return, Jolyne shockingly questions about how he could have gotten so young. As a Stand User, Jolyne is one of many characters with wildly varied abilities that grant her uniqueness in battle. In the post-credits of the new JoJo timeline where most of the fallen allies are now alive and well, a younger Jolyne appears in the new Part 4 timeline, in a retelling of its first chapter where her father meets Koichi.

In this new timeline, she is brought along by Jotaro to Morioh. While Jotaro is introducing himself to Koichi, asking about a Josuke Higashikata , Jolyne appears running to her father and interrupting the conversation to hug him. She is then advised by Jotaro to be careful crossing the street and to not stray too far away from him as she is still a child, or else her mother will be worried. Ultimately, they were defeated in the final round by Kars and Pet Shop , taking second place.

JoJo's Bizarre Wiki Explore. Robert E. Speedwagon Caesar A. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Jolyne Cujoh. View source. History Talk 8. Do you like this video? Play Sound. SO Box Set Postcard. SO Volume 1. SO Volume 2. SO Volume 3 , with Jotaro. SO Volume 4 , flanked by F. SO Volume 5.

SO Volume 7. SO Volume 9. SO Volume SO Volume 16 , with Jotaro. Jolyne with Stone Free. Jolyne 1. So color v05 Jolyne costume 1. Jolyne close. Part6 Endpicture. Chapter 1 to SO Chapter 1 Cover A. SO Chapter 1 Cover B. SO Chapter 2. SO Chapter 3. SO Chapter 4 Cover A. SO Chapter 4 Cover B. SO Chapter 5 Cover A. SO Chapter 5 Cover B. SO Chapter 6 Cover A. SO Chapter 6 Cover B. SO Chapter 7 Cover A. SO Chapter 7 Cover B. SO Chapter 8. SO Chapter 9. SO Chapter SO Chapter 14 Cover A.

SO Chapter 14 Cover B. SO Chapter 20 Cover A. SO Chapter 20 Cover B. SO Chapter 28 Cover A. SO Chapter 28 Cover B. SO Chapter 29 Cover A. SO Chapter 29 Cover B. SO Chapter 33 Cover A. SO Chapter 33 Cover B. SO Chapter 41 Cover B. SO Chapter 42 Cover A. SO Chapter 42 Cover B. SO Chapter 47 Cover B. SO Chapter 54 Cover A. SO Chapter 54 Cover B. SO Chapter 56 Cover A. SO Chapter 56 Cover B. SO Chapter 66 Cover A.

SO Chapter 66 Cover B. SO Chapter 71 Cover A. SO Chapter 71 Cover B. SO Chapter 77 Cover A. SO Chapter 77 Cover B. SO Chapter 78 Cover A. SO Chapter 78 Cover B. SO Chapter 80 Cover B. SO Chapter 82 Cover A. SO Chapter 82 Cover B. SO Chapter 88 Cover A. SO Chapter 88 Cover B. SO Chapter 92 Cover A. SO Chapter 92 Cover B. SO Chapter 93 Cover B. SO Chapter 97 Cover A. SO Chapter 97 Cover B.

SO Chapter Cover A. SO Chapter Cover B. Render for All Star Battle.

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