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Ark Tek Stryder (How to Tame, Saddle, Location, Uses) The Tek Tek Stryder, simply known as a Tek Stryder is a mechanical creature that roams. The Ark Tek Stryder is a creature in ARK: Survival Evolved, a creature that can be tamed by the player, once tamed the Tek Stryder can be. Once you've gathered enough Mutagel, place it in the 0 (zero) slot on your Hotbar in Ark. Locate Tek Stryders. ark genesis 2 tek stryder. RED IS SUS With the following used, and their ephone register output:. Name Name is. SD : Purchase mode by using the policy, "Notify Citrix support and mode is degraded,".

The amount you have to finish is dependent upon the level of the Tek Stryder that you desire to tame. The second step is to gather a lot of Mutagel , and it can be found on the Ambergis Asteroids and the Innard's Biome. You must break the brown rocks and collect the bubbles on the asteroids, or you have to wait for the acid to recede in the pool beneath Rockwell's heart.

Once you have gathered quite a bit of this substance you want to place it in the '0' on your Hotbar. If you want to tame a Tek Stryder you need to know where to find them, and luckily, they are quite plentiful across the map. You can usually find them in Eden , and they usually reside across the center of the map from left to right. They will not attack you unless you act as an aggressor toward them first, but if needed you can use a Large Bear Trap to immobilize them.

Once you have found a Tek Stryder you need to feed it the Mutagel from your Hotbar in order to begin the taming process. You will need to find which part of its body is sparking and then interact with this as well. It will usually end up being its head or feet , which is why a Tek Suit can come in handy for this tame.

Many players find it useful to fly up and start on its back in order to feed it the Mutagel. The second you interact with the sparking body part the taming process will begin. The most important thing to remember is that you need to stay within the red circle that is around the Tek Stryder if you don't want to have to use single-player cheat codes to tame it.

It gives you a pretty wide berth and you can always hop onto this creature's back if you are having a hard time staying inside the lines. There will also be a minigame that you have to play alongside your role of staying inside the red circle. The goal is to press the right button when the spinning squares line up with one another. After you have completed the minigame the Tek Stryder will have to travel a certain distance before you can hack it again. If you approach it you will see information such as a Grace Period with a clock that is counting down and an Affinity percentage.

If you manage to tame the Tek Stryder a second time within the Grace Period by feeding it Mutagel and then completing the same process , it will be tamed the Affinity Percentage listed. The higher the level of the Tek Stryder, the more times you will have to repeat the taming process. It is why having a lot of Mutagel and patience is required in order to be successful with this tame, but it is still easier to tame than a Noglin.

Being one of the larger creatures in the game, the Tek Stryder is built to be quite capable both in your base and in the wild. Once you have tamed one, you'll quickly learn that the Stryder comes with the following assets and capabilities.

Tame Tek Stryders are incredibly useful. Even unequipped with rigs they have a saddle which you can build on , a sleeping pod, and a transmitter; can recharge batteries in their inventory; and can be used to replant foliage where it walks.

It can also be linked to a Tek Dedicated Storage. With rigs equipped, a tame Tek Stryder can take on both offensive and defensive combat roles, harvest resources, and track other creatures including other players. Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodhunt - Beginner's guide. Here's a collection of all our beginner's guides so you can sink your fangs into Bloodhunt as quickly as possible.

Confused when it comes to Blood Resonance, worry no longer as this guide will take you through the basics. Supermassive's horror game The Quarry will have different endings. If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. To see this content please enable targeting cookies. On black pearl asteroids. In the Rockwell's Innards biome, in the acid pool underneath Rockwell's heart.

You can harvest Mutagel by hand here once the acid has receded. Mutagen is used for taming Voidwyrms, and can be used to further evolve existing tame creatures. To tame a Tek Stryder, you need to meet the following requirements, with exact numbers based on the creature's level: Have the required amount of Mutagel attached to 0 in the Hotbar.

Have cleared the required number of missions.

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Every rig uses Charge to slowly restore its usage capacity, and requires either to be recharged over time slowly , or replenished with Charge Battery. For the gathering efficiency of the Excavation Rig, see Excavation Rig. However, the saddle has a limit of 30 structures on its back. Every little thing counts from foundations to electrical keypads including structures that are built alongside the saddle like ladders.

Weight inside the inventory of storage structures on the saddle is not ignored by the Tek Stryder. Take advantage of animals that have weight reduction capabilities to greatly enhance your overall carry capacity. This wiki is no longer official. Useful pages. Technical lists.

Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Genesis: Part 2. Tek Stryder. Edit source History Talk 2. Tek Stryder image. Mechanical Creatures. Release Versions. Torpor Immune. Taming Method. Rider Weaponry. XP for kill. Element Shard. Drag Weight. Immobilized By. Large Bear Trap. Can Damage. Thatch Greenhouse Wood. For an explanation of exactly how the levelup calculation works, see Creature Stats Calculation.

For a comparison of the speeds of all creatures, see Base Creature Speeds. As seen in Community Crunch Italics denote creatures that have not yet been released! See also Gallery of Dossiers. Categories Requires dv value verification Mechanical creatures Docile creatures Creatures released in v Creatures released in Creatures released in v Creatures released in v Tameable creatures Rideable creatures Unbreedable creatures Creatures that are immune to torpor Creatures that drop element shards Creatures Add category.

Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki. Crew manuals call those roaming meks 'stryders'. I understand they were meant as robotic workhorses, for cleaning up toxins and harvesting resources. Imagine climbing up one of those and riding it around! Charge Capacity. Melee Damage.

Movement Speed. Fixed a bug where Stryders were not starting to auto-charge after being tamed. Fixed a bug with the Stryder's shield. Fixed some cases where the Stryder could not harvest properly. Stryder now has folders in the Multi Use wheel when looking at available dedicated storages, sorted by the nearest to the Stryder first.

Fixed a bug where players could errenously remove attachments from their Stryder. Stryder should no longer count towards the Global Platform Structure Limit. Increased the Stryder hacking grace period to compensate for low framte rate servers. Fixed a bug where Stryders and Meks would not regain Health in stasis. Icon Text Italics denote creatures that have not yet been released! Mammals and Synapsids.

Reptiles and Amphibians. Fantasy Creatures. Aberrant Creatures. Tek Creatures. Corrupted and Enraged Creatures. VR Creatures. Malfunctioned Tek Creatures. So, transfered my Stryder Excavator head to Crystal Isles for general farming.. I uploaded a stryder from gen2 after taming and leveling it level 45 at tame, level with levels and it harvested just fine and dandy on gen2 but since i transferred it to extinction and was getting ready to do a resource run.. Its not random It needs to wander a sufficient distance from the last place you did a hack attempt.

It can keep wandering in circles that do not meet the minimum distance needed. It may need to move x number of units from its current position. May be locked to an axis x,y,z. Usually not y on a cartesian system based on land and gravity for most games lol. It could move in circles all day. Never moving outside of those coordinate constraints won't trigger the requirements to keep taming. So they said they added a work around for us to tame high level stryders on console but i haven't been able to find out what this work around is.

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